Changing Winds of Marketing and Customer Experience (CX) – Here’s Why You Should Adjust Your Sails Too

It’s a no-brainer that with all the technology disruptions, marketing as a function has evolved dramatically but I’m not going to tell you that. I am going to tell you how does it affect YOU – whether you’re student or a practitioner. Marketing has evolved from concepts to reality and from reality to expectations. As consumer touch points are increasing, managing customer expectations has become extremely important for brands, and to do so the brand managers and marketers keenly have to observe and listen to what the customers are saying.

As a B-School that matches steps with industry trends to produce leader-managers who hit the ground running, FIIB ensures that the students have multiple platforms to learn and tackle the challenges the businesses are facing in the current economic and business scenario. At one such recently held forum National Marketing Conference, 2018 at FIIB, how to manage customer expectations on diverse touchpoints was the major theme that churned out in all deliberations by industry practitioners and research scholars.

What’s the customer’s mindset now ?

According to a recent survey by Business Standard, the footfall during Dhanteras and Diwali which is considered the peak season for sales for clothing and electronics in North India especially Delhi, was approximately half of what it was 2 years ago. At the same time, flipkart, the e-commerce giant now backed by Walmart announced that they have got orders from 98% pincodes of India during the same season. In conclusion, for consumers it’s no longer about just the product. It’s about the whole experience of browsing products to the ease of payment. So, for brands to operate both offline and online, it’s important to exceed expectations everywhere. Also, brand strategies change based on this pivotal point of experience.

What do you mean by customer experience(CX) ?

Customer experience is the sum-totality of how customers engage with your company and brand, not just in a snapshot in time, but throughout the entire arc of being a customer. Each individual’s customer journey: the path from awareness to purchase is unique, and social media definitely has a substantial impact on that journey. For some products, those with a simple value proposition like wine; that journey can be a quick one. But when the product involves a unique value or a huge investment like an Apple iPhone, there is a need for many more marketing touchpoints to consider before customer decides to buy. A touchpoint is points of customer contact from start to finish, it could be the brand’s facebook page, website/app, the physical store to the delivery service. The days of focusing on a customer’s last touchpoint as the Golden Egg of conversion are over. To take customer experience to customer delight, marketers need to focus on how various customer touch points fit together. According to Mr. Manav Adlakha, Regional Sales Head, Grover Zampa Vineyards, “Customers need to be delighted as per their expectations and desires. We rely heavily on customer engagement & dissemination of information about our premium spirit offerings through our catalogs. To address concerns of our loyal customers, we trust our expert Sommeliers who assist and understand customer preferences, sentiments and expectations better” .

How to manage customer expectations?

The customer experiences are something which are not in full control of the company because experiences inevitably involve perception, emotion, and unexpected behaviors on the parts of customers. People don’t behave like robots, and no matter how well we craft an experience, they will not perceive exactly as we anticipate or hope. Customer experience often seems ethereal, something which appears as if by magic, and only certain companies especially the GAFA companies (Google, Amazon, Flipkart, Apple) are able to conjure it on a regular basis which is not the case. Customer experiences spring from concrete, controllable elements known as the touchpoints. So to craft a great customer experience, company requires enormous amounts of collaboration across groups that often work independently and at different stages of product development stages. In many cases marketing, product design, customer services, sales, advertising agency, retail partners must also be working cohesively to create even a single touchpoint.

What’s the impact on brand managers and marketers?

The “Better”, “Faster” and “Proactive”, need fulfillment is the only guaranteed way to lead the success of being a customer experience driven organization. Listening to consumer needs and adapting as per the needs are the two important pillars of customer centric organizations, who capitalizes on the customer experiences. It is rightly said that: “Good marketers see consumers as complete and holistic human beings with all the dimensions real people have.” – Jonah Sachs. Marketers from around the world have turned around the traditional marketing scenarios. For instance, Google and Facebook have brought experience of virtual reality into revolution. During the last decade marketing in India has focused on utilizing its IT industry. Information technology infrastructure has accelerated in the country as well as the company level, Alibaba has backed Paytm, Uber has hit the streets, Google and Facebook have captivated Indians with their apps. IKEA has entered the market as well.

What should management graduates learn?

It’s important to that today’s management graduates understand these changes in two dimensions – one as a consumer themselves, two as a manager and marketer. A keen eye to detail on the efforts of big brands to manage experience to their own observations on what would make them as a consumer experience delight when they are out in the market. Spending 10 minutes online researching these trends and participating in conferences/forums would be highly beneficial to curious young managers who would be familiar with know-how of market and be ready to implement them in the corporate life they’d be stepping in to.

What should B-Schools do?

To bridge the gap between employability and education, B-Schools need to concentrate on experiential learning opportunities emphasizing on contemporary marketing and management practices. At FIIB, the annual 12+ conferences and numerous industry interactions focus on this aspect of learning. Ms. Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director, FIIB said, “Given the technology disruptions that are ongoing, brands are under tremendous pressure to creatively improve their technology offerings in the entire marketing value chain – product promotion, quality, customer service, delivery, complaint handling, and social responsibility, among others. The focus is on delivering first class ‘customer experiences’ in the face of ever-rising customer expectations. Through their unique insight, inspirations and innovative ideas, the speakers at the conference deliberated on this critical issue of managing the customer’s journey using the latest in AI to drive business results. This gives our students a unique experience to network and learn from the experiences of the practitioners they look up to” . Every B-School has to now rethink the way they teach core management to students so that they are job-ready.


Businesses Are Changing, So Are We – FIIB’s Journey Towards Global Excellence with AACSB Membership

Just two years ago, who would’ve thought Netflix and chill would become a household phrase in India or that you could go on a weekend shopping spree at Ikea, India? While existing businesses are building new markets to keep up, new businesses are emerging simultaneously to mutate and foray the existing market trends. We can’t help but be swept away by these expeditious waves of changes—whether we’re ready for it or not. To respond to the changing dynamics, FIIB practices what it preaches: how to be flexible and leverage the power of market trends.

FIIB offers a serious #NoHypeMBA with excellence as one of its core values. A curriculum which is developed with the insights of industry practitioners, an experiential learning oriented program, and academic collaborations with global institutes are a testimony to this culture. As another milestone in its journey, FIIB is now a Business Alliance Member of Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) This coveted membership signifies high quality and innovation in the business school’s programs, faculty, and partnerships. Let’s hear it in the words of Ms. Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director, FIIB what does this mean for the future of Business education at FIIB.

Q: What is AACSB Business Alliance Membership?

Radhika Shrivastava: Being a Business Education Alliance Member with AACSB means sharing insights in training and development initiatives while focusing on quality Business education. It helps B-Schools to leverage the expertise of AACSB accredited institutions world-wide and at the same time join hands with acclaimed Business education providers to mold the future of business education. AACSB is synonymous with highest standards of excellence with an aim to connect educators, students, and B-Schools to build the next generation of great leaders. Interestingly,  our institute is driven by some core values, one of them being excellence itself, we constantly reinvent ourselves to benchmark with the global standards of excellence and now as a member of AACSB, we believe we will be a part of this global movement of innovation and business education intelligence.

Q: How would AACSB membership be helpful for the institute ?

RS: AACSB membership gives FIIB access to contemporary market insights, news, and knowledge thereby helping us deliver the most-demanded and sought-after business education and managerial skills to our students. This will help us collaborate with business educators, researchers, and the industry to strengthen our program as well as impart industry relevant practices and tools into our curriculum. Since the last 25 years, we have been staying ahead with the needs of the industry and ensured that our budding graduates are equipped with the skills and attitude to take the complex and ever changing corporate challenges head-on.  Our commitment to provide a strong knowledge foundation, rigorous experiential training and a career-empowering community to our students is also reinforced by this membership.

Q: The sole motive of the AACSB is to accelerate innovation in business education, how does the membership enhance the new curriculum of the institute?  

RS: Given the digital disruptions of the industry today, Data is surging through organizations, presenting seismic opportunities and challenges for growth. These changes require a completely different skill-set, irrespective of the function, sector or managerial role that one is involved in. As businesses are changing, so are we. Our new curriculum which is crafted after multiphase discussions with experts of the industry hone analytical skills of the student and infuse innovation and problem solving skills of the student. Our efforts will multiply exponentially with the new inputs we infer from collaboration with AACSB and its accredited institutions. Today’s competitive business world demands a different kind of talent; one that has a great analytical skill set coupled with a strong mindset to perform and exceed expectations and FIIB is ready to polish that talent with its curriculum and newly gained associations.

Q: What vision you have in your mind in transforming the phase of business education ?

RS: Our program not only makes the students employable, but ensures that they drive growth in their careers, as well as the organizations they are engaged in. We constantly upscale our teaching practices to deliver our promise to the student that we will challenge them to achieve their potential, and create opportunities for their future success with the support of committed mentors and lifelong friends they’ll make at FIIB. We gave momentum to our quality agenda recently when we revisited our Programme Educational Objectives (PEO). PEOs signify an important milestone in the journey of a PGDM student. Our revised PEOs are now :

PEO 1: Students will have an integrative and social mindset, enabling them to adapt to a rapidly changing global environment.

PEO 2: Students will engage in advancement of knowledge to excel in their career, with focus on values, ethics, integrity and sustainability.

PEO 3: Students will have holistic understanding of business problems, with sound ability to provide solutions, taking a global outlook and strategic perspective.

PEO 4: Students will continue their pursuit of learning and exhibit professional skills & competencies, for employability, leadership and long term growth.

We involve our key stakeholders – our eminent faculty pool, industry partners, and recruiters in this process to gain comprehensive oversight of the objectives and how they’ll transform students into future leaders. I am confident that we are not just making incremental, we’re disrupting business education inline with the current and future demands of the industry and society likewise.

Q: What kind of training are you focusing on to enhance excellence amongst students?

RS: Our program is the right mix of academia and practice. With tightly mentored Corporate Internship Programs and keen focus on experiential learning, FIIB students are trained with the latest of business acumen teamed with the tools required to analyse data to turn them into actionable directives. While we teach them the core knowledge needed to understand the business functions, we also emphasize on activities that build collaboration, accountability, excellence and upto date communication skills. We also understand that right attitude is what makes someone a leader, and have pinpointed some personality traits which we look for in a student when they apply at FIIB — Smart, Spirited, Purposeful, Dynamic, and Focussed and polish those traits to make them the best versions of themselves. Here, they get all the tools and techniques to succeed in corporate world, all they need to give us is sheer hard work and grit. That’s how they enter to learn, and leave to succeed.

In its endeavor to providing quality business education, FIIB is scaling new heights everyday. On its growth trajectory now, there’s a piece for everyone at FIIB. If you want to be a part of this transformation, write to us on


View From The Top and How To Get There – CXOs speak about their early careers and the journey to the top

The top corner office is enticing but not everyone gets to be up there; The path is gruelling, and the journey arduous. CXOs do it all, they draw up strategies, they head major projects, they hire the right people, and sometimes they even oversee the assembly lines. What makes them different from others? Most importantly how did they start? “It’s all about the clarity of purpose, the sooner you’ll figure that out, the faster you’ll know how to fulfill it.”, says Mr. Sumit Puri, CIO, Max Health Care.  “I was ordinary, but I kept learning and added the extra along the way”, says Mr. Siraj Chaudhry, Chairman, Cargill India. In a candid conversation with chief executives of two global corporations, students of FIIB discovered their secrets to success in life and career. Dig in to get a share yourself

Q: In the pool of opportunities, how does a fresh graduate choose an organization to work with?

Mr. Siraj Chaudhry: In this day and age, it’s very important to find your USP. One needs to introspect what they are best at doing. A student needs to evaluate his/her strengths and weaknesses to discover the career paths they need to start out for. Being bold, different, and taking the path less travelled works in your favor. It is also risky, because if you lack passion in what you’ve chosen, you might end up with a job you will hate. So, align your passion and strengths to the job role and organization you are going to choose. Research about the industry and which organization’s culture fits your needs and keep working in that direction. An organization is only good as your fit.

Mr. Sumit Puri: Clarity of Purpose is the key to success. You need to decide what excites you the most. Make your passion your profession. During the 2 years of MBA, pinpoint what excites you, and work towards building that career. Find an organization which helps you reach your goals by reaching theirs. Find people who help you fulfill your goals and brand yourself. It simply isn’t enough to decide what you’re going to do, you need to work hard to achieve that too. So, when you come across an opportunity that you think is your right fit, don’t let it go.

How do we find our passion and how is different from just ‘liking’ something?

SC: If you are passionate about something, it doesn’t feel like ‘work’ when you are doing it, you won’t feel tired or compromised. Passion makes you wait for the right chance. Passion doesn’t let you get up. If you find what makes you passionate, you are lucky, now you only need to figure out how to do it. It doesn’t mean you need to be extraordinary. You can make your ordinaries count by working hard on your strengths and harder to turn your weaknesses around.

SP: Often, we are confused between liking and passion. There’s an easy way to distinguish between them. For example, if you like bodybuilding and if wonder it’s your passion. Go to a calm place, envision yourself in the future, probably you see yourself as a trainer, or you see yourself as a bodybuilding champion. If you see so, that’s your passion. If you don’t, it’s not. This could be anything. Passion is what ignites the spark inside you, it won’t let you sleep. It won’t let you rest till you get it. Everybody has a passion like that. Identify yours and you are already halfway through.

What’s your mantra for success in career?

SC: It’s very important to keep yourself updated and relevant. I believe an organization is like a pyramid, the higher you go, the narrower it becomes. The wider base of the pyramid is where you start. There are the most number of people working in this level in any organization out of which some move to the middle levels of the organization by developing new set of skills. On an average, an employee spends a large part of his career here, the journey from here to top is extremely laborious. One needs to truly build differentiators to reach the top level. Very few people reach this level, and if you want to be one of them, visualize this pyramid approach to climb up the organizational ladder early in the career. Find your differentiators and keep improving them. That’s what I did and this is my secret to success.

SP: I realized that there’s a 5P approach to success. Whether it’s life or career, these 5Ps help you achieve more and be more. The first one is Purpose: Purpose is the first step to discovering oneself and setting goals. The earlier you discover your purpose and set lamp posts for yourself, the easier you’ll get ahead in life. The second is Passion: Sometimes, we discover that while working for something, instead of getting tired, we feel energised after it’s done, that’s passion. It could be writing, coding, or managing people and resources, turn it into your career and you’ll never have to work for a day in your life. People: Surround yourself with people who complement your skills. Learn from them and work together as a group for mutual benefits, it help each one in your group including YOU to succeed in life. Platform: Once you have a synergy of all the 4Ps, it’s crucial to find and build platforms for you to shine. That include building a strong professional network, marketing yourself as an expert in the field of your choice, and leveraging connections you have to grab opportunities. With this mix, I believe, there is no one who is going to stop you from winning and this is my mantra for success.

Well, we got plenty of insightful advice that ignited the spark to succeed, have you?


The Disruptive Trends of HR – How FIIB Fits The Cog-wheels Of Change

Disruptive innovation has transformed the way we live, from how we book our daily rides to the cat videos we like on instagram. It has also revolutionized our job roles. So, what impact does it have on the most important function of every organization – Human Resources?

In the Corporate world, where everything is data-driven, Human Resources will still consider people and emotions, but does that mean, HR decisions will be instinct and intuition driven? Is it possible to sort out your salary issues with a few clicks without technology? we don’t think so. With the pace tech trends are changing, the way HR works has transformed too. Human Resource has come up with innovation to optimize the interaction between employers and employees. Technology is playing a vital role in finding suitable talent and understanding the psychological behavior of the employee. “Where earlier human resources (HR) decisions were largely made based on relationships, intuition, and trust, technology disruptions and increased use of analytics has changed the way organizations are thinking through their people management. Although the benefit to HR departments of insights into employee engagement is undeniable, yet, most organizations seem to struggle with appropriate and effective models for connecting workforce measures with business outcomes. Through  conferences on contemporary topics such as these, FIIB fulfills its promise to advance the practice of management by superior thought leadership”, says Ms. Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director, FIIB.

At the recently held National HR Conclave – a unique initiative by FIIB every year to educate the young graduates about the challenges, perspective, and futuristic trends of HR that they are stepping out to, several industry practitioners like Amit Malik, Chief People Operations and Customer Services Officer, Aviva Life Insurance India and AK Gupta, GM-IT Services, IFFCO spoke how AI and Technology are paving way to new world of work.

What are they saying ?

Technology has altered the way of two-way communication and recruitment process. Initially, the way of hiring was traditional which was a time taking a process and involves large capital. Now, digitization is playing a vital role in determining market trends and analyzing productivity.

Mr. Amit Malik (Aviva Life Insurance)“HR function is reactive than proactive, The primary role of Human Resource is optimizing the relationship between employee and employers.  AI challenges the human resources and emphasize on the upskilling the human skills to cope up with such a dynamic environment, since a lot of work is automated, HR can now focus on adding the people who can innovate. Artificial Intelligence is about understanding the behavior and the action of the candidate. The advancement of technology in Human resources has reduced the money involved in training and development.

Ms. Aparna Sharma, Author, Between You & Me – “There are technological trends in Human Resources which are helping it grow on a wider basis, HR has a different forefront with different maturity level. Let’s look at hiring, Video interviews are changing the scenario of hiring young talent from a different part of the cities, web-based interviews are the new trends for hiring young talent, a majority of the screening is now done through video conferencing. There are 3 buckets of  Human Resources; Business Strategies, Asset Allocation, and Manpower Execution. All the challenges related to these are now easy to solve, thanks to technology. There is numerous transformation which has taken place after the evolution of Technology in Human Resource. Despite the tech, The Human part of HR will remain the same.”

Mr. A.K Gupta GM-IT Services, IFFCO“HR innovation is part of a job today, hiring top talent is the top most priority of every organization. Looking at the blockchain and cryptocurrency trends, it looks like in future they might be the appropriate technology for payroll management. Cloud computing has solved the challenge of data sharing and file transfer. There are tools available now at our fingertips for collaboration across cross-functional teams; Intelligent Applications and Analytics are playing a vital role in improving the performance of the employees. Analytics also play an important role in analyzing the performance of the employees. All appraisals and incentives are now based on the historical performance data, a trend of improvement, and a pattern of growth.

HR managers are posting jobs on social media platforms, there are facebook and whatsapp groups for hiring. Resume parsing softwares help find the right fit, Cutting-edge Applicant Tracking systems can perform background checks based on their social media profiles. Organizations are using mobile apps to improve work experiences, cloud services are making it easy to work from remote locations, Big Data helps the HR managers to market the job openings to targeted candidates, thereby reducing the budgets considerably, Predictive analytics helps them understand the candidate’s behavior in future so that they can find better fit. Organizations have to adapt quickly, only then can they  expect to build the talent for the future, while meeting present needs.

What does it mean for management students?

 It is extremely important that management graduates of today must adapt to these changing trends and question the traditional approaches to HR and people management. As HR managers of today are forced to realign to these shifting paradigms, they are also now compelled to find fresh talent that understands this shift and are trained with the tools and practices needed to keep up with the rapidly changing trends.

What does it mean for B-Schools?

At a juncture when the traditional ways of managing HR are no longer enough, B-Schools have to reshape their curriculum to meet the developments of the business world. As the responsibility of bridging the gap between raw talent and professionalism lies on them, initiatives and courses that build design thinking, analytical skills, and decision making are imperative in the curriculum. Only then, they stay market relevant. FIIB sets the standard by teaching its students analytics driven courses like Visual Storytelling, Big Data, and Demystifying Analytics that prepare the students to take on the new world challenges head-on.


Behind every successful performance lies months of practice – In conversation with student performers of TEDxFIIB

The radiance of FIIB community drew to its peaks during the first TEDxFIIB in August 2018. This zestful event featured not only the 9 empowering speakers, it also showcased 3 fiery performances by FIIB’s very own remarkably talented students which is why an extra dose of excitement and entertainment was on the menu for TEDxFIIB audience. The Vibe was a musical performance in the lead voices of Arunesh Agashe, Manish Chattani, and Rajaganapathy Sethuraman with Ashutosh Swarnkar on strings and with Tanmay Saha on the bass. They put up an enthralling act of 4 upbeat and melodious songs which kept the audience tapping for more.  Jhankar was a Kathak Solo Performance by Harshit Kaur which was an act of beauty and precision. The final performance of The Old School BoysArchit Sharma and Mrinal Rawat rocked the stage with their hip-hop steps. So, what was it like standing on a dream stage and creating ripples of joy and excitement with their performances? Let us ask them and find out.

Q: What was it like performing at TEDxFIIB?

The Vibe: Two words. Dreamy and Wonderful. We were excited, nervous, yet so happy that it was happening. We were extra careful to make sure every single detail of our act comes up well on stage. It was a proud moment for all of us representing FIIB and performing in front of a world-renowned musician. We’re glad that it went smoothly, and we couldn’t ask for a better opportunity. Music, we’ve always loved but this act taught us management as well.


Harshit- I have performed on many stages, but performing at a TEDx event is different than others. My focus was to put together an act that will absolutely wow the audience. As mentioned, there were celebrities sitting in the audience, it’s tough to both impress and entertains them. As I started dancing, I let all of vanish into thin air, I was enjoying myself and therefore everyone else was. I really can’t thank FIIB and Dr. Sangeeta Chopra (Faculty at FIIB, and Organizer of TEDxFIIB) enough, I feel empowered after giving my best.

Old School Boys: Oh, we have no words. Still overwhelmed from the event’s response. We loved every moment of it. All we had in my mind was that it can’t go wrong. But it was all good. We are absolutely elated.

Q: What motivated you to perform at TEDxFIIB?

V: The theme for TEDxFIIB is The Empowered ‘Self’. What is more empowering than discovering your passion and be bold enough to embrace it. The moment we heard about the event, we were excited to find more, we wanted to be a part of it and finally, we were. The biggest motivation lies in how FIIB always challenges us to do our best. One big testimony is the formation of this band. In the beginning, we teamed up for the event, but working together, we’ve decided to stay as a band.

J: I think my motivation was that I get to perform in front of Ms. Jyotsna Shourie, globally acclaimed Danseuse, Choreographer, and Dance Teacher. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity; this big a stage and this big a learning experience both lured me in.

O: We wanted to push beyond our limits, we participate in various versatile events at FIIB, but sharing the same stage with people who made impact invokes a certain sense of self-empowerment. Moreover, people came here to listen to their brilliant stories, but in the meanwhile, if we can also make them smile, laugh, and applaud, it’s an achievement for us.

Q: Can you describe your journey from auditions to performance?

V: We were all individual students who were auditioning, we all did well, but there was something missing, that’s when we thought why don’t we work together to put up a full act, we had our differences, we had our similarities and we had to practice and rehearse for long hours to get all of them right. Picking up the songs that reflect the theme and weaving a story around was another challenge. Everyone had a strong point, so we really leveraged that for the final act.  Every time we wanted the practice rooms open till late nights, or we wanted to rehearse on stage 2 days before, FIIB has always encouraged us. The continuous guidance by Dr. Sangeeta Chopra (Faculty and Organizer of TEDxFIIB) was an added advantage.

J: After 2 rounds of auditions, when I got to know I’ll get to perform, I started planning right away. I wanted to portray an empowered self through my dance performance. I made sure every detail to be perfect as my favorite quote goes – “if we chase perfection, we catch excellence” I have seen it become true and there I was in my dancing attire being praised by the best of the best.

O: It is incredible. I was very shy initially, I dance because I become someone else on that stage, forgetting inhibitions. FIIB provided that stage for me literally and figuratively. Between managing classes and rehearsals, it was a bit stressful but when I danced on that stage, it all made sense. What can I say, hard work really pays off. I am thankful because TEDx made me push my limits.

Q: Name one key take away from this experience?

All – Empowerment is within ourselves, we need to find that. If we are fearless in the pursuit of what sets our souls on fire, great things happen on the way.


An insider perspective of TEDxFIIB – Varying shades of empowerment

On 25th August 2018, FIIB hosted its first chapter of TEDxFIIB with the theme The Empowered ‘Self”. With bubbling anticipation and sparkling enthusiasm, students, alumni, and the rest of the FIIB community celebrated ideas worth spreading. As part of the event, 9 absolutely amazing storytellers, each with a unique story to tell, took stage and mesmerized the audience with their simple yet powerful life mantras for leading happy, contented, and wholesome lives.  As the conversations unfolded, it was clear that empowerment starts from within oneself. It is the power inside each of us that makes us shine.

Here in the words of Ms. Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director, FIIB let’s walk through the journey that led up to this mega event.

Q: Why did you decide to organize a TEDx event at FIIB?

A: You know, this is a bit of a story as this links to the theme of The Empowered ‘Self’  and also the culture of FIIB. Last year, I used to mentor the public speaking student club of FIIB called Cue; and one afternoon, just before lunch, this student, Akash who was a co-head of the same club at that time came to my office with gushing enthusiasm saying how he recently attended a TEDx conference and how he would like to do something like that at FIIB, but doesn’t know where to get started. We talked about it a bit. His energy was really infectious (and at the same time my hunger was really mounting!). I quickly googled about TEDx license, gave him the link and said why don’t you find more and submit an application. I also connected him to a faculty member who had mentioned previously attending a TED event. Over the next 2 months, the student took a lead in drafting our application; We kept talking about it; we connected him to more people who were able to hand-hold, and soon we got our license!


In that sense, our approach to organizing this event was true to our promise to students -that we will challenge them to achieve their potential, as well as create opportunities for their future success, with the support of committed mentors and lifelong friends they’ll make here.  And that empowerment we keep talking about is reflected in our theme for the conference as well.

Q: Why did you select the theme of The Empowered ‘Self’?

A: Frankly, it was easy to pin down the theme as we had wanted it to be something that resonates loudly with our culture, as well is of relevance to our students.  As a Business school with 23 years of closely working with the youth, shaping their future, we noticed that sometimes feelings of mediocrity, lack of purpose, and futility of lifelong effort are the barriers which stifle them from reaching their full potential. The student, as a learner, needs confidence in self, feel the strength of one’s abilities and cultivate hunger & desire for development. In fulfilling our aim to develop success-ready leader-managers who drive growth in their communities and professions, and to build an ideology, a mindset of excellence, built on robust ‘sense of self’ after much brainstorming, we decided the apt theme would be The Empowered ‘Self’ to give FIIB community the ambition to steer away from situations that are waning their lives, the desire to overcome the negativity in life, and the power to lead them away from life’s decisions they don’t love or believe in. Through the conference, we were hoping to ignite passion in young minds to bring out their best self.  

Q: How did you select each speaker?

A: Selecting and approaching the speakers was one of the most challenging endeavours for TEDx. The thing which kept tingling at the back of mind was, this is going to be the inaugural version of the TEDxFIIB and has to make an impact which encapsulates the personality of FIIB. The other contributing factor to this conundrum was the theme ‘The Empowered Self’. The problem wasn’t the scarcity of influential people whose stories resonate in sync with the theme, rather it was their abundance.  Fortunately, for us, our speaker panel turned out to be very versatile and from all walks of life but with one unique attribute. In their darkest of time, they held their will and turned on the light from within themselves, illuminating their paths and of many others. At the end of the day we had an array of speakers which included a recognised actor from bollywood, a couple of entrepreneurs, a rockstar, an author, a social anthropologist, a reforming administrative officer, an illustrious  taekwondo teacher and a veteran dancer and choreographer who we thought would do absolute justice to the tone we are setting.

Q: Please share a favorite quote/message from each speaker.

A. I found the following messages from each speaker ‘sticky’ for me

Mohit Dubey: Great love stories are born out of courage, commitment, and a great intent. A great intent to live the life like itself. To enjoy its beauty, to enjoy the experience and not seek any short-term things.  And, so are Startups. They too have a great cause, intent, and purpose behind them. They too like love stories need courage and commitment.

Prashant Tandon: We are entering into a world where healthcare is becoming more and more personalized, preventative and predictive. There is a fundamental disruption that is taking place, which will address the large supply gap of trained doctors. By providing assistance on the diagnosis side to doctors, we could increase their productivity to almost 10 times. Thereby, deliver on the promise of technology to put consumer healthcare needs in their hands.

Subir Malik: As I worked towards building a world-class rock band, I was particular about the kind of people we were adding to the team..  Because, in our line of work, a stage is only 10% of the time; but being together is the entire time. So when I look for a guitar player, I am happy with someone who is a 40% guitar player and 90% human being.  I know I can teach him to play 90% guitar, but I cannot make him a 90% human being.

Vipul Ujjwal: My hard-earned achievements just entitled me to get into the big league, but even at that level I had to start from scratch. It’s just like playing a video game.  Moving from one level to the next. It gets harder and more challenging. And to stay on top, you have to try harder. So you have to keep asking yourself, how do I keep myself relevant.  

Jyotsna Shourie: Purists may suggest that I have strayed from the traditional path but I firmly believe that for any classical dance to become relevant in today’s fast-changing society the connoisseur, as well as the layperson, must be engulfed in its hold.

Preeti Mann: When I decided to turn my researcher lens inwards to my own family, I questioned -what is that we sought freedom from? And the answer was -we were looking to get total control over our life and its direction. We wanted just not to be free, but feel free.

Sonal Sehgal: Successful people had opportunities that successful people hadn’t had. Instead of crying for that opportunity, create that opportunity.  And emerge successfully.

Susan Vernon: In the moments where we perceive our life events as tragedies or successes, all we can do is move forward. No matter what life gives you, move forward.   

Chetan Mahajan: Definitions of success in our life have been put into our lives by society and parents and largely the definition is money, recognition and titles. But everything wears out after a while. If you find yourself connected to your work and find fulfillment in what you do, that makes you happy.  

Q: What has been the response to the event?

A: *Beaming* Oh, the response has been both overwhelming and humbling. When I experienced the radiant energy inside the auditorium where we held TEDxFIIB reminded me why this was so important. The stories each of our speakers shared were awe-inspiring and wonderful. I will be honest, there was a lot of hard work involved, at times I wondered if our team will be able to stand up to the promise TEDxFIIB made, but in the end, it was all of that and more. But most of all, when I saw students of FIIB confidently performing at the event, believing in themselves and putting up a great show, and the students walking up to our organizers saying that it was a very empowering experience, I can tell you there are no words that can match that feeling. It was a grand success, no doubt and we’re already looking forward to our next TEDx event.

Q.What would you like to say to our student performers and emcees for the day?

A. I want to say to them that I am completely, totally proud of them! My most exciting times during the conferences were when each of our students and emcees came on stage.  I was proud of how hard they had worked, as well as of the combined talent that they represented. All 11 of them put FIIB on the map for the numerous external guests we had with us that day.  I also want to tell them how inspired I was with their dedication and effort in practicing the smallest act to ensure that what the audience saw was a flawless and perfect performance!

Q.What’s next for FIIB and TED?

A. You will have to keep tuned to this space to know more about that!  We do have something in the works for December but will wait to make an official announcement.  The team needs to catch up on their sleep first after Saturday’s event! Also, we are working very hard at FIIB to create high-quality learning experiences through our annual conferences, TED and otherwise.  And I am sure that people who attend these will go away feeling as satisfied and enlightened as the TEDx audience.

Know more about the happenings at FIIB by visiting


How does one stay motivated while going through depression

In today’s world, while everyone wants to achieve their career goals, earn huge money, desire for perfect love, need fame, become successful and get acceptance from society, it’s easy to fall for traps that hinder our way to live our life which should be fulfilling and full of happiness. One such situation can be dealing with depression and anxiety.  

Depression is an illness that affects how we feel, think and act. I had to deal with depression at many stages of my life. It was losing of a loved one, failed relationship and getting unemployed. These situations had built up a lot of stress hangover, taking a toll on both my mental and physical health. I got completed disconnected with the vision and purpose of my life. I knew medication or therapy was not a permanent solution to my problem. At this difficult phase of my life, once I came across a TED video, where a Life Coach talked about Self-Motivation to overcome the tough circumstances in life and battle depression. It was a life-changing and turning point for me. I started seeing life from a different perspective, which I thought never existed.

I strongly belief Self-Motivation is a powerful force in the world that helped me deal with my life struggles with peace and patience. It taught me not to lose hope when we hit low in life and keep the show on. Self-determination and dedication to our vision at bad times is what matters the most. In order to get positive vibes, I let my negativity thoughts free away from me. I let go of toxic people from my life who never believed in my abilities and thought could not do any work that is worthy of discussion. I started socializing with people from different walks of life, who have done great in life. I soon realized that having passion and a goal is not enough. What matters most is “Do I have a sense of purpose?”. Our purpose is directly linked with “Why”. When I started understanding “Why”, I became more focused, felt more passionate, had clarity, and lived a value-based life. My life is now much more sorted, have fun in everything I do and enjoy small things in life. No matter what happens in my life now, I always remain optimistic and look for new opportunities.

In India and across the world, many people suffer from depression and find ways to deal with them but fail at an end and resort to medication and therapy which is quite ineffective. I never expected that a TED Talk can help me battle the biggest fear of my life i.e. Depression. This encouraged me to take a bold step to organize a first-ever TED event i.e. TEDxFIIB with the theme The Empowered “Self” at my alma mater Fortune Institute of International Business(FIIB) with the help of other people who shared the same mission as mine that every single people on this planet should believe in themselves and learn to deal with setbacks of life and keep moving forward in life to live an extraordinary life and leave back a legacy that every other person wants to follow. This can create a big impact and improve significantly the quality of human life at the local level if not at a global level. FIIB is a management institution that stands by its promise for all its stakeholders and empowers them to travel the road less traveled, face challenges to tap new opportunities and make a meaningful impact in this world.

                                                                                                    Akash Ranjan Patra, Alumni, 2016-18 Batch


Academic and Cultural events at FIIB: Carving the Way for Professional and Social Accomplishments

The world often seems like an oyster when the limitations of your academic life are confined inside the walls of any educational institute. While the world demands explorers and adventurers in business professionals, the academic structure restricted to the classroom can turn them into frogs in the well. FIIB as an institute has made sure that the students receive all-round exposure and experience with versatile events to assess their managerial skills and learn from most seasoned campaigners of the industry.   

With 13 signature events addressing various streams of management, knowledge and cultural fest and social causes, FIIB aims to be a primary contributor to the progress of businesses and society. To be an institute of academic and social relevance requires a great deal of effort to establish yourself as a brand whose work calendar strategically comprises of activities organized to make gradual development in these areas. Here is the list of events that FIIB has queued in line for the academic year 2018-19

SANKALP(28th – 30th August 2018 (Tuesday – Thursday) & 26th- 27th September 2018 (Wednesday & Thursday ))

Every year, Sankalp proves to be a one of its kind learning experience aimed at inducing interest in management grads through real-life experiences that bring out the best of their managerial abilities and strengths. Through the three-day event, MBA students interact with experienced professionals from the industry and sit through a variety of sessions and competitions to make them ‘career ready’.

This year Sankalp is being organized in two phases. Phase one will be for the students of the first year, where the students of the first year will the part of the ‘employability session’ for the first time which will take place in the month of August. In the later half of Septembe,r the second phase of Sankalp will be held for the students ofthe second year who will participate in the this exhaustive session for the second time.   

TEDxFIIB (25thAugust)

TEDx is a franchise which was started with the aim to give independent organisers to a chance to express themselves through TED like events in their community. The mission of Tedx is ‘Ideas worth spreading’ and where else can be a diamond mine worth of ideas be found except for FIIB. TEDxFIIB is being held on the 25th August, 2015 with the theme of ‘The Empowered Self’. As a Business school with 23 years of closely working with the youth, shaping their future, we noticed that the feelings of mediocrity, lack of purpose, and futility of lifelong effort are the barriers which stifle them from reaching their full potential.

Be prepared to be awestruck at TEDxFIU on August 25th, 2018 where  inspirational talks & stories of Mr. Subir Malik, Mr. Vipul Ujjwal, Ms. Susan Vernon, Mr. Kunal Kapoor, Mr. Chetan Mahajan, Ms. Jyotsna Shourie, Ms. Sonal Sehgal, Mr. Prashant Tandon, Mr. Mohit Dubey, Ms Preeti Mann will awaken your thoughts and spark up your neurons like never before. Coupled with this, enjoy the soulful performances by vibrant entertainers have vowed to be a treat to your ears and feast to your eyes.

Mark your calendar to attend TEDxFIIB 2018

National HR conclave(1st September 2018 )

Every year on a scheduled date in the month of August-September, FIIB organises National Human Resource Conclave. The conclave is attended by a wide range of professionals and speakers from various sectors of the industry. The conclave is held to discuss the rudimentary and modern practices in the field of Human Resources.  

This year the HR conclave is being held on 1st September with the theme of  ‘Tech trends in HR-opportunities and Threats’. It will be an event where the students will be able to learn from the industry experts about their views on the technical advancements and start preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.

Mark your Calendar


Katástasi is a Greek word meaning ‘situation’. In the world of business , we come across situations that present us with myriad variety of dilemmas, issues and problems. Decision-making under various constraints and limitations is the prime challenge for a manager or entrepreneur. A description of such critical business or related situations in the form of gripping story is a ‘Management Case.’ Such cases, when used as a learning tool, bring out the personality of the student and build decision making and leadership skills. FIIB organises the annual case writing competition on real internships for students from all over the country who can participate in the program and win gorgeous prizes and a chance to get their case study published in a book.

Do not forget to attend the Katastasi 2018.  Mark your calendar


At FIIB, we consider sports an integral part of the growth of an MBA student and hence every year, the Sports Committee of the college organises two major events when everyone comes out of the classroom and enjoys a weekend of sports. Ranbhoomi is the annual sports event with a variety of indoor and outdoor sports including Poker, Chess, Carom, Badminton and others for the MBA graduates to compete in. Similar events happen during the cultural fest ‘Samavesh’ but an all round tournament of indoor and outdoor sports is a different feat to attend.

Ranbhoomi 2017 was held on 22nd December and 29thDecember respectively, where a total number of seven teams participated in the exciting cricketing event. Three teams each from the junior and senior section of the Institute and a team comprising of the Faculty and Staff members were the contestants in the annual cricket championship. The Cricket Series was one good way to showcase the sporting spirit and friendly essence of the FIIB family members.

Mark your calendar to be at Ranbhoomi 2018

OPEX Conclave (30th November 2018)

FIIB Sigma (student) club which aims to provide opportunities for those interested to increase their knowledge about operations, IB and ISM function, organizes the FIIB Operational Excellence Conclave(OPEX). These sessions aim to understand the sustainable operational initiatives that companies are undertaking to keep abreast of competition.

The session generally commences with the address from keynote speaker and then followed by panel discussion and address from plenary speakers. OPEX is a conclave which is a treat to watch and a great learning experience for those who would like to understand the extent of operations in any business.

Mark your Calendar

International Conference (18th – 19th December 2018)

The international conference fosters discussions among the academicians, management practitioners, research scholars, and policy-makers across the globe on building a global economy that is driven by sustainable development and fueled by innovation. This forum also facilitates them to present their ideas and research findings related to the theme of the conference. Our past Management conferences have featured delegates from France, Singapore, USA and several other countries.

The selected conference papers are published in Conference Proceedings (Abstracts) and selected full papers in an Edited Book (ISBN) published by Bloomsbury Publications. Best Conference Paper Award is conferred to the authors of an overall best paper presented at the conference and Best Paper Awards to the three best papers are presented at the conference.

Mark your Calendar here to attend the event.

Finance Conclave

Finance is one of the most important sectors on which the economy of a country rests. To meet the requirements in this sector it is important that the changing trends in economy and finance sectors, which includes banking, investments, funds and stock exchange are efficiently accessed and regulated. The finance conclave brings an opportunity for the students at FIIB to learn more about the current trends and be wary of the life altering decisions in the field of finance.

The conclave is attended by speakers from various financial sectors who have strong industry experience and superior knowledge. The inaugural address is made by the keynote speaker followed by a panel discussion and question answer round with the audience. The conclave concludes with the summary received from the plenary speakers.  


Samavesh, as the literal meaning goes is a meeting which has also been constantly used in Hindi literature as the convergence of rivers into the ocean. FIIB hosts an inter-college fest every year wherein students from several B-schools, institutes and colleges across Delhi participate in over 20 competitive activities to prove their mettle. Samavesh- the college fest aims to provide a platform to the management graduates to plan and organize a large-scale event and put their management knowledge to practice.

Samavesh 2018 concluded with great pomp as more than 450 students from over 45 colleges participated in the event. The event comprised of 20 sub events which were judge by a mix of internal and 12 external judges. Do not miss the occasion to join us in Samavesh 2019. Mark your calendar in advance.  


As one of the leading institutes for business management, FIIB wanted to make sure that we are making a substantial contribution to the emerging powerhouse idea of entrepreneurship, to the business world and the country at large. Meraki is a platform which has been constantly giving opportunities to young entrepreneurs of India to display their abilities to create and run successful businesses, for last six years.

MERAKI (2018) received 219 Registrations, 117 Executive Summaries and 86 B Plans from over 80 colleges across 20 cities within the country, including the likes of IIT Delhi, FMS Delhi, Shri Ram college of Commerce, IIM Shillong and IIM Raipur. MERAKI’S Top 12 Finalists in 2018 included a wide array of business plans based on machine learning social media platforms , e-commerce based start ups, Food & Nutrition technology, energy saving , agriculture technology as well as several social entrepreneurship based ventures. Winner trophies were awarded to the top three teams along with the top prize of Rs 1,50,0000.

Do not miss a chance to attend Meraki 2019

Sustainability Summit

Every year on the 21st of February, FIIB celebrates its Founder’s Day in the honour of the Institute’s founder Mr. RK Shrivastava. The Summit aims to bring together the worlds of academia, social sector and corporate sector to deliberate upon certain very critical issues that affect our everyday lives. Speakers from different organisations, both for-profit & not-for-profit, reflect and debate upon various factors that could put a halt to the destruction of our planet and eventually aim to come up with few solutions that may leave it in a better shape for the future generations.

The theme of the summit this year was “The Choice of Sustainability – Is it the Game of a few ?” The theme has been referred to as ‘distinctive and relevant to today’s business and management choices’ by the speakers who addressed the conference. The Keynote speaker Mr. Ajay Relan, Founder and Ex- Managing Partner at CX Partners; shared his exemplary insights on investment logic for sustainability through his own investing experience, and captivating case studies.

Please do join us on the next version of the Summit by marking your calendar here


The day FIIB got its results: Satisfaction Survey

The butterflies in the belly after an exam are no surprise to anyone. Everyone who is reading this has experienced this anxiousness after they appear for any test especially if they really want the results to be in their favour. FIIB after conducting myriad tests, assignments, internship programs and exams for its students, appeared for tests of its own which was evaluated by the students of the ongoing as well as graduating batch.   

The key to driving a successful business is understanding the consumer behaviour, their necessities and feedback on the end product. FIIB, being one of the top institutes for MBA in India, tries to inculcate this activity into the yearly calendar, by conducting a student satisfaction survey among the demographic of the outgoing batch. The students with their experience of life at FIIB, made us proud and content with their positive assessment of the institute.


Students Satisfaction Survey, conducted at the end of the academic year of PGDM Program, aims to measure the level of students’ satisfaction with their one year experiences at FIIB for the students of first year as well as second year. This support strategic planning and decision-making regarding further improvement of Institute services to students. The survey forms were distributed to the students in their emails so as to make them at ease an feel comfortable to ensure maximum participation. To retrieve optimal analysis from the survey it is really important to have a large demographic participating in it.


The parameters for survey were confined to Program, Support System, Career Management and FIIB Life. These are majorly the areas which hold the responsibility for the establishment and upliftment of the career of students. The questionnaire for Program included assessment of the course curriculum, classroom learning, methods and implementation, student mentoring and guidance from the faculty and peer group intellect. The Support System was adjudged in various categories such as technical support and maintenance, library, infrastructure, security, cafeteria, cleanliness and hygiene.

Career Management refers to services rendered in the field of placements, recruitments, internship opportunities, support with live projects and career advice. FIIB Life includes the student clubs activities at the institute, college fest Samavesh, the behavior and support from faculty and staff and grievance handling.


A total of 174 students were sent the  Exit survey among which 134 responded to the survey, out of which 80 were male and 54 were female. Similarly, 143 students received the students satisfaction form out of which 89 responded with a gender distribution of 56 male and 33 female. While processing the amount of data input from the students during the survey, it was very important that the analysis was done with extreme precision. Student inputs to online survey were processed at Feedback Cell and analyzed using excel tools. The date was analysed using the mean method and averages were taken into consideration to show values.


The overall feedback of students has seen a peaking rise in comparison to past years. This gives us a great deal of content as we progress in the right direction to provide advantageous education, learning environment, beneficial services and ample opportunities to the students. The faith shown by the students in the all-round facilities they received at FIIB has left our hearts brimming with pride, joy and confidence. The overall satisfaction level measured was measured on a scale of 4 with the following parameters.

1-Very Dissatisfied
4-Very Satisfied

The exit survey yielded the following results in terms of questioned parameters and data received.

The ‘Program’ received a satisfaction of 3.20 which saw an hike of 0.65% from last year. The ‘Support System’ received an advantage of 1.35% from past year survey with a rating of 2.95. ‘Career Management’ received a staggering progression of 5.16% with a rating of 2.97. ‘FIIB Life’ was one section which received a great response of 3.15 showing an elevation in ratings by 1.15%.

The Students Satisfaction survey showed even better results which made us realise that we are implementing the results of survey to better use.

The Program received a satisfaction rating of 3.12 which checks out to be at a positive difference of 2.00% from last year. The support system demanded more improvement with a rating of 2.92 still making a positive difference of 6.15% from last year. Career management stood out with a rating of 3.02 which saw an hike of 1.05% . FIIB Life displayed gracious improvement when rated as 3.09 with an increment of  3.33% from last year.

The overall satisfaction rating received from second year students turned out to be 3.06 out of 4 while the overall satisfaction from first year students was 3.04.


Considerable amount of changes have been made in respect to the curriculum and life at FIIB as per the feedback received from the students. Data Analytics courses have been induced into the curriculum irrespective of the specialisation of students to cope with the rising demands of industry. The student satisfaction survey is conducted in all its fairness and after the critical analysis of the received feedback the conclusion is implemented to supercede the areas we have been excellent in and improve the quality of services to our students so as to create a career driven and sincere environment for students.  


Mentoring Program at FIIB: Transcending students in a progressive arc

Starting out in a college can be stressful especially as PGDM is a terminal degree for many. These 2 years are considered to be the most important to set a solid step into the corporate environment. This is also the time where students feel overwhelmed with decisions regarding courses, specialization, internships, career paths, and placements. To show them the guiding light to find their way to success, FIIB focuses on the mentoring program where the relationship between the student and mentor goes beyond the classrooms. The erudite faculty at FIIB doesn’t just teach them the management concepts that the industry demands, they also hold themselves accountable for the progress of the students in their professional and personal life at and away from the institute. Moreover, it’s not just faculty who are involved in the mentorship program. It is more than that. Read on to know how.

Faculty Mentors

Right from the time they enter the campus to the time they leave us to succeed, at each turn they are mentored. The first of them being the mentoring orientation day, where the mentors and students sit together to understand each other’s expectations. Starting then, the faculty mentor is the go-to person for the student to understand complex concepts, take informed decisions, and to choose the direction their career can be led. Faculty mentors assigned to each student facilitate monthly feedback around academics as well as skill improvement. Through coaching and feedback, these mentors handhold students to enable a smooth transition to the professional space. When these freshers begin their internships, the faculty sets ground rules for them to make the most of the exposure to turn those internships to placement offers, the mentors also visit these students at the organization they’re interning with to ensure they are not facing any difficulties. Once they come back successfully finishing their internships, and till they are finally placed, every interaction with the mentors ensure that the students are groomed and polished well for the business world they’re about to step into.

Industry/Corporate Mentors

We believe that interacting with game-changers of the industry helps the students understand what the market demands from them. Regular guest lectures and industry visits allow them to experience the corporate environment by themselves. In addition, FIIB hosts View From The Top series – a collection of inspiring, informative, and interactive talks – by some of the best, biggest, and brightest minds of the century that opens the doors to the career empowering community. In the mentoring program, the students also go through 4 rounds of SANKALP – Skills And Knowledge Aligned to Lead and Perform, which is an assimilation of grooming sessions by corporate experts coaching the students at every turn of the road to their corporate entry.

SANKALP-1, SANKALP-2 are more of directing the students to set out a career path out of the specializations available and what the market demands them after PGDM while SANKALP-3 and SANKALP-4 are about preparing for an indulging corporate internship experience, and placement drives. FIIB also ensures that during the internships, the students are under the guidance of a corporate mentor to help them fulfill organizational goals through the tasks assigned to them. This gives them the taste of the world they’re entering and the market they’re going to transform.

Alumni Mentors:

Utilizing the strong alumni network as a mentor base gives our current students a chance to ask questions of someone who has been in their shoes and can relate to them more easily. FIIB brings together the students and alumni in a purposeful, mutually rewarding relationships with alumni-to-alumni mentoring programs and alumni interactive sessions which allow freshers and recent graduates to receive career advice from those with more experience in similar professions. This strengthens the bond of the students with their alumni and enhances the professional network they are building.

We do not limit mentorship as an aspect of only professional grooming, it’s beyond that. Every student who joins FIIB gets a senior buddy who will act as their coaches. They help them understand the life at and around FIIB. They help them make decisions on a wider range of topics like the cafes to hang out at, the places to visit but more importantly how to fully utilize the 2 years at FIIB.

The whole culture at FIIB revolves around the central concepts of mentoring, guiding, and helping each other that everyone who enters to learn, leaves to succeed.

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