FIIB @ BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry – E-Commerce Conclave

Speakers at BRICS CCI- E-Commerce Conclave

BRICS Chamber of commerce is a new platform that has been created to facilitate trading relations & bon homie between BRICS countries. Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa have been clubbed together to form this  group, with the hope that they would benefit each other with similar economies. This chamber works towards conducting workshops & organizing events for the members of this chamber of commerce. Members comprise companies who want to gain from being paticpants to the various activities conducted by the chamber as well as by inteacting with each othe at various platforms.

The ecommerce conference was a platform for existing successful ecommerce organisations & consultants to share their business models, experiences & limitations, and to showcase future technologies that would benefit all nations. It was great listening to KPMG partners sharing their views as consultants, ecommerce companies sharing their experiences & challenges, and financial services companies sharing the importance of their role in online transactions that has served as the backbone of all ecommerce companies.

The keynote address by CEO of MSTC Ltd, Mr. SK Tripathi who gave us a look into how a PSU had been using ecommerce platforms like e-auction to facilitate quicker & economical services to its clients. The address by Minister of IT & Communications, Ravi Shankar Prasad was equally invigorating, especially when he would share insights on Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s thoughts about the digital space in India.

The various speakers shared their views on ecommerce now & its future in India. Everyone sounded upbeat & truly believed that this was where India 2020 would see itself doing business. There were participants from Corporate Shiksha,, 91Springboard, ICICI Financial Services, WorldPay, KPMG etc. Each panelist shared his or her views as to how their companies were facilitating the ecommerce journey for consumers in India.

My interaction with 2 panelists on an individual level, post Panel Discussion, was especially interesting. One was Ms. Neeru Sharma, Co-Founder - & the other was Mr. Ashwin Vellody, Patner – KPMG. Neeru being the founder of an ecommerce site, threw light on the explosion of etailing space especially in B2C category. Ashwin however was more keen on understanding the knowledge transference about ecommerce & social media as a course in an educational institute. He, though based out of Bangalore, was really keen to interact with students at FIIB, since he keeps travelling between Gurgaon & Bangalore very frequently.

Our students had volunteered for this conference & had a great time while interacting with panelists & other guests. The students who did a geat job were Gaurav Malhotra, Akrishti Soni, Prateek Upadhyay, Yuti Sharma & Saurabh Raichandani. I am sure they will have some excellent takeaways from the conference & will be able to bring some elements of panel discussions in their classroom leanings.



FIIB taught me how to master your fears! I came here as a raw material which needed refining. Two years back, when I joined this institute I was a shy and timid girl and now I have this self-belief that I can take up any corporate challenge without any inhibitions.

FIIB is the platform which not only provides a PGDM degree but grooms you on an overall basis and makes you ready for the corporate world. I overcame with my biggest fear of public speaking which I knew would hinder my presentation skills but over the time I have conquered this fear and now not only my presentation skills have improved but also there is a big boost in my confidence.

In these two years FIIB organized various conclaves, seminars, guest talks and industry visits which helped me in enhancing my domain knowledge and communication skills which is the utmost requirement by every corporate house. These programs gave us the opportunity to interact with the prominent and influential personalities from various fields and with such interaction it helped each one of us to develop a deep insight into the practical world.

The faculty provides a very practical approach of teaching and at the same time keeps a very friendly environment for the students. Various classroom programs like group projects and assignments have helped me in preparing myself for the placement process.

I believe that if you are willing to take one step then FIIB is ready to take other ten steps for you and this is what I experienced during my placement process. They prepared me, boosted my confidence and helped me in achieving my dream company.

Now I have mastered my worries and I would like to thank FIIB and faculty for making this dream come true as without their invaluable support and guidance it would have been impossible to bring these dynamic changes in myself.

Looking forward to join Deloitte as Tax Consultant very soon.


Social Media Marketing

Social media networks are fast becoming the infrastructure of the web as all of our personal data and connections are being aggregated into databases. The value of Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter can be estimated by the fact that they can store this information and also make it available for companies, advertisers, marketers, and consumers. The more information social networks know about us and our connections, the more targeted they can make their advertising and ultimately their business value.
Social media has a broad meaning and communities which include forums, virtual worlds, social news organisations, social opinion sharing sites and social networks fall under its purview. Social networks are built with a platform that enables users to create or identify profiles with the ability to interact with other members and participate in various site activities. With memberships that are growing daily and the amount of people interacting with these various sites, marketers and businesses have found a tool that can make money likewise.
Marketers spend a lot on social network advertising and there has also been a net progression of businesses implementing social media into their businesses. Social media is expanding as a sophisticated business tool because it provides businesses a unique opportunity to target customers and its prospects. For instance, the massive social network ‘’ which has millions of subscribers can create fan pages and videos to show people how their products are reliable. Furthermore, social networking sites are promoting rapidly through the internet acquiring users around the world; the more quickly social networking sites grow, the more quickly they spread. It has been a vital source of revenue for some businesses to market their products and services. As a result many advertisers have conducted consumer promotions involving social media to generate attention and participation in their promotions
Nowadays employers and employees understand the power of social media networks in creating real business value and relationships with customers, press, analysts, and all other stakeholders. It argues that employees participating in social networks have already developed a network that can help them in the long term within their development and promotion in regard to their progress in a company for future prospects.


Role of Social Media in Marketing

Can social media ever be used for rigorous marketing? The answer to this question was a hot topic of debate and argument for marketing researchers about 5 years ago. Many ruled out the fact that people would ever accept it and could it impact their revenue while there were others who believed that it would change their marketing style forever.
“Social media” consists of two words. Media refers to the adverting and communicating about the product and social deals with the interaction of individuals in community. Thus social media is the platform for communicating with multiple people and spreading the awareness about your product.
Today, it’s the most widely accept form of marketing and these virtual media platforms are the area of key interest for marketing analytics. The major benefits of virtual media are that it can be used for informal marketing. It has been seen that the companies using social media in marketing strategy are 2 times more likely to see an increase in revenue.
The various types of social media sites are facebook, twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, google+, Pinterest and many other. Out of which Facebook, twitter and you tube are known as the big three. Everyone is different from the other and requires different approach to target the market segment. Like Instagram, flicker and vine is a potential market for companies like Image bazaar. Many companies release their promos and ads first on YouTube before they debut in televisions.
Event marketing, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, blogging etc are various dimensions of marketing through social media.
When a company puts an advertisement on internet various activities follows. New people come to know about the product and existing ones comment on the product. These current users have the power to influence others. The old customers share their experience with the product or brand and thus create a perception in the minds of audience. The new customers believe on it far more than the promises, costly celebrity endorsements and cheesy taglines of companies.
Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing and social media uses this technique to spread the word about the product. Talking about the current scenario, we have automobile firm, gaming, e-commerce websites, food chains and even our PM Narendra Modi use social media to connect with people.
Social media creates awareness and image of a brand in the minds of people but cannot sell the product, so it needs to be integrated with other tools of marketing like marketing analytics inorder to drive profits.
The marketing conclave on 1st November,2014 talks about the integration of marketing analytics and role of social media in marketing research as these two terms are hot topic of discussion and has for long created a “buzz” in the business world.


Marketing Analytics and Social Media – The Game Changers”

Looking at the changing trend of marketing space, two new terms “analytics and social media” has become an important platform to carry out marketing campaign for marketers. Let us see as what marketing Analytics is all about.
Marketing Analytics is a process of measuring and analysing marketing performance so as to check the effectiveness of decision making processes undertaken. This is done by the help of social media and other virtual media platforms like blogging, facebook, etc. In short it tells us as to how our strategies are performing in relation to the initiatives undertaken and also it informs a manager about the taste and preferences of people.
Now a days, businesses have become more complex with many new segments and technologies, collecting data has become a biggest problem for the analysts. Consequently, the end results do not depend on only one individual channel like web analytics, website metric and social media. These have become so complex that decisions based on one parameter cannot lead to desired outcome and conclusions drawn could be wrong. What we need to do is collect data from all marketing sources and then consolidates them to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing strategy. A team of data scientists, data analysts and SEO’s continuously gather these data and involve themselves in a complex calculations and data crunching to find a pattern that can show a changing trend and know the consumer buying behaviour.
It tells us whether or not our marketing approach is generating sales or desired outcomes. As rightly said by Tim Ash, CEO, Site Tuners
“What gets measured gets done. If you are not tracking and improving your marketing activities, you are costing your company a lot of money”
Marketing analytics campaign is carried out through advertisement on internet, search engines and keyword search. The thinking of marketers is to target the people on internet as online world account for 60 % of revenue from sales with more and more people using internet.
Thus, with the help of marketing analytics we can understand the impact of our strategies in long run, about the competitor’s position in the market and allocating our resources in better efficient way.


Sustainable Living

If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito

- Bette Reese

I never cared about planet Earth, but now I have changed because I now understand the value of Mother Earth. If we think we can’t do anything to protect mother earth, we will never do anything. So start thinking, not about yourself but about Earth which gives you land to live your life with freedom. But we are misusing our freedom; as a result Earth has become weaker over millions of years.

Do you know how we are destroying our planet?

There are some of the facts:

  • Each day 50 to 100 species of animal and plants are driven extinct by human influence
  • At least 17 trees are required to make one ton of paper, and we cut thousands in a day
  • Every ton of recycled paper saves almost 400 gallons of oil
  • One recycled bottle saves enough energy to run a 100–watt bulb for four hours. It also causes 20% less air pollution and 50% less water pollution than does making a new bottle
  • We throw away 25,000,000 plastic bottles every hour
  • Glass bottles take 4,000 years to decompose
  • The average college student produces 640 pounds of solid waste each year, including 500 disposable cups and 320 pounds of paper

So we can help Earth to live a healthy life by doing some easy task in our daily routine through which we can make our life as well as earth’s life sustainable. I would recommend people to do the following things:

  • Creatively reuse everything if possible .Reuse pages from the old note books for making small stuffs like shopping list.
  • Get started with planting some herbs & small plants at home. Increase the level of greenery.
  • Try to conserve resources. Turn off the lights, if you are not using the room. Try not to watch TV if nothing is entertaining you. It will save energy.
  • To save on paper, always print and copy both sides.
  • Plastic shopping bags create unnecessary waste. Bring your reusable bag the next time you shop.
  • Try to use more of public transport

For making our future better. It is good to take precautions before facing any trouble. Think for the future, think for you, and think for living a sustainable life. Lastly, stop littering your waste while making our planet dirty.


FIIB Debate: Is Ice Bucket Challenge the right way to support ALS research, considering the shortfall of water resources?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become The Philanthropic Blockbuster with School children, College students, Corporates, Bollywood and Hollywood personalities, Politicians, Army Generals participating in the challenge. It has been ubiquitous on Facebook and lured thousands of people including of celebrities, which has resulted in millions of donations to ALS research and raised awareness of the disease. Recently ALS Association announced that donations related to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge have topped $100 million in the past month. That’s a 3,500% increase from the $2.8 million that the ALS Association raised during the same time period last year.

Above figures clearly indicates the amount of positive awareness this viral “Ice Bucket Challenge” has raised for ALS, but it has been criticized for wasting water, considering the depleting water resources. It has been calculated that over 6 million gallons of water has been poured out already in the name of “Ice Bucket Challenge”. This much of water is equivalent to daily usage of water to 19000 homes!

FIIB being one of the few management institutions in India practicing Sustainability got involved in this debate to have views and opinions on said theme. The debate turned out to be quite encouraging with FIIB Community sharing some other creative ways of making this campaign a big hit.

Though Prof. Monica Mor really liked the idea and intention behind the same, but being against wastage of water she strongly disagreed to the challenge. She said, “As a Marketing person & an educator in the same stream, it seems like a very “out of the box” idea & we have seen this challenge go viral in the most exceptional way. It has percolated down to the level of schools in urban India where friends are challenging each other, & also hopefully debating about ALS. No point doing the challenge & forgetting about the cause you did it for!”

She further said, “I am however also a very socially aware person who works with the civil society for certain causes. That part of me completely abhors this challenge, where I feel the “giver” has become bigger than the “cause”. I have been vociferously speaking against this “Challenge” & the wastage of water on Twitter. And believe me I have got support there! So everyone go take the “Rice Challenge” & step out of the “Ice bucket challenge”. If you care, donate!!”

Ms. Akshita Agrawal from corporate communication department also disagreed and said. “It is waste of water and if one wants to donate, they should just do it, or if they do not want to donate, they shouldn’t. I don’t see the logic of wasting water for a challenge like this.”

After the complete research and with all facts and figures, Anuja Solanki, 1st year student, opted not to support Ice Bucket Challenge. She said, “To support the cause people should choose other ways. I strongly believe that people should think over it once before taking the challenge and save water i.e. a scarce resource.”

Supporting Anuja’s statement, Dipesh Sharma, 1st year student, said, “its trend to pretend that we care. This is just a race on social networking sites, where instead of donating for the cause, people are just doing it for fun.”

While stressing on unfortunate situation of water resources in our country, Pratik Seth, 1st year student, didn’t support the challenge and said, “Being a management students, I found this campaign quite interesting, but scarcity of water resources cannot be avoided in the process. People completely neglected the fact that conserving water is also a matter of great concern. Many people die because of shortage of clean drinking water. Another depressing thing was, many people including celebrities and businessmen used this platform to become popular amongst their peers and didn’t donate for the cause.”

With just 1% clean water available Ms. Anuja Bedi from Admissions Departmnet was not ready to support the challenge and suggested to think of some other way of spreading awareness about ALS. She said, “Our population is increasing day by day and we are as it is facing problems of drinking at various countries. Wasting good water is not the ideal way.” In addition she read in one of the blog that in 2012, ALSA has directed only 7.71% of its budget to research, 63.63% to other program related activities, 10.54% for administrative cost and 18.11% for fundraising. That means that out of the $100 we would give to this organization, only $7.71 of it would go to research.

Siddharth Ranga from 2nd year also didn’t support the ALS ice bucket challenge because of amount of water got wasted in the process. In addition, he suggested diverting from ALS to other deadly diseases like Cancer or AIDS which leads to considerable amount of fatalities in India. He said, “I appreciate the level of funds being generated but at the same time I feel bad for the amount of water being wasted all across the world and I believe effective use of that level of water could have solved the water shortage problems of many areas mainly the slum & villages. Moreover I think that short-term philanthropy doesn’t generate sustainable research in fact it’s a long term phenomenon.”

Manimala and Nisha from 2nd year supported the campaign focusing on how this campaign has grabbed the attention of masses and convinced them to donate for this noble cause. Manimala said, “The Ice Bucket challenge is a fun game and a good way for charity. But these challenges could be more funny and useful if the participants could have saved that one bucket rather than pouring on themselves.” According to Nisha “At least it’s getting people’s attention. And its fun too, it is not necessary to address serious cause with boring and heart aching message. As long as the message is passing to masses without hurting anyone’s feelings it is totally fine with me.”

There’s been a lot of debate since the ALS ice bucket challenge started a few weeks ago. Many are debating its worth if so many people are simply dumping water over their heads and not making meaningful donations. And some are debating on how this small thing of pouring water has turned out to be the biggest campaign ever to spread awareness on ALS. In addition, the huge gallons of water which has been wasted already cannot be ruled out. Questions remains, are we challenging each other to act charitably because it’s the right thing to do, or because everyone is doing it?



“We can’t live wastefully much longer, think sustainable to make our future stronger”

Sustainability involves making decisions and taking actions that are in the interest of protecting the nature and world, with particular emphasis on preserving the capability of the environment to support human life for present as well as for future generation.  Reason for environmental degradation is global warming which is increasing day by day and creating an environmental misbalance. Our planet’s fragile ecosystem is affected by industrialization and growing transportation infrastructure. All we need to do is protect our environment for future generation.

Industries are affecting the environment by cutting down trees, polluting and overfishing in rivers and lakes. They are polluting the environment by burning fossil fuels and using unsustainable practices for farming. Industries are doing all these activities to increase their profit, not only the industries have responsibility for environment we individuals also have duty to take care of it. We do not care about our environment and our surroundings. We just use resources to fulfill our own needs and desires without thinking about our future generations. We are increasing our use of water, air conditioners, vehicles etc. We have to use our resources properly so as save it for our future.

We need to take initiative first before instructing others. We should stop using plastic bags and bottle; we need to consume less fuel and water, we need to increase plantation, reuse papers by recycling it and lastly we need to consume less energy by turning off TV’s and lights whenever it is not in use.

Environmental sustainability forces businesses to look beyond making short term gains and look at the long term impact they are having on the natural world. Resources are scarce and everybody should use it in a proper way. Mismanagement and overuse of resources and abundant forests has resulted in deforestation, contamination, and soil depletion. This has serious repercussions for the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people.  Everybody needs to consider not only the immediate impact of their actions have on the environment, but the long term implications as well.

Nowadays companies have started taking initiatives like Coca Cola. Coke is doing sustainability by improving the efficiency of its water use by 20% and identified the need for a rigorous third-party evaluation of its water management approach.

Hyatt Hotels have committed to reduce use of water on every guest by 25 percent by 2020. They also launched a global initiative to increase procurement of responsibly sourced seafood at its hotels, starting with an initial goal of responsibly sourcing more than 50 percent of their inventory by 2018.

Whether an industry is a FMCG or Software company, every company is nowadays looking towards sustainability and wants to protect the environment for future generation and to attract more investors.

We all should take a pledge that we will protect our environment and save it for future generation.




Vaibhav RIP

Dear Vaibhav, It was an honour being your mentor. You were the life of my FLP student group. You were clearly the most adorable kid I have come across. I have had the privilege of teaching you & scolding you for your mistakes. You would walk into my cabin & crib till I threw you out. You would still crib, yet you would do your job. I became your friend, philosopher & guide. You promised you would do up a wall in my house with your senseless graffiti. You called me any time, without any shame & without even bothering to apologise for your ill-timed calls. You were stressed about life & about how much you wanted to achieve. And you were driven. I was so sure you would get there really soon. And I wanted to be there when you got it all, and cry for your happiness. I never understood your music, you tattoo, your punkish hairstyle, your super cars, yet you have touched my life like no other kid. Teaching will never be same for me ever. I didn’t realize till today, how much you had started to mean to me & to all whom you befriended. I wish I could wake you & tell you, they were all there for you. They were all praying for you, crying for you. Vaibhav wherever you are May you Rest in Peace! May God give strength to your near & dear ones so they can go on without you. Without you to bother them. Without you to laugh with them. Dear Vaibhav, see you in another life.


Disconnecting People

While researching on what to write, I found something very interesting. I read ‘If your blog is long then it better be interesting. If it not then it should be short. But if doesn’t suit any of above criteria then you should bring candies! I opted the third option’

You see, I am engaged! Those of you who know me, you are thinking that I am kidding but I am not! Id like you to meet my fiance, my G7000 Samsung I call him “Note”. I am so occupied with him all the time, that my house seems an unfamiliar place to me! I often use GPS to fetch a glass of water from kitchen.
I know all of you are also engaged to your cell phones. And these fiancés are so possessive that if you they lose your attention even for few minutes they will start shouting in different ringtones.

I remember few years back, I used to meet Sharma uncle (my neighbor) as a usual routine at the grocery shop. But thanks to this technology now it’s just a phone call at grocery shop and its free home delivery will do rest of the things.
This resulted in a very embarrassing situation for me, when yesterday I met him by accident and I couldn’t recognize him because that smart uncle is now an old fellow.

So thanks to my fiancé I am connected to people away from me but completely disconnected to people like Sharma uncle.A lesson learnt and yesterday we had a family dinner together.
Like ICE bucket challenge I challenge my all friends out here for a challenge lets name it Next Door challenge where you have to step out of your house and meet your one neighbor and have to spend a quality 1 hour with him. All the best

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