FIIB-Walton College Acculturation Program

Student Exchange Program at FIIB is popularly known as FIIB-Walton College Acculturation Program; an exchange of ideas and culture via education and learning between the students of Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi and Sam Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas (USA). The Program provides FIIB-ians and their counterparts the opportunities to interact and learn about each other’s study, work and country culture. Every year FIIB undertakes Annual Student Exchange Program and Joint Sessions with Walton College of Business (USA) and University of Tampere (Finland) to help students explore, connect and build bonds globally leading to enhanced exposure and insights for the participants.

In May 2015, FIIB hosted a group of college students from Sam Walton College of Business for the Acculturation Program. During the Program the PGDM grads of the school attended sessions on International Management and Indian Economy. They also undertook team projects to explore several aspects of the Indian markets and consumer base.

The Student Exchange Program included:

  • Academic Sessions by Faculty from FIIB and Walton College
  • Student Brainstorming and Presentations
  • Management Games and Team Competitions
  • Sight Seeing and Celebrations

Like every year, this year also the 3-day program had a remarkable beginning. Initiating the Program with Welcome Evening at FIIB Campus courtyard, the meeting/session moved ahead with a delightful cultural display by FIIB-ians

showcasing some scenes of the Epic – Ramayana that stressed on honoring commitment, sacrifice and obedience in Indian families.  Students from Sam Walton College rocked the stage with some brilliant performances like, B-boying dance, group and solo performances. The students surprised the FIIB audience by singing a very famous Indian song “Kolaveri Di”, and earned huge applause.

Day 2 of Acculturation Program  followed with Case Challenge Competition that provided students with opportunities to put their mind faculties in best use and present their analysis, interpretations and solutions to the Judging Panel. The panel included Faculty and experts from FIIB and Sam Walton who apart from the judging the group presentations, gave the participating teams guidance and inputs on the case solved. Brainstorming the Harley Davidson case gave a strong ground to the students to develop understanding and team bonding across cultures. The winning team after rigorous judgement and presentation rounds was rewarded handsomely for the effort put.

The 3rd Day of the Program witnessed a day full of eagerness and dynamism where the teams had to run for the Amazing Race Competition to compete with one-another, and bag delightful rewards, certifications and exciting winning tags. Teams had tremendous learning opportunities during this activity, from making decisions under pressure to planning strategies over breaks with the teammates.

FIIB-Walton College Acculturation Program Advantages -

  • Global learning and knowledge of different cultural and community perspectives
  • Exposure to multi-faceted approaches to learning
  • Analytic and problem solving skill building
  • Self-development and awareness leading to enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Challenges to explore out of the comfort zone
  • Scope to develop independent opinions, make informed decisions to attain fresh goals
  • Opportunities to develop awareness of group dynamics
  • An edge over other students in terms of hiring by prospective employers (who look favorably upon such inter-cultural learning experiences)
 Case Challenge Competition – Day 2

Amazing Race Competition - Day 3


Are Humans just a Resource?

Workforce is known as the most important and integral part of any organization. Can we imagine an organization without people? the answer is no. People make the organization unique, they are the architects of any firm. This workforce is handled by a division in the organization i.e. The Human Resources.
The HR is considered as a supporting activity in the functioning of firm it is responsible for recruitment, training , development , compensation and many other activities. The HR professionals always had argued about them being in the front line rather than just being supportive, and i also agree with this point, but the question arises have they really made themselves front line?
Another question that pops up is, Are humans really a resource? Humans are people with different sentiments and emotions, they can give everything to the organization can we even call them a resource? Can we compare them with resources such as land, machines etc?
The humans are people they are the inseparable essence of any organization and HR division should define this in there minds.

When I tried to look deep into this division I found that HR lacks one ingredient and that is they only consider resources not Humans. I must say that Human Resources is needed to be Re- Humanized in some sense so that they can understand the complexity of the situation and act on severe issues as soon as possible.

Sometimes the prestigious human resources invites a huge trouble in the nature of workmen unrest. When I tried to understand the workforce conflicts many questions popped up in my mind.

  • Why do people retaliate?
  • Is this done deliberately by workforce?
  • Why would anyone be violent for no reasons?
These questions were answered in one line when I studied the various unrest in the history. The conclusion that came was the major unrest were the result of lack of coordination between management and workforce.
When I went through Maruti Unrest I found the few causes which were really shocking and nonhuman, the treatment which was being provided to the workers was unseen by the so called human resources department.
  • The workers were being slapped for any mistake, the supervisors who slapped were also given with promotions.
  • Cockroaches and dead flies were found in the food of workstation.
  • The tea was without tea leaves and sugar.
  • The heavy doses were given to the workers even on minor complaints so as to avoid any disruption in work.
  • One day wage cut of Rs. 1500, two days Rs. 2200 and three days cut was around 7000 to 8000.
  • Moreover they were forced to sign an undertaking that in case of any problem, workers cannot raise any objections against management.
I wonder how the Human Resources department of Maruti called it even HR.
The companies runs behind the savings of small costs and invite big troubles with them. The Maruti unrest costs the company with :-
  • Operations were stopped for a month.
  • Loss estimated to be over Rs. 1500 Crore.
  • Loss of country’s resources.
  • Loss of goodwill.
These are just the bullet points. The loss will be way more than it can be calculated. Was the cost that could have indulged in workforce satisfaction was more than this aftermath.
The Maruti case can turn as a learning for any organization. The HR department needs to maintain a relationship with the workers. The workforce of any company is the essence of it, no one can underestimate people and treat them as a resource.
The organizations must realize that every person is needed to be treated equally, the same punishment should be given to the supervisor that might hit any worker that would have been given to the worker if he had done so.
Why create disparity? why not treat everyone equal? why not give a status to the workforce?
Workers give beautiful products that we sell or buy, and treating them inhumanly will certainly raise questions on the HR department of any organizations.
The companies should realize that if spending Rs. 100 saves Rs. 1 lakh then this is a wise decision.
Humans are needed to be treated as people rather than resources, The HR department of companies should learn a lesson from Maruti case and sensitize themselves because no one does violence for no reasons.


Challenging the Challenges By The Shift Series

The Shift series of talks is a great platform where people from fields like NGOs, Corporate, and Education come and share the challenges and strategies to overcome those challenges in life.

I attended this kind of a conference for the first time in my life, and it has been a very good learning experience for me. If I share my learning of the day, I think this is the best start of my Fellow Leadership Program. Facing challenges in their lives, overcoming them and still giving head-on to the problems is a commendable effort and I appreciate the amount of perseverance shown by the speakers.

The speakers who inspired me were BomBaebs, Ravi Kalra, Niren Choudhary, Neha Sethi, Sarita Devi, RJ Naved, Sindhu Vee, Ameen Haque, Dhruv Singhi. Talking about various challenges faced by speakers:
• It is very difficult to be a stand-up comedian from being a banker as Sindhu Vee is, Making people laugh needs a good sense of humor and I think she is having that and is the finalist in the UK’s Funny women Awards in 2013 these challenges are challenged by the sindhu. She has made our country feel proud “the girl from Sindhustan”.

• Music is the best way to teach lesson to the society, BomBaebs has proved this; their Rap against Rape has changed a lot of minds. If something goes wrong many of the girl’s not even talk about this but these two girls are spreading the message through music and that’s the challenge for them.

• Struggle starts when you are determined to do something. “If there is a will there is a way” thus an organization of 3 can be of 1400 strong people; this is the challenge challenged by Dhruv Singhi, CEO of who experienced a huge loss in his business in the past and then struggled to be an entrepreneur.

• Taking up the social cause through a mode of entertainment so that people can understand the need to change that is done by the RJ Naved through his program “Mirchi Murga”. Coming from a poor class family and achieving Golden Mike – Best RJ Award is an achievement. The challenge challenged by Naved is also using his sense of humor of giving message to the society.

• Talent is in everybody and we need to find it like Neha Sethi, who turned from a Banker to Baker. Getting higher education from a good B-school and doing job, her passion for baking led to the publishing of her successful story in Times of India, Economic times, Forbes life.

• Coming from the small village and becoming the World Champion, Arjuna Awardee, Sarita Devi faced many challenges to achieve those heights. Her self-confidence and her strength being the most important factors of her success, and also the support from her family members helped her reach the milestone.

• Story is what revolves around us. Our life is also a story. Stories are remembered by everyone and I think this needs a lot of creativity and out of the box thinking and one needs to be perfect in story telling because it directly creates an impression in the mind of people. That’s what Ameen Haque had done; telling story to influence people and converting it into a profession is the biggest challenge for a person.
• At last the speaker I liked the most was Ravi Kalra. I want to mention that I also like doing social activities, but up to the level of Ravi kalra I have never thought of it. And for that we need to crazy for our passion. If we are mad enough then only we will able to do it in the best way and with our full dedication and motivation. I personally think that money is not everything that a person needs, but the blessings of helpless people or giving a new life to a person can satisfy our hearts more than money. I have decided to join or provide support to helpless people in his NGO and this is only the place where I can take up my interest of being a social worker.
Apart from the conference being good inspiring, something that was somewhat conveying a wrong message to the young audience was that most of the speakers were saying “we were drop outs from schools/colleges and did not attend any classes and for spending time used to travel in DTC buses” etc. This is not the right message to our society and to growing children of our society.
“Mai khelega”- Shows dedication and passion toward our work
“Pagal hona jaruri hai”- Commitment and Madness toward our interest in life.
“Start from where you are, jump into what you can do, and do make every day count”
“Don’t Give Up” – My biggest learning


The Shift Series – Challenging the Challenges

On May 2, 2015 the Shift Series presented a conference at Teen Murti Bhawan with the concept of challenging the challenges. This helped to make the audience realize that challenges are there in everyone’s life and it’s not right to blame your destiny, rather than dealing with the challenges.
The team of inspiring speakers like Niren Chaudhary, President global operations, KFC; Sarita Devi, World Boxing Champion from India, RJ Naveed, Ameen Haque, Founder, The Storywallahs and others gave an idea that all negativity and challenges of life make you stronger and everyone should turn these challenges into opportunities to grow.
There is an old saying that gold attains purity after it goes through enormous heat; these were merely words for me before I heard the inspiring stories of these distinguished speakers. They made a new perspective about challenges in my mind; a challenge is a defined path to make sure that you are on this earth because of a reason. If you able to deal with the challenging situations, you are ultimately the winner, but if you don’t put any efforts to face them, you become a loser. You can easily live your life in normal circumstances but when life takes a test you must be persistent enough to emerge as a winner. No one in this world can say that they lived life without any challenges, but yes few can say they have these scars of success as they know how to deal with negativity and challenges.
All speakers in the conference were inspiring, but a few touched my heart with their stories like RJ Naveed. He doesn’t belong to a well-to-do family and faced various obstacles during his life in school or career, but now he is among the role models for youngsters. On radio he talks about the bad and ugly facts of life in a funny way; he is someone who came out of the conditions which some people assume to be the fate and accept without doing any efforts. But RJ Naveed took those conditions as a challenge and made a goal to overcome them.
Ms Sarita Devi, world boxing champion from India makes us feel proud when we look at her, but it’s hard to believe that she belongs to a small village in Manipur and today she is the motivation to almost all young girls. I was inspired by the story of Ms. Sarita Devi.
Speakers were telling about their lives and challenges faced by them how they overcame those challenging situations, and we as the audience learned that no challenge can make you a loser, when you have a will to overcome the challenges of life you can face every challenge be it as high as sky or as deep as sea.
To conclude, I want to quote “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” ~ Seth Godi. The speakers who were there in shift series proved the above written line and made us believe that if you believe in yourself, and you have a positive view for every situation, you have the power to face every obstacle, every challenge and you will at the end come out to be a winner.


Challenging the Challenges

The Shift Series of Talks

Theme: Challenging the Challenges

The session was an eye opener for me. Before coming to this session, I had doubts about the sentence ‘challenging the challenges’, such as how one can challenge the challenge which he/she has to face. But after listening to the speakers live, it lifted my confidence and made me more positive to face my challenges.
The key learnings from the talks for me were:
• If we fail in overcoming our challenges, we must not give up, rather change our approach towards solving the challenge
• To come out of the barriers in which we are surrounded.
• The zeal to overcome the challenge must always be there in everyone.
The key note speakers were from various backgrounds such as radio, corporate, digital media, social sector etc. Although they were from diverse backgrounds, but they had one thing in common i.e. Focus. Most of these speakers were working in some other fields before getting settled. They never got disheartened of failures. Instead they followed their passion and aim. They just kept their focus on it and this helped them in successfully challenging their challenges.
The speakers who inspired me the most were:
• Jesh Krishna Murthy: Jesh is the brainchild behind ‘anibrain’, India’s leading VFX studio which was worked on Hollywood pictures such as Death Race, Batman etc. He followed his passion and made it large. His child suffers from down syndrome but he overcame this barrier by training and making him feel part of the society,
• RJ Naved: RJ Naved has achieved golden mike award which is for best RJ. He comes from a poor family but he worked hard to achieve this position. He takes up social cause in his show and try to solve it with humour. He was able to achieve this stage by overcoming the challenge by being more enthusiastic with his listeners.
• Neha Sethi: She is the owner of sweetish house mafia. In spite of being a Wharton graduate she had to lose her job and come back to India. She did not lose hope. She had an interest in bakery and later shifted her focus on bakery. She has now 2 stores in Mumbai. She never lost her focus. She was very clear in what she was pursuing.
• Ritu Dalmia: She is the owner of famous restaurant chain ‘Diva’. Before starting up with ‘diva’, she had to face with lots of failures. She had to shut down her previous projects but this never made her sad. She followed her passion of making and promoting Italian cuisine. She even trained her employees which shows the traits of a leader.
• Dhruv Singhi: He has all the ingredients of a perfect entrepreneur. He first opened up a chemical unit which was later shut down. At later stage, he started with an organization of 3 employees which later grew to 1400 strong people organization. In spite various obstacles in his way, he later became a successful entrepreneur.
This session was a new experience to me it made me realise that in spite of the difficulties in life these people are still jovial and are challenging their challenges successfully.
We can also have such type of intervention in our college where students as well as can share their experience on how they overcame their obstacles and how in being part of FIIB made them overcoming their challenges. This will help everyone in removing their inhibitions.


When I literally felt at “Top of the World”

Early morning, 3rd February of 2015 all students set for Dubai Trip. Thanks to Fortune Institute of International Business for giving us the opportunity to visit Dubai for educational tour which was a blend of learning and light-hearted amusement. Very well said by St. Augustine “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” and because of this tour all of us were able to learn about various plans and procedures of industries in Dubai, their policies, manufacturing procedures, their laws, etc. In short we were able to get an insight of Dubai’s Political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal factors (PESTEL).

In our travel chart, 3 industrial visits were arranged including big industries like Dubal, Rak Ceremic, Nestle and Travaco (Some students visited Travaco instead of Nestle) because of companies policy of restriction on number of students. Not only industrial trip but various other plans were framed like cruise party, Desert Safari and city tour including mall, Jumeirah Beach etc. Students were also given an opportunity to visit Burj Khalifa; 2 days were given to students to explore the city on their own. Students visited Atlantis, Dubai Mall and other places where they wanted to. Food arrangements were extremely good. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian savoury food  items were laid on the table for all. As said, every coin has two sides – the tour was a combination of good and bad things. The above written things were good, we were a little unluckily with the hotel facility. As said by Samuel Johnson, “All travel has its advantage, if the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve on his own and if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.” And Fiibians learn to enjoy and we all had a fun filled educational trip to Dubai.

To summarize Dubai trip was a milkshake with key ingredients of  Learning and fun.


The Best Management Experience…Ever!!!

Samavesh 2015 has been one of the finest experiences in short course of life. It has been one of the best management lessons. FIIB has given me a great platform in the form of Samavesh to showcase my leadership skills and learn extensively about how to work professionally. With the help of the faculty mentors, my senior cultural co-heads (Vaishali Dhawan and Janis King) and other volunteers, we were able to make Samavesh 2015 a success story.

We started the planning process with a brief meeting of organizing committee with all the club heads and the Faculty mentors of the cultural club and discussed the key takeaways from the last year’s fest. Taking leads from the senior heads of the club we listed the events/competitions that can be held along with their respective rules and regulations. An e-mail was floated announcing the preparation designs of Samavesh and invited students to be the volunteers and for support/popularize the fest. Henceforth, all the events were scheduled in the 2 day program as per the availability of the time slot with the help of the faculty mentors.

We believe in the basic rule of marketing –  ’Jo Dikhta Hai wo Bikta Hai’. Our next step after the smooth sailing of operational activities was the creating brochures and posters that can be distributed and sent to other colleges for participating. Several colleges of University of Delhi, Indraprastha University and PGDM Institutes across India were invited personally through e-mails, calls and meetings. Getting sponsorship from renowned brands such as Nirula’s, Worlds of Wonder, FrienZone was the Next Big Thing. It was a pleasure networking with the corporates since approaching, meeting and convincing them for sponsoring our event taught us several tactics to deal clients in a positive way.  Time Crunch was a major issue considering other activities, class/exam schedules at FIIB. Samavesh taught us the nitty-gritties of organizing and managing a big scale event with time management as a crucial aspect.

The two days of fest turned out to be a grand success; co-ordination of the core team members and the volunteers was perfect and everyone worked in tandem with the requirements and plans. It was a great moment to see continuous effort of 1 month paying off.

The key learning’s while organizing the fest are as follows –

1. Managing time (finishing work within deadlines)
2. Marketing (felt like a true salesman, going out in the field and showcasing Samavesh to its potential sponsors)
3. Multi-Tasking
4. Managing resources
5. Coordinating with different teams
6. Maintaining a rapport with all the colleagues and volunteers and the seniors (students, faculty and staff)
6. Leading Teams
7. Keeping clarity in all the important elements of organizing an event


A Much Awaited Trip..!!!!

3rd of February it was and we board a flight to the city of skyscrapers i.e. DUBAI. Dubai being famous for its nightlife is one of the seven emirates of UAE consisting of lot of desert and coastal areas. We went there as a part of our Business Study Tour included in the course curriculum here at FIIB. It was a much awaited trip with lots of first time experiences from boarding a flight to visiting Burj Khalifa(world’s tallest building) and many more.

We entered into the city of DUBAI, outside the airport the bus of our tour operator was waiting to take us to our hotel i.e. Rushin Hotel. The whole of the city is being constructed on the desert and is full of plenty of skyscrapers. The centre of attraction for all of us was these skyscrapers and the luxurious cars dancing on the roads of Dubai. The roads there were beautifully constructed just like the roads that I have previously seen only in a virtual game i.e. ‘Need For Speed’. Thereafter going through the streets of Dubai we reached our hotel where rooms were allotted to us in the pair of two. Room no-414 was allotted to me and as soon as I took the glimpse of my room my eyes popped out, what a beautiful room it was with very wonderful infrastructure and view. The balcony was such from where I can look the cars running on the road. I loved the view and the room.

Thereafter, while taking a rest for some time, we went for a view of the market just outside our hotel i.e. ‘Meena Bazaar’. The next day was our first industrial tour organized for us. All of us was taken to DUBAL(Dubai Aluminium) factory located at the outskirts of the city Dubai. The organization is the world’s largest producer of Aluminium and is also famous for its quality of products. After that we went again to our hotel and changed for entering into our land cruisers which were standing for taking us to the Desert Safari. After the roller coaster ride in the deserts of Dubai we went for a belly dancing show and dinner which was organised following the Arabian culture and tradition.

On the following day, another industrial visit to RAK-ceramics was conducted where we were taught about the operations conducted in making tiles in the factory and also we were briefed about the marketing strategies followed by the firm and how RAK- ceramics differentiates from its competitors. The evening was again full of enjoyment with dinner organised for us on the cruise. The evening again was full of dinner, dance and fun on the cruise. It was a very beautiful evening and the city was looking amazing from the cruise.

At the last, the tour operator organised a city tour for us where we went to the mall in DUBAI along with the visit Jumairah beach followed by the visit at the world tallest skyscraper (Burj Khalifa).The view from the burj was beautiful, everyone was feeling at the top of the world. Next day we board the flight for India. The trip was full of entertainment along with lots of learning about the culture, environment and working behavior there at Dubai.


5 Days of Global Learning…Dubai!!

The day we first heard about the trip to Dubai, one of the top class business hubs, we were filled with thrill and excitement. Finally, the D-day arrived and we all reached the IGI airport with a big smile to be seen on every face. After a flight of 3 hours we landed into the land of oil and of course great business.

The first thing we did was visiting Dubal (Dubai Aluminium Company) our first industrial visit. Dubal is one of the biggest aluminium manufacturers of Dubai which is now called as EGA (Emirates Global Aluminium). We were shown an educational video about Dubai and aluminium production in the industry. After that we were taken for an industry tour conducted by Mr. B.J. Joseph who gave us a detailed overview about the functions of the factory. Later on after having lunch in South Indian restaurant we moved in to our hotel by 5pm in the evening. Since there was not much time left, we went out to explore the famous Meena Bazar which was very close to our hotel, just 5 min. of walking distance.

The second day again started off with an industrial visit to one of our favourite chocolate brand Nestle. We were shown an informative video as well as were allowed to take a look at the factory’s chocolate preparation processes. We were even given a goodie bag full of yummy nestle chocolates. Further on we had lunch and the food was actually very bad. That day we explored Deira city centre and took a water taxi ride to Gold Souk where we could find gold jewellery in best of designs, price and purity.

The third day was fully free and the whole day was spent enjoying Dubai city. We went to Ski Dubai, in the Mall of Emirates. Ski Dubai was a great experience as we could meet Penguins there, world’s largest Penguin, McFatty. We played and enjoyed a lot in the snow. Later on that day we went out for Desert Safari, which was actually a very adventurous ride. There was camping, camel riding, biking, belly dancing and lot more.

The next day we again had an industrial visit to RAK Ceramics, one of the top ceramic ware companies in the Middle East. The went by with a round in the Dubai Mall and visit to Kites beach which was again very exciting.

The last day of our trip was spent in shopping for different stuff like mobiles, tablets, perfumes, jewellery, bags, dresses and most importantly the chocolates as everything was available at much reasonable price than in India. The other places we visited were, the Underwater Aquarium, Dolphin Show, Jumeirah beach etc. Still a lot of it was missed.

In a nutshell, I would say that the trip to Dubai had been very exciting, funfilled and no doubt very informative. We could understand and make detailed study about the business environment as well as every source of entertainment in Dubai.


Success Story – Jacob Poochakkattil (Batch 2013 -15)

Candid Interview with Jacob Poochakkattil (Placed as Junior Recruiter, Mastech Inc.)

“Grab every opportunity and work with diligence.”

Q1. How does it feel getting placed at Mastech Inc.?

A-> I’ve already bagged a good job at Mastech Inc., quite before the finals of PGDM course. Mastech Inc. is one of the most recognized IT recruitment and consulting firm. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the FIIB family for developing my skills and preparing me well for the professional world. I’m an Agriculture Engineer from AAIDU, Allahabad. Although, I’ve previously functioned as Marketing Engineer and have 15 months of work experience with a landscape irrigation company in Rajasthan (before joining FIIB), I’m overwhelmed to acknowledge the stupendous effort put forth by the institute to transform me into a true professional with the required industry skills and attributes.


Q2. Your Success Mantra

A -> Grab every opportunity and work with diligence.


Q3.     You are on the verge of stepping into the Corporate World. How did the 2 year journey at FIIB help you succeed in the interview and prepare you for the Corporate World?

A-> FIIB campus was always abuzz with activities and each day was a memorable one. Being Jaagriti Club Co- head, I undertook many social and campus drives under guidance of expert faculty. The 2 year journey at FIIB turned fruitful for me. The two year PGDM course at FIIB offered ample scope for a student to grow as a true corporate world person. The course was comprehensive with updated curriculum, technical trainings, soft skills sessions, live projects and industry sessions. The opportunities to observe and learn the widely applied techniques and practices of the corporate world were unparalleled at FIIB. Its industry network is widespread and this led me to join FIIB at the outset. I’m happy to have taken the decision and have put in quality time at FIIB. I had the scope to learn new subjects and delve deeper in my areas of interests enabling me to have a concrete knowledge base. The practical sessions, case studies, workshops were valuable sources of learning real life examples. Also, they were instrumental in building the right industry skills. I’ve been given a true direction and immense encouragement by the faculty and mentors to build a secured and highly rewarding career path.  Also, my motivation levels have been kept quite high by the CMC (Placement) team and I cleared all the interview rounds of Mastech Inc. comfortably. Special thanks to Prof. Jones Mathew who gave me valuable tips to communicate and express my ideas to the recruitment team of Mastech Inc.


Q4. Your personal and professional attributes that helped you excel?

A -> All the activities at the campus have imparted in me certain skills – negotiation, presentation, networking skills to name a few.  These have aided in excelling in academics and in the final placement. As communication skills play an important role in obtaining a good job, the grooming sessions at FIIB made me more eloquent in communication. I was always encouraged to have 360 degree thinking pattern; hence, my analytical and problem solving skills improved to a great extent. My future plan is to be a successful entrepreneur. I’m keen on taking forward and implementing the teachings and values delivered at FIIB. They are an invaluable asset to me. The industry exposure and overall student development/grooming sessions is central to a successful career roadmap for any student. Thanks to FIIB for laying down the success path for me!


Q5. Is there any moment at FIIB that has been etched in your memory forever?

A -> Every day is a learning opportunity at FIIB. The Sustainable Summit and E-Drive are two important campaigns that are close to my heart.

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