10 Excel Functions Every MBA Student should know

How many of you think about Excel when someone asks you to make a quick list? Almost everyone, right? Be it a two-column simple list or detailed database of organization, we like to create a spreadsheet for tasks that requires a table format. Divided as columns and rows, I think excel is the very first analytic tool that we all get introduced with.

From the time you were introduced to Excel to now when you are working on it for real- the software has evolved a lot and successfully added new & advanced features to it. Where it is important for MBA students to master all the analytics tools, brushing up basic excel formulas is like regaining your lost power that will save time and money at the same time.

For the students who are about to start their MBA journey, we’ve listed ten excel functions that will definitely make your projects less complex and calculations simple. Let’s begin the revision by taking one excel formula at a time!

  • Paste Special

Excel is much more than a copy paste function. If you want to apply the formatting of one cell to other, then Paste Special is a great option for you. Even if you want to copy any particular values of a sheet and apply it in another sheet, the same function does the magic effectively. Once you’re done copying the aspect of data simply press ctrl+Alt+V or Alt+E+S to open the Paste Special dialog.

  • Add Multiple Row

What exactly you do to insert rows in between the filled cells? Select the row, right-click, and then hit the Insert option… this is the basic trick that you apply? Well, Excel offers you much convenient trick than what you follow!

In order to add multiple rows in Excel, you can combine to shortcut keys Ctrl and Shift+ to see the magic. The process is quite simple and consumes 50% less time of what you invest normally.

Below are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Select the cell above you want to insert the row.

Step 2: Now press Shift + Space Bar to select the entire row in one go.

Step 3: Select as many rows as you want to add by using Shift + Down Arrow key.

Step 4: Finally click Ctrl + (plus key) shortcut key to insert the required row in excel.

  • Flash Fill

Another time-saving function that automatically fills the cells with data seems evident to the spreadsheet is Flash Fill. If you are working with data that contains a similar pattern, then you can enable Flash Fill option in the Excel by pressing Ctrl+E together.

  • Index-Match

Index and Match are the most powerful tools in MS Excel. It is basically allows you to look up values in a table based off of other rows and columns. Unlike VLOOKUPS, Index-Match offers us a reference as a result rather than showing a value. If you’re dealing with large data files, then this particular function is much better and faster than lookup.

  • Sum

Do you need a function that sums up the values of columns and rows and gives instant result? If you’re working on MS Excel, then this is something that you requires oftenly. Excel offers an automatic term ‘Autosum’ to do the math for you which exists on the home tab. Alternatively, you can also select the row and column and press Alt+ to do carry out the function.


Are you someone who make mistakes all the time and then regret later? Don’t worry! Excel has got your back here as well. Mistakes are a part of life and when you do one in excel, you can simply press Ctrl+Z to undo it. In case you feel pressing Ctrl+Z is again a big mistake, solve it by combining Ctrl+Y as it works totally opposite of what Ctrl+Z does.  

  • Removing Duplicates

This Function is easy to use and quick to use. It helps to remove duplicate data from the sheet. It replaces the value and put it on another sheet. It is found on the Data tab in Data tools. The shortcut key to remove duplicate cells in Excel is Alt+H+L.

  • Freeze Panes

Do you feel irritated every time when you have to scroll up time and again just to check whether you’re working in the right column or not? This is a common issue that most of the people experience. But, the best part is you can freeze a particular row or column through the window section. Just go to View > Freeze Panel.

  • F4 Key

There are two ways, through which you can understand the working of F4. The first is of an Absolute reference, It switches the various options. Another reason – it enhances excel productivity.  

Whether you want to master these Excel functions to ease your project and assignments or, you just preparing enough to shoot for a high-paid job at the end of MBA journey,  make sure that all the functions are at your fingertips. Do let us know what more functions help you to make the process worthwhile in the comment section!