20 Speakers and a thriving Management ecosystem: Major key takeaways for Researchers, Academicians and Business World

With the core belief that research evokes thoughts leading to some of the finest business practices, we at FIIB decided to showcase some of the latest advances in management thought led by research, technology and innovation. The meetup of academicians, researchers, practitioners and thought leaders was a part of FIIB’s 5th International Management Conference held at the institute campus on 17th and 18th December 2019.

Around 20+ speakers from Australia, France, India, Kuwait, Nepal, New Zealand, Portugal, UK and USA, 70+ students of Uniglobe College, Nepal and more than 100 management graduates overall attended the two-day long IMC 2019. This time it wasn’t just the number of attendees that was impressive; the learnings each resource person shared and the research presentations showcased by students also contributed well to our vision.

Deciphering the framework of International Marketing

Speaking on the advent of online subscription-based services to technology-led convenience-based shopping for the consumers, Dr. Justin Paul, Senior Associate Editor-University of Puerto Rico, USA managed to spark a sense of comradeship amongst the audience by addressing many strategic requirements of International business. 

The key learnings from the address of Dr. Justin Paul were:

  • Become aware of the importance of Mobile Apps for payments as the future is digital.
  • Technology is not less than a torchbearer for shoppers; it is leading almost everything: consumer behaviour, choices, and right decisions. 
  • Grasp the 7-p framework of International Marketing sooner to stay aside from defeats later. 

Analytical approach in Integrated Marketing Communications

Be it a small business or huge enterprise, almost everyone in the business world is hustling hard to brand and coordinate their communication efforts. To outlay what importance integrated marketing approach plays in a brand image, Dr. Cornelia Caseauis, Associate Professor-Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France decided to be vocal about the inside-out approach to the Integrated Marketing Communication. 

The major takeaways from her keynote speech were::

  • An analytical approach is key to create brand awareness among customers at a minimal cost.
  • More integrated, fewer conflicts: With a handy marketing approach like this, organizations can effectively communicate a similar message to potential and existing end-users.

Globalization mushrooming in business, relations and what not!

Where it has been in the outlook of every businessman that globalization is the root cause of increased competition, Communication Expert from Australia Angela Yu, thinks it as an exquisite way to unlearn new culture and unleash unseen goals in life. To further describe how globalization impacts a common man’s life, she took a slice from her personal life and delivered a happy gift of globalization to the audience. 

The motivating learnings from her talk were:

  • Even two people from different linguistic backgrounds experience globalization, but they can turn sufferings/conflicts into happiness & success by embracing diverse cultures. 
  • Globalization brings more learnings and experiences in one’s life. 
  • What’s the harm in embracing something like globalization when all it offers to your business is the spread of products, investment, and technology. 

Entrepreneurship is on the rise

The most interesting phase of the IMC Day-2 panel discussion on the topic “Leveraging Entrepreneurship Development through Emergent Technologies and Disruptive Innovation” was when Dr Aneesh Zutshi, Assistant Professor-Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal shed light on the Indian startup ecosystem and its essentials. 

The conversations flowed from building disruptive digital technologies, how technology impacts society, what information asymmetry digital platforms are facing, startup challenges, the Indian startup development, utmost need for collaboration and harnessing network effects, and big data too. 

Some of the key takeaways from his address were:

  • It is important for entrepreneurs to understand the role of technology in startup development before initiating the show.
  • India needs to leverage its digital presence, better its collaboration strategies and dive deep into big data to stand strong in the world of innovations and entrepreneurship.

We feel proud to share that this year’s International Marketing Conference has successfully brought together diverse themes, contributed to both theory and practice, and strengthen the interaction of Research, Innovation and Technology with Economy and Society. To know more about FIIB’s 5th International Management Conference, visit http://imc.fiib.edu.in