20th Batch of PGDM Inaugurated at Fortune Institute of International Business

20th batch inauguration program, FIIB

The 20th batch of FIIB Post Graduate Diploma in Management for 2014-2016, was inaugurated on 6th June, 2014. The Inauguration session commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Key Speaker Mr. Jyotirmay Jain, Director Dr. A.K. Sinha and Dean Dr. K.B.C. Saxena.

In his welcoming note Director Dr. Sinha congratulated students of the new batch on selecting one of the leading Business Institutes of the country and wished for a wonderful two year journey. Following him FIIB Dean Dr. Saxena explained how the FIIB PGDM is different from other Management degrees in terms of 3 C’s (viz. Cross Functionality, Collaboration and Competence).

Key Speaker Mr. Jyotirmay Jain, a freelance economist with over three decades of industry experience, began his speech throwing some light briefly on the latest economic scenario of India, its potential and possibilities in near future. He spoke about how financial markets work and how Indian GDP has seen a downturn in the last couple of years. Taking the cue from there, Mr. Jain explained how with the latest changes in the Indian political atmosphere, there is a potential of brighter economic future and hence, a flourishing career opportunity for the future management students. He insisted that students should focus more on becoming career oriented rather than looking for jobs with lucrative packages. Besides stressing on incorporating the seeds of entrepreneurship, he urged that students should become more responsibilities by incorporating values of a manager, communication and learning ethics of time management. Highlighting how a focused mind will help in generating more output, Mr. Jain asked students to become more committed to their dreams and work harder. Later, he cited illustrated examples from the global economy to leave useful tips for everyone in the auditorium. Mr. Jain finished his speech by answering a few questions from the audience on the prospects of the Indian economy and roles that students have to play.

The second part of the session, or the “Words of Wisdom” was an interactive session where recent graduates welcomed the new batch and shared their experience with them. They talked about how performance could be improved and gave practical tips to improve their overall exposure as management students. They elaborated with their own experience of being at FIIB & shared their do’s and don’ts of MBA, tips on managing work and play & insisted that the key to growth is by actively participating in the various activities. Participants from the new batch were excited to meet their seniors and expressed how they looked forward to start off their 2- year journey.