3 Tried & Tested Microsteps That Helped FIIBians Recharge Their Batteries During The UnplugWeek@FIIB

A week earlier, we at FIIB announced a complete ‘Unplug from Work Week’ to experience the power of ‘pausing for a bit to reboot to a happier self.’ After the hiatus, today the entire FIIB Community plugged back to work with their internal batteries recharged. While it is an absolute hustle for the workaholics to stay peacefully away from the work for that long, the Racers took this small yet effective microstep to give themselves this distinct ‘happiness booster shot’ on offer.

So in our today’s “Plugging back to Mothership” chit chat session we asked our FIIB Community members to share the kind of micro-steps they’d taken during their unplug-from-the-work time to enjoy the time-off from the office. Here are  some of the worthy hacks they used to enjoy, chill, live, laugh and play out the happy moments to fill up their hearts and minds.

Taking out a moment to sit with yourself and focus on what you’re missing on

“Contrary to making a To-Do list that I usually recommend to my students and even counsel seeking clients, for once I decided to just sit back and not do anything. Making a list to get things done, or even a list of things that would give me a feeling of being productive or happy is an anxiety trigger. So why not let the day flow and take its own course. I let myself experience the simple things like a cup of coffee on a silent and calm winter morning, playing the make-believe games with my child, watching my family smile, being a part of a conversation, watching the re-run of my favourite shows and just being there. Timelines give us anxiety and the checklist gives us the jitters till the time they are not ticked-off. As the Italians say, ‘Dolce far niente’, i.e., pleasant relaxation in carefree idleness, or the pleasure of doing nothing!”

Ms. Shuchi Dikshit, Assistant Professor – HR

Tuning into a routine even on your break days

I’ve always found organising myself to be helpful in not letting uninvited stress flood my head, have clarity of my tasks, and set my focus on things that truly add value to my mental peace. So I prepared a long list of activities that I wished to do during the time-off and further segregated it into two columns: 1) Activities that bring joy to my present-self; 2) Activities that will reward my future self. Each day I added 5 tasks to the first column and 2 tasks to the second column. And fitting myself into a routine even on days when I don’t have to report into someone really did wonders for me.

– Ayushi Jain, Assistant Marketing Manager 

Checking up on the community that binds us together

Covid 19 lockdown and social distancing has created a sense of isolation from our colleagues and the society. Many of us feel alienated from the people around us. I realized I was missing talking to my colleague, friend and my supercharger Anuja. Unplugging from the work seemed no less than a god-sent blessing and my microstep was to visit her on my evening walks and gossip with her standing on opposite sides of the gate maintaining a physical distance. This is what really filled my heart with joy and provided me with the much-needed feeling of togetherness.

Shruti Chandra, Research Associate & Coordinator (FPM)

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