4 Employee Engagement Aspects To Look Out For

Human Resources is and will continue to be the most important function of any organization. While all other assets of an organization are replaceable, Human Resources add to the sustainable competitive advantage of the organization. To keep such valuable assets engaged, it’s important for both senior management and young HR managers to understand the issues that impact their engagement, not just that also plan to adapt to some of them to best motivate their employees. 

2019 is almost over and the world of work is now gearing up for another year. In 2020, HR will no longer be just plain human resources. Instead, our experts say that there are a few employee engagement aspects that the HR managers need to look out to surely make 2020 a year of HR Tech. Intrigued? Let’s get right into them. 

1. From tech-enabled to AI-enabled

It isn’t an exaggeration if we say, AI has crept into almost every aspect of the touchpoints in our lives. Similarly, AI is going to dominate a lot of the interactions at work as well, that’s why we think in the coming year, chatbots will provide a human-like interface that will balance between Tech & Touch and offer a more dynamic as well as convenient support to expected employees. 

2. Workplace Loneliness

We spend half of our awake time at work, therefore it becomes a necessity to have sustainable working relationships and collegial friendships at work. For the first time, the world will have 4 generations, multiple genders and races and differently-abled employees in the workforce. With such diversity at workplace, HR will need to drive inclusive mindsets and leadership ability in order to enable this shift.

3. Office Culture and Environment

Happy workplaces bring out the best of its people. Also, most of the times, a key retention factor for employees is the workplace environment and office culture. This is why HR managers need to collaborate with CEO and managerial authorities to articulate and drive the culture change that will ensure the relevance of focus, strategy, and capability across the organization.

4. Parental Leaves

Millennials are becoming parents and nothing’s more important to them than a good work-life balance. Their life outside work is as important as living in the workplace. Good organizations are trying their best to help them achieve that. By implementing leave policies allowing the employers to attend to their parental duties as well as spend time with their kids, organizations are moving towards building empathetic and These new-age employees look for jobs that can help them achieve that. 

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