5 Business Lessons from Baahubali: The Beginning

Why did Kattapa kill Baahubali? This is the question that’s been irking the cinemagoers after the phenomenal success of the first part. Baahubali: The Conclusion will surely satiate that curiosity. For MBA aspirants, entrepreneurs and anybody with interest in business management, however, it’s worth knowing that there’s more to the first chapter than meets the eye—and don’t we all love what meets the eye?

Below are 5 commandments from Baahubali: The Beginning that when efficiently followed will refine your business acumen and keep you sure and confident, no matter the odds or the competition.

  1. Thou shall research, and then some

Reel Life: After finding out that a spy has stolen the military secrets of the Mahishmati kingdom, Sivagami (Raj Mata) sends both the princes—Baahubali & Bhallala—to catch him and extract valuable information on possible threats.

Real Life: An integral aspect of any business venture is extensive research, be it about target customers, marketplace trends, production processes or financial practices. This can help you predict trends, spot opportunities and avoid potential problems.

  1. Thou shall strategise smartly and prepare proactively

Reel Life: To oust Kalakeya from the kingdom, Mahishmati’s core leadership comes up with a sound game plan backed by effective strategies. From checking out all possible means to make a foray into the enemy camp to deploying all available resources, the leaders make their way into the battle field prepared and confident.

Real Life: In the business world, the importance of setting lucid goals and preparing for contingencies can’t be stressed enough. It’s only when your employees make rational decisions and come up with pragmatic strategies do they nurture excellence.

  1. Thou shall use thy resources creatively

Reel Life: Partial towards his son, Bijjala Deva provides Bhalla Deva with the best weapons, while Baahubali is given inefficient second-grade weapons. Considering this an opportunity to innovate and improvise, he devises a way to use an oil-drenched cloth to set his enemies ablaze.

Real Life: In any business venture, especially in its nascent stage, there will always be the dearth of resources. But a leader should always take this opportunity to come up with innovative solutions and creative strategies to gain an upper-hand against the competitors.

  1. Thou shall inspire

Reel Life: Seeing Kalakeya’s army invade their territory, Mahishmati’s army loses all hope of victory and begins chanting about death. It is then that Baahubali rises to the occasion to use his motivational skills to encourage his comrades to never give up and give their best.

Real Life: It’s only when employees start losing morale or motivation at the workplace that a necessity for a true leader emerges; a leader who will not only stand steadfast with them but will also resuscitate their impetus and inspire them with an example.

  1. Thou shall not allow ambition cloud compassion

Reel Life: During the war, Kalakeya holds the innocent citizens of Mahishmati as a defence against the incoming attack. Bhalla Deva, blinded by his thirst to kill Kalakeya and become the king, remorselessly rampages through the citizens and kills a lot of them. Unlike Bhalla Deva, Baahubali first secures his innocent people before proceeding to attack Kalakeya.

Real Life: Instead of just focusing on acquiring market shares and winning over the competition, any business venture should first concentrate on the well-being of its stakeholders—a big part of which are its employees and workers. A leader should always remember that care and compassion are as integral to a company’s growth as ambition and vigour.

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