5 Effective Ways To Master The Art Of Public Speaking

Do you try to avoid eye contact with people who are up on the stage who are looking out for more to join them? Do you feel nervous when someone invites you to come on the stage and share your story? If you can connect your fears of being on stage with the above two statements, then my friend pounding heart pulse and butterflies in stomach are what you must be feeling right now.

As it is true that your voice is the most effective tool when it comes to speaking in front of many, it is equally important to have the right attitude and tone while delivering your message. Be it students or grown-up professionals- speech anxiety is something that is common to see in people. Where most of the parents spend a hefty amount of money on ensuring their child’s academic excellence, very few come forward and think in the direction of honing appropriate public-speaking skills.

In today’s competitive world, your success majorly depends on the way you communicate with others and deliver your thoughts in front of people. You can easily influence people and add them to your network by indulging the art of public speaking. With these six quick-to-adopt ways students can learn to be confident with their voice and palpate new opportunities for them.

1.Get Familiar With Audience

Being a student of MBA, it is obvious that you’ve to face your fellow classmates, teachers and some guests for class presentations and projects. Thus, setting a tone that sounds respectful to the audience is a must for you. As most of the people are connected to educational background, be sure that you address every faculty in the right manner. Learn the basics of your project nicely and prepare a layout of delivering the information to establish a rapport with your audience.

2. Do Your Homework Before Stepping-in

Always prepare your speech thoroughly as if people are blank and the talk you going to deliver is a totally new concept for them. It happens mostly that we keep on reading the same material, and neglect the need of adding more to our current draft. What is important to understand is- every person has a different mindset and thus, it is quite helpful to prepare yourself from each angle. Widening your perspective earlier can save you from “lack in knowledge” feel and help you to be confident all the time.

3. Keep Engaging With Your Listeners

Don’t talk to them just for the sake of talking instead, try to engage with them as much as your self allows. While it is important to maintain eye contact with your audience, presenting facts, statistics, humour and your own personal experience in between the talking help listeners to feel connected. Try to start your speech discussing some common issues or, asking questions that are relevant to your talk. The basic funda is to keep them engaged and make them feel that your voice worth their time.

4. Remind Yourself of Timely Practice

Practice makes everyone perfect and everything better – this is what you need to tell your speech-anxiety every single day. Sometimes, discussing on normal topics in your classroom is all you need to restore the faith. It might possible that you’re very good at delivering the message just need to do the same with the mirror before stepping on the stage. Try to present your speech in front of friends and ask them to give honest feedback. This can also help you to eradicate silly mistakes and add meaningful talks.

5. Remember, Appearance Talks As Well

The way you dress also impacts a lot and automatically enhance your confidence level. It is even proven that individuals who are dressed properly feel more confident than those who are uncomfortable with their apparels. Focus on your looks as much as you focus on your message as the audience normally listen seriously to those who are both, confident in tone and comfortable with appearance.

Delivering your message, experience and story is a way to connect with society more and feel less frustrated with things. That’s why you need to master this art of controlling your emotions and balance your nervousness with excitement. Being a student, learning the art of public speaking not only adds extra marks to their projects, but also help them to embrace new opportunities.

Feeling quite confident with speaking in public or, still floating in the doubts cloud? Whatever you’re feeling right now, share with us in comments. We are waiting to hear your stories!