5 Effective Ways to Overcome the Fear of Speaking in Public

  • Try, Try and Try Again!

Yes, you read it right. In order to excel in something in which you are weak, you have to firstly learn to face the music. This means that you should be the first one to sign up for events that allow you to express yourself. These baby steps will infuse confidence in you which  will allow you to evolve from a shy individual to a confident and expressive public speaker.

  • Prepare Ahead of Time

Being organised especially when you feel jittery even at the thought of going on stage to face the crowd can keep you motivated and confident. Right from understanding the schedule beforehand in order to know the time when your turn is to be expected, duration  of your speech among other information related to the event or presentation will help you remain composed on the day of your presentation.

  • Practice Makes You Perfect

Rehearsing your speech in front of a friend, family member who you feel will be the best critic for you is one of the effective ways to understand where exactly you are going wrong. This helps to work on that weakness accordingly before the presentation. If you don’t have an honest critic, just practice your speech in front of a mirror in order to easily access and revise your confidence, body posture,body language while you speak. This technique is one of the most recommended ones and thus can never go wrong for you.

  • Avoid Thinking A Lot About Your Speech

A presentation indeed involves you speaking effortlessly on the topic which is allotted to you or which you may have chosen according to your interest however, there are also things besides your speech which need your undivided attention as well. For instance,you also have to look confident in order to feel confident in front of the audience, and for that, you have to work on your outfit as well.Choose your outfit wisely according to the theme of the occasion. This will allow you to divert your attention to a slightly fun aspect of giving a presentation, which in turn, will help you feel bright and cheerful when you walk on the stage to speak.

  • Be Positive

Just focus on the positives when you are about to deliver your speech. This will provide you with the confidence as well as a presence of mind to help you handle all the unforeseen situations which may happen during your presentation (ex. mic stops working, you forgetting your words among others). Positivity will allow you to keep cool,which will allow you to think straight even in these situations due to which you will be able to improvise your words according to the ambience and thus, the key to deliver a good speech is just to keep calm and keep going. Trust that you are the best.

  • Learn From The People Who Know-It-All

Find yourself an inspiration, i.e. any imminent leader who you feel is a confident speaker,who is eloquent with his words. Once done, you will feel as if you have won half the battle. This is because, now all you have to do is to just follow him/her, browse through his speeches, observe his/her body language, understand how he/she keeps his composure even when s/he may be feeling jittery and then, you will be all ready to face the audience in order to give a power-packed speech or presentation.

As they say, it is all in the mind, so why not feed the mind with positivity and faith that you can do it? All the best!

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