5 Must-Follow Tips To Ace Campus Placement

Dear Racers! 

The most crucial time of your two-year MBA journey is about to appear; from September onwards the race to bag a campus placement will begin. Undoubtedly, working in a reputed company by crossing the ladder of opportunities provided at college during placement is a desire that every graduate has in mind. So, why not make the best out of the opportunities you’ll have. 

Students might wonder that even when the interview process is similar and open for everyone, why only a few from the batch land to a job that fulfils the purpose of pursuing an MBA fittingly. The reason behind this is simple – those few students are aware of the tricks & tips to tackle the interview process. Don’t worry! We’ve got all the smart thinking interview tips covered for you in this write-up. So just scroll down and read to step ahead for a bright future. 

1. Appear only when you’ve done the research well

It is obvious that interviewers are more likely to hire candidates who have better knowledge about the company and are aware of its market presence. Candidates who haven’t invested their time in learning about the company are the bunch of students interviewers are least interested in. So, why not appear in an interview with full preparation and research! 

What to read about? Read up on the company’s history, culture, values, future goals, mission and vision, financial standing, etc.

What research portrays about you? It gives an idea to the interviewer that you’re highly interested in this job role. It also shows that you’re a keen researcher who never likes to go with empty hands. 

2. Spy on for company’s selection process

Always check for sources from where you can get first-hand information about the selection process and prepare accordingly. Knowing about the process prior to sitting in the interview gives you confidence and make the experience smooth.  

Where to connect? Check about the company’s interview process on different portals online. Glassdoor is one of the easiest and safest platform to grab information from where employees and ex-employees post reviews. 

3. Dive deep into current affairs ocean

If not all current affairs, then at least update yourself with ones that impact the company you’re interviewing for. The interviewer will not directly ask you about a current affair. The reason to keep yourself update with the news is that you can use them in your answers and indirectly show the interviewer that you have got a good sense of what’s happening out there in the world.  

What to dive deep for? If you’re appearing for a marketing sector job, then have your eye on all the latest trends, company takeovers, finance and stock updates etc. 

4. Highlight your skillsets

Always focus on bringing your core competencies to light during the selection process. You stand a better chance of being preferred in a campus placement drive if your skill sets match the job portfolio well. 

How to do this highlight thing? Give the JD a thorough read and analyse what’s your strengths and bring it to the discussion table with full potential. 

5. Brush up your communication skills

Not to deny… whether you want it or not, communication will take place in the interview and you have to be at the top of this game. Write down a short yet interesting introduction about yourself, think about your next 5 years goal, and revise your experiences, volunteer opportunities, strengths, weaknesses etc. 

Too lazy to give it a chance? We all are same. But, you’ve to get ahead of this similar zone so to grab a lucrative high-paying job. You can try to practice introducing yourself in a mirror, read some books and newspaper (daily), watch some English series with your eyes mainly on the subtitles. 

The practising thing can never end and you can always learn and get better at things. But, ticking these tips off your “Interview Prep.” checklist can surely help you to ace campus placement like a pro.