5 tips for more mindfulness in life

Mindfulness is being aware. It’s noticing and paying attention to thoughts, feelings, behavior, and everything else. Mindfulness can be practised at any time, wherever we are, whoever we are with, and whatever we are doing, by showing up and being fully engaged in the here and now. It is an art of living in the present without making any judgements and helps us keep distractions aside. Here are 7 tips on how you can be more mindful in life.

  1. Be in present: One of the challenges we face nowadays is that we don’t pay attention to what we are doing in the moment and we tend to think about other things. This keeps your mind traveling from thoughts after thoughts, for instance, while trying to wash the dishes or while waiting somewhere in traffic or a cue. We do not pay attention to what we are doing. Instead we just keep thinking during the task and never pay attention to what we just did. That’s where we have to be mindful. Even when you are doing the most boring things of the day you have to be present in the moment be it polishing your shoes, washing clothes, brushing teeths, reading textbooks, working on projects in company, exercising etc. You have to be mindful of what you are doing.
  2. Start right after your bed: We should start practicing mindfulness right after we wake up in the morning. What we usually do is we just wake up. Feels dozed off. And instead of being mindful. Either we pick up our phones and start looking for texts and emails. Or else we just turn on music or TV. These are the distractions we had. To make it a habit of being mindful every moment we have to practice right after we wake up. Take your cup of tea or coffee. Smell the aroma of tea, see how the sun rises and the bright colors of sky, listen to the sounds in your surroundings. Use your senses to feel the moment. This will set the tone for the day.
  3. Come back without judgement: We all get a lot of time in the day when we have nothing to do. Our brain starts wandering from one thought to another. We shouldn’t try to restrict our thoughts. Let them flow wherever they want to. It is a sign of a healthy brain. But once we get back from the thoughts we should be non judgemental about anything we thought. That’s what is more important.
  4. Start small: So as we now know what mindfulness is we should practice it in a small portion of time. We can start practicing mindfulness in small sessions of 15 to 20 mins. But if you find it difficult to keep yourself focused for this much of time. Then you can even start as little as 2 minutes of mindfulness. But practice it several times a day. This will help you build the habit of being mindful most of the time.
  5. Meditation is the way: Meditation teaches you how to zero in your thoughts and become thoughtless. It is something which helps to stay more focused in one’s life. It also helps you be more mindful in life. So to cultivate mindfulness in everyday life formally train yourself in meditation.