6 Life Fulfilling Reasons To Choose To Educate The Future Generations

While being an educator in today’s world requires one to do much more than teaching, what hasn’t changed is that education remains the best hope to brighten the future of many young lives. No wonder then that education has been considered, and will continue to be considered as one of the noblest professions mankind could indulge in. 

So in anticipation of this year’s Teacher’s Day celebration we asked our FIIB Faculty to share what inspired them to take up and stay involved in this noble profession of imparting education to the future generations?

Let’s hear out what they had to share.

1.A way to be a lifelong learner

Teaching is more than just a job. Most people work and earn to live but the rewarding nature of this noble profession leads to job satisfaction unmatched by most professions,” says Dr. Ekta Singhal who works as an Assistant Professor (Marketing & Entrepreneurship) at FIIB. According to her this profession has enabled her to be a lifelong learner, giving an opportunity to constantly learn and unlearn new things and bring the same experience to her Entrepreneurship classes.

2.A way to be creative & innovative

Teaching involves interacting with young minds which is a great learning experience in itself. It helps me to be creative and innovative all the time, brimming with new concepts and ideas,” says Dr. Purnima Rao, Associate Professor-Finance. In her opinion, to be an educator is more like an ongoing continuum with an exploratory trajectory and with every step new learning is imbibed. So, teaching as a profession for her is passion, learning and discovering oneself with each passing day. 

3.A way to sculpture many young careers

Frankly, when I joined teaching from the corporate, it was more because I felt I could express my ideas well in a classroom. As I spent more and more time, I got to like teaching, in the fact that we can sculpt young minds, in the fact that they want to keep in touch as they grow in their professions,” says Dr. Sangeeta Chopra, Area Chair – HR & OB.

She also added that with time, she started enjoying teaching and took it as her highest responsibility. She genuinely feels it’s her duty to offer students much more than they expect and to engage them effectively. 

As an educator, her fondest desire is that students remember and understand what she teaches them, and are able to recall and apply the same practically- that is how it should be etched in their mind. 

4.A way to add excitement to life

I was an ace coder during my college time and in my job too. And then I decided to become a teacher; I’ve enjoyed teaching as a profession, much more than my previous ones,” says Prof. Prashant Verma, Area Chair – Business Analytics. He further said that he enjoys the same excitement and enthusiasm while teaching as he used to enjoy during his college times as a student. Teaching to him indeed is a way to feel elevated in life.

5.A feel of internal satisfaction

“I decided to be a teacher because I enjoy imparting knowledge to future generations. It gives me immense pleasure and internal satisfaction,” says Prof. Rajni Joshi, Assistant Professor – Finance. She feels more energetic and happier after delivering a lecture, and to her, life seems complete with this profession. 

6.A way to elevate self-growth while helping others grow

Teaching came my way and I think it pulled me in rather than me running after it. Now after almost 12 years into teaching and training, I know this is the right place for me,” says Prof. Shuchi Dixit, Assistant Professor – HR. As a teacher, she strives to engage, challenge and inspire growth in her students. She thinks that every student has unique set of skills which makes them capable of reaching their fullest potential. 

She further added, “The difference we can make as an educator in the life of another person is immense and you can see that change happening right in front of you. And this change happens on both sides. I hold myself to the same standards that I hold my students. That is, I strive to become a skilled thinker and learner, and I believe that this process is a life-long one.

There’s no profession as dedicating and as fulfilling as the profession of being a teacher. We wholeheartedly salute our teacher community for their contribution in shaping the lives of many young leader-managers year after year, and making them capable of handling the real world challenges.