7 Things One Must Do in an Internship

Want your internship to be a memorable one? Everyone likes to give their best during the internship. I also tried that and was successful to an extent. Here I summarise my journey of becoming a desired intern by sharing 7 put into practise actions that can help all FIIB’ students. My journey started with Coca-Cola India Private Limited, Gurgaon on 16th April, 2013.

1. Be yourself, yet get noticed.

To be accepted by people the way you are, you need to walk the talk. I try to start this process by dressing up for the occasion. As an FIIBian, dressing up professionally is a religion that we preach and practice. As a part of my personality and a gift by nature, my hair needs special attention to get that professional look. This look also becomes talk of the town that in turn helped me in getting noticed. Once you get to someone’s attention, talks spontaneously start. One of my senior’s at workplace, who noticed started with a complement and ended up discussing at length the future prospects of a brand and my chances of growth. Dressing up helps us getting noticed but the way we present, talk, understand and acknowledge creates an impact that helps management students getting placed.

2. Read& Research

Most interns encounter a gap between the work they’re doing and what they learnt in their courses. Unlike class assignments, research questions are open-ended. Get down to the market; be it marketing, HR, finance or logistics. You cannot get a real insight of the industry unless you get hands on experience. Interns must learn to work independently as the company mentors are generally busy people and cannot give ample amount of time always. If you have any problem/doubt, first try to search for the answer by yourself. The advantage of seeking answers on your own help you get some extra facts and new ideas, which when shared shall help you get the tag of being innovative. Innovation is mother of invention.

3.      Be professionally social

Know the people you’d most like to meet and spend time with, or those who hold a key position in the organization and then reach out to them personally. Follow their interactions and seek opportunities to learn from. Stay in touch as out of sight goes out of mind. Appreciate and Participate only at relevant places. Ensure that learning is the motive and not getting noticed.

4. Write a blog /post

Reading might be a routine, but writing is passionate thinking and compassionate expressions. Write about something that inspired you, how to solve a problem, or write an article about your internship/your mentor and what you have learnt about the industry. If you want to publish it, blog is always the best option. After completing the internship and finalising the blog, you may want to share the link with the corporate mentor to build upon professional acquaintances.

5.      Collect business cards and use Professional Pathway like LinkedIn to connect with colleagues

Always ask each person you meet for his/her card- and then, do connect with them on LinkedIn. Always ask for a recommendation for your work and update in on your profile. As some companies use social media to verify our credentials and social stand. This helps us in validating our skills and increases our brand value.

6.      Maintain proxemics at all times.

Everyone asks, “Where are you from?” and “How long have you been working?”. Better questions, like “What are you most passionate about?” and “How has your journey in this organization been so far?” gets people talking about something they really care about, and helps form a more meaningful relationship faster. When you ask these questions, listen well, and be genuinely interested. Make the most of your time and theirs. This will definitely make a difference for you. Ensure that at any time, you never breach an individual’s privacy.

7.       Be Humble and Show Gratitude.

Last but not the least, send a handwritten note /email thanking your boss/mentor for the experience and opportunity to work with them. It’ll leave them with positive thoughts about you and your college and gives you the opportunity to get a recommendation later.

The internship may lead to a job, but focus should be on learning. Getting an internship also has a lot to do with luck: being in the right place at the right time. You need to ensure that you put yourself in a position to get lucky by attending networking events. You never know when the right opportunity knocks on the door.

To sum it all, job is a need however, being a good colleague is a mandate and following the right corporate practices is our religion. So ‘I promise’ to preach and practice the right corporate practices for a good corporate governance at all times.

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