7 Tips on how to choose the right Executive Development Program

Executive Development Programs are one of the best ways to upskill yourselves, particularly when you are advancing your career. These programs not just act as catalysts to your career growth but also act as networking platforms where you meet like-minded people from different sectors. So, how do you choose the right Executive Development Programs for yourself? While it all starts from sketching out your career paths and understanding what skills do you want to learn/upgrade, here are 7 Tips to help you make a better choice yourself:

Choose the right leadership development program for the current stage of your career. There will be different professional development needs for every stage of your career: You have to understand that all programs are not the best fits for you. You have to figure out which one is best suited for the position and field you work on. EDP for a manager is different from the EDP designed for entry-level Executive. So choose wisely.

Search for a flexible design: One you get on there is very little to no time to go for such programs. Hence, it is necessary for the program to be flexible in nature so that you can get most out of it at your comfort. It can be a mix of on-campus modules with distance learning or it could be a short and fast-paced program. Whatever suits you just choose the one.

Seek out executive development programs that encourage engaging learning: A good EDP is more practical than theoretical. It should be a well-organized course. It should give you a hands-on experience on your specific projects.

Select an executive training program that will give you immediate and ongoing value: Select an EDP which gives you immediate results. It should enable you to apply newly acquired skills and knowledge straight away. It should also take out the hidden leader in you.

Ranks of B Schools Offering Executive Education: One of the best ways to choose a good Executive Development Program is by looking at and comparing the ranks of these programs. There are magazines and other organizations that yearly assess the quality of education you can get from different B-Schools/

Location: stay local or go international? : It will always be good to choose an EDP which is happening nearby your place. But many times some special courses are only available at specific B-Schools. Or you may have different plans with the certificate you acquire. So one can always opt according to his/her needs. Whether to go abroad or within the country.

Will the teaching faculty add value to your career? : A very crucial point is who is going to be your teaching faculty. If you do not connect throughout the sessions or if he/she isn’t able to solve your messy problems. Then it might be a wrong decision to go for. Always do a bit of research about the faculty and their biography. This will help you have an impression of who you will allow to help you.