8 Study-Life Balance Tips For MBA Students

Balancing is pure art; it is very important to achieve a comfortable balance between things at every phase of life. While it is true that balancing helps us to stay away from distractions and frustrations, it is also valid that it leads us to live a happier and healthier life. According to experts, the world’s most renowned people of today were the most-balanced students of college back in the time which means that people who touch heights in their career are habitual to the art of balancing.

MBA students who are about to join their business school should unleash the art of balancing as the freshman year could be daunting in the start. The hours they used to spend unwinding are now needed to invest in understanding the curriculum and fulfilling course requirements. While students get too busy in adapting all the changes business school bring to them, self-care is the belonging that mostly stays unnoticed.

Make sure that you always stay confident during your business school and never feel under pressure or frustrated while dealing with strict deadline assignments, group projects and final exams. Here are eight proven tips that help you to maintain a better balance between your MBA and personal life.

1.Create a Schedule and Follow Regularly

Figure out whether you’re a night owl or early bird and write down the time you can devote to study. Keep track of your routine for one week and prioritize things that direct you towards future career success. Make a proper schedule out of the records and follow it regularly to avoid stress later.

2. Find Time to Exercise

Studying in a business school simply means that you have to attend late-night classes and mark your presence in early morning routine classes. The strict class-schedule make it difficult for students to find time to exercise. But, always try to boost your hectic days by doing regular cardiovascular exercise that improves your memory and helps you gain effective results.

3. Get Proper Sleep

Where it is common for students to binge-watching whole night and get ready for morning classes, losing your sleep every night is something that can cost you your health. Add a slot for enough sleep while creating your schedule. Prefer timely sleep overpower napping to stay well-rested throughout the day.

4. Search for a Study Place

While studying in a group is quite a trend to follow, designating a separate area at home or campus for the study is a trick that can reward you peace as well as knowledge. Set aside a quiet place to study- be it a library, or a corner room at your home- to increase your concentration level and neglect other works.

5. Plan Your Free Time Smartly

No matter how much lectures you’ve to attend or projects and assignments you’ve to finish, you always get blocks of free time to refresh yourself. The long array of classes, group projects, assignments, seminars, workshops and other activities somehow make students feel irritated. The best way to not feel deprived is to have some ‘me-time’ and spend time with friends & family. Divide & cherish is one great way to stay happy.

6. Carve Out for Meditation

Following strict routines and deadlines effects your productivity and make you feel numb. In such a case, meditation is the only practice that moderate your negative thoughts and make you feel fresh and efficient again. It is a powerful means of stress reduction & mental focus.

7. Learn The Skill of Delegating

Pursuing an MBA is no different than managing corporate life, so it’s better to indulge some entrepreneurial skills and practice them right from your college. Delegating tasks is an essential skill that almost every professional take use of while trying to cope up with workloads. Think like an executive, assign your tasks to the right people in group projects and find more time to explore more things.

8. Consume Rich Diet Daily

Consuming a healthy diet is one of the easiest ways to feel happy, stay calm and keep track of things. Plan and consume mix supplements in your diet that helps you to stay active even when you study over time. Being a student, it is also good to eat lots of omega-3 fatty acids as it eases the mental strain.

The habits that students inherit during college are most likely to stay with them for a lifetime. And thus, it is very important for MBA students to have control over their life and follow a routine that consists of balanced habits.