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  • Working From Home? A Challenge But A Lifelong Learning Experience Too!

    My name is Akash Mathews, and I am the 2020 Content Marketing Sumtern (Summer Intern) at Thrive Global. During my time here, I’ve experienced lots of things in terms of planning, research, strategy, marketing and whatnot. But the  most unique experience of it all has been – ‘working from home’ that too as an Intern! …

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  • Learning Is Unstoppable, No Matter What The Situation Is

    “An unexpected shift from my Corporate Internship to Virtual Internship has given me the much-needed chances to explore my inner potential and provided me with corporate experiences that I might not have experienced as an intern physically.” – Ananya Snehi, Second-year student – FIIB As a FIIB racer, I have not only learnt how to …

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  • Learn, Unlearn, Focus and Grow!

    Some people want to just finish their working hours and some people believe in finishing their work meaningfully, learning from it and performing even better than they did the last time. Sameep Singh is of the second kind. Let us hear more from him on his believes and professional calling. On asking him to share …

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  • Fending The Usual, Letting In The Unique!

    Falling into the pattern decided by a crowd is the easiest way out in this world, but breaking away from the crowd and walking your own path brings in challenges and thrill. That thrill fuels one in walking ahead and securing an identity of own! On asking how his journey was in FIIB, he said… …

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  • Professionalism Personified In Noteworthy Ways!

    Anyone can do a job but not all can exude professionalism. With utmost integrity, self belief, discipline and a rock solid dedication to work, Pritiman Sarkar takes us on a journey which has been fair to him because he maintained the dignity of being a professional. Let’s read! The journey begins “The experience of learning …

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  • Consistency is key to Become an Effective Remote Learner

    “Having a consistent routine might seem like sucking the spontaneity out of life for many. But, in reality, having a routine simply means forming a bunch of new habits that helps you improve yourself and discover your true potential. It by no means stops you from leaving space for some unexplored activities that can further …

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  • Become a Better Distance Learner to Make The Most Out of Online Learning

    “To prepare yourself for unseen future challenges and ensure continuity of your learning, you need to constantly reinvent yourself and master the hack of handling distance learning that’ll allow you to continue your education from home.” – Akshay Dogra, Batch 2020 – 22 Just like any other college student, entering my MBA education, even in …

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  • Convert Your (Increased) Work Responsibilities Into Opportunities!

    The corporate world changes with every passing day. With one blink of an eye, the entire decision-making process takes a new direction and comes out with surprises that have several layers to it. In such a storm of fast decisions and delegation of job responsibilities, it becomes very crucial for the employees to increase their …

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  • Blended Learning and Blended Teaching: The New Normal of the Education World

    2020 so far has indeed been a revolutionary year in the world of education. A year where higher education entities are going deeper into the teach-from-home model to ensure uninterruptible learning for its students amid pandemic crisis. And, of course a year that has also opened new doors of learning for educators themselves who are …

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  • Community Resilience is the Key to the Future. Here’s how FIIB is Unlocking it during the Time of Crisis!

    The global crisis has dramatically changed the way higher education space has operated in the last few months. While gearing up for an online learning edu-force hasn’t been the easiest of the paths, going back to the fundamentals and creating a sense of community is what led FIIB to positively cater to the needs of …

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