“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.” ― Aristotle
As human beings it is in our nature to slip into multiple roles seamlessly. Look at us, in college we are gurus, outside we are that friend who knows everything, at home we are parents to our children, children to our parents & spouses to our loved ones. Can you imagine the pressure we live & work in? We have to follow a certain lifestyle, a pattern of living, be that inspirational role model & yet live happily ever after. The shackles that bind us as teachers have to be made a part of our daily life and we do it with honour and passion & more often than not, very easily. That which we call shackles, no longer seem so, they become the wreaths of love that are bestowed on us by those who look up to us.
That’s how a teacher spends each day, living up to the expectations of his/her students & doing the extra bit to prod the child to perform better. Sometimes we disappoint them, but the times we don’t, those are our moments of triumph. And, we do it all with panache, or at least we are expected to!
There are days when it all seems so overwhelming that all we want to do, is to let our hair down, loosen those cuff links & sway with the zephyr. This Teachers Day was one such day when we got a chance to do just that – hide away the books, put our feet up, lean back in a couch and watch an awe-inspiring movie. Take a guess…of course it was Tare Zameen Par, what better movie than that which helped us relook the relationships we foster with our students. Prior to that, our students had made the day equally special by cutting a yummy cake in our honour. It was a day to remember & cherish till we see it again in another year.
Then it shall be a new set of students, a new set of friends & of course a whole new perspective to us as teachers.
By that I mean, the dynamic nature of teaching as a profession. For all its glory & the old-world charm, it too is evolving. The way we teach, the way we share & of course the way we deal with our students – all are changing at the speed of if not light then posts on our Facebook. Gone are the days when we needed to handle students. Now it’s a two-way street, love them and they love you back, respect them & they respond, holler them & they are gone.
So to all the teachers who felt special on that one day, let’s say our hosannas for more such days, not of being laidback, but surely for those loaded with love & laughter.

That’s us watching the movie in FIIB Audi…