A dash of optimism with the bash of determination. This is Navneet Diwaker for you.

The corporate world is a tricky place to be in, one wrong move and all of one’s efforts can go down to the dust. It therefore requires everlasting smart work, dedicated focus on the outcomes and some practical doses of optimism to sail through the harshest of the tides.

Let us know more about Navneet and about his journey so far in the corporate world.

His journey with FIIB 

“I got admission in FIIB on a scholarship and I was from a science background. It was altogether a new world for me as I came from a small town in MP. My classmates were from different states,  cultural backgrounds, lifestyle and eating habits. The faculty was top class with a rich educational and corporate background.”

His fondest memories of FIIB 

“My fondest memory is of the campus itself. Me and my batchmates used to call our campus mini Switzerland. It was lush green, we used to play cricket matches and used to grab tasty bites from the ‘Chachu’s canteen’. I also often fondly recollect the memories of working till midnight, and the last day project report completion and submissions with my group members.” 

The journey afterwards

“I graduated from FIIB during the times of market recession. I was unsure, also scared, that I will not get a job. During my PGDM, I used to visualize myself as the MD of an MNC but the ground reality was quite different. 

My first job was as an Area Manager with a FMCG Company, Victoria Foods Pvt Ltd. I was assigned to Mumbai so I relocated there. After one year I joined a Logistic Company as a Territory Manager to handle Corporate Sales in the South Mumbai region. I served there for 2 years and also got a promotion. Time flew and I worked in the best organizations and in the best of job profiles and designations. 

Fast forward to today, I have started my own venture in HR as a Corporate Placement Consultant. Today I run multiple businesses and apart from the consultancy, I also run a co-sharing workspace place. I am also exploring the possibility of expanding this new venture in multi locations. Maybe this is what we were trained well for in FIIB, to become entrepreneurs and finally getting connected to the purpose of pursuing management studies.”

Challenges faced in the beginning of his corporate journey

“My communication skills were still developing, I was seeking clarity on corporate culture, I  faced geographical problems in Mumbai and due to global recession and lack of job availability, companies were preferring experienced candidates.

During all this,  I was optimistic and moreover I did not have a choice but to perform. I constantly developed my communication skills, enhanced my domain knowledge and walked extra miles to deliver the desired output to my organization.”  

His management style is graceful and something which we all prefer to have.

“Earlier I used to have an autocratic style of leadership. I was upfront and bold. Now my style is a little diplomatic. I don’t believe in output orientation, I believe in systems and processes. I follow the basics of business with continuous innovation. Gone are the days of bossing around. Now you have to be employee friendly.”

To wrap up the interaction, he came up with some suggestions for the FIIB students who are on the path to become future corporate leaders.

“Enhance your domain knowledge. Become tech-friendly. Forget your past failures. Become data centric. Don’t get impressed with personalities. Always do the WHY analysis – whenever things are not working out – ask ‘why’ 5 times to yourself and you will realize that something is missing that you require to overcome in order to get what you want.”

It was quite an inspirational experience to hear Navneet’s story. FIIB wishes him the best for his future endeavours! 

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