“A Good Learner Is The One Who Wants To Learn” Says Abhimanyu

Please share your experience with FIIB

“My experience with FIIB was fantastic. I am from the 2005-07 batch hence I got the opportunity to spend my first year in Bijwasan Campus and approximately one year in Vasant Gaon campus. I had the feeler of both the places. The old campus was greener and I made really good memories with the friends that I made there for life. The new campus was equally beautiful and a new experience. I am till date happy and grateful to have met such impactful and positive human beings as my faculty and it was because of the faculty only that I had joined FIIB. The experienced and methodical faculty helped me a lot in dealing with the early corporate life challenges. Wherever I am today, it is purely because of FIIB. It played a major role in my life.”

How was your journey after your time in FIIB?

“Almost everyone struggles a lot in the initial stages of work life. But it was because of the work, dedication and teaching method of the FIIB faculty that almost all the students from my batch are in reputed places today. The transition from a student life to a corporate personality requires one to be punctual with everything and yes with time and some obvious lessons, I am where I am today” 

Would you like to give any suggestions to the FIIB students? 

“Be thoughtful and think deeply before taking any decision. You anyways will face a lot of challenges as a part and parcel of the work life. At FIIB you will get ample knowledge of what has happened in the past and about the current situation but in the future you will learn mainly through your own experiences. The more you will deal with people and will keep calm in times of crisis, the more you will go ahead. Stress management is crucial for each one of us and the first step to keep yourself away from stress is to have full knowledge of what you are doing today and not try to blindly move ahead in life.”

Highly motivating words from Mr. Abhimanyu that we all must follow in life to be successful. If you want to share your story, please send it at: alumni@fiib.edu.in