A letter for freshers to take on their MBA journey at FIIB

Dear Freshers,

The first week of knowing each other better and engaging with RACERS community is almost over, and you’ve successfully created some bonds in between this orientation day buzz that will going to be with you for a lifetime. And, now (the second week) is all about foundation program; diving deep in the world of MBA with your faculties, seniors and alumni who will guide you with the facts and myths everybody has for this two-year long program. But, overall, the sessions you have with them are mostly to help you manage the extra requirements that go along with a rigorous graduate program.

All these sessions will help you to survive the first semester at FIIB and happily gear you up for the upcoming ones. After all, starting right from the curriculum can be grueling to you, and we don’t want you to feel ‘tired with MBA stuff’ before actually looking at your group projects and assignments (pun intended.) However, we always come up with new ideas to make your MBA as fun and experiential as possible so that you don’t have to regret anything later. But, in order to null this feeling of regret, we want you to actively participate/attend all the activities/guest lectures/seminars happens at FIIB in the near future. Always remember – unleashing great skills and moments of joy can be achieved better with the support of everyone.

As you’re about to start with your foundation program, we think of making you familiar with some new terms/faces/schedules that are going to play a major role in your MBA journey. So, let’s start with all of them one-by-one.

FIIB Dictionary

While studying at FIIB, you will hear these terms often and that’s why it is important for you to have a proper insight over them. Here I shared six lingo terms with you that will help you throughout your time at FIIB.

Courses During Foundation

We understand you all had travelled a different path before coming to FIIB, which is why we don’t expect you to sit quietly in the classroom and perform well at academics. Instead, we plan different foundation courses regardless of your background, knowledge base, and skills, that help you further to settle down in a class of many. From english proficiency to basics of spreadsheet, we introduce you with different subjects that works as pillar of your MBA employability skills.

Foundation Training Module

The foundation program is designed in a way that freshers can mingle up with each other and settle down uniformly. As written in our admissions brochure, we dedicatedly practice different ways to turn your raw potential into fineness.FIIB, Career Management Cell