A Man Who Believes In Showing Up Despite Any Odd !

No matter what happens in life, one must get up and show up. This definitely requires a lot of courage and Mr. Aravind is great at projecting it. There is a lot to learn from him to grow into the better versions of the self. Let us read.

His journey with FIIB

“I remember that when I stepped into FIIB I was kind of shy and hesitant to open up and share my views with my fellow batchmates around. I was from Hyderabad and it was since a long time that I lived as an introverted individual. Majority of the people around me were Hindi language speakers and it took me a while to adjust to the environment.  But with time, FIIB had its own element in transforming me into someone who interacts and communicates better. I could sense waves of passion in me to discover the new aspects of life and career and by the end of my journey I was this completely new person who just knew how to deal with situations and the self with grace. The lessons I learnt from FIIB and from the tremendously supporting faculty still remains with me.”

Lessons learnt upon stepping into the corporate world 

“The most crucial lesson that I learnt in the corporate world is that one requires to market oneself every single day. The corporate world is harsh and forces one to doubt him/herself upon the smallest of things. But if one is confident of the self and has the passion to show up no matter what, then trust me, no one can beat that individual. Taking responsibilities of one’s work is crucial and along with it displaying the fact that one has worked becomes even more crucial and one must not stop following that”

His suggestions for the students

“Well there are two. This is a very challenging time for all of us across the world so I would like all to keep faith in themselves and understand the fact that the job scenario, the recruitment scenario are all very much agitated due to the virus outbreak. No one is at fault so do not beat yourself up in case you are doing so. Be proud of the fact that you all have completed your MBA from FIIB and have developed your skills and personality over the period of time. 

Secondly, coming from the experience of a Product Manager, I have observed that there are several pre tools available online which will help you to create your own website even if you do not know the ABCs of coding. You just need to have the ability to read and understand English, that is all. Use these applications to utilize your time and probably start writing blogs on the current topics like IPL and whatever you feel good about. Focus on a lot of case studies related to the field that you want to have a career in. The more you will sharpen your knowledge through case studies, understanding the majority of the corporate situations will become easier for you. In fact after reading a brand case study, if you will have any better solutions for them you can simply connect with them over Linkedin and introduce your ideas to them. If luck will have it, you will have better exposure!”

This was Mr. Aravind for you,sharing about his journey and suggesting you all with some of the best strategies for achieving the next best version of yourselves. In case you too have a story, please send it at: alumni@fiib.edu.in

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