A New Jewel added to the Crown – First Cohort of PGP Analytics Graduate from FIIB

In this day and age where people and processes generate data every second, it’s very important to make sense of that data generated. We no longer answer the question if data is important, rather we are seeking the answer to how best we utilize the data we have to make impactful decisions. There’s no doubt that managers of today take decisions only if they’re backed by strong data. Information and statistics are the magic spells that prove points and change minds. As the old adage goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Being the institute that always stays a step ahead with the current trends of the industry, FIIB’s Post-Graduate Certification Program in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (PGCP BI-DA) equips students with all the necessary tools and techniques to manipulate and make informed decisions. Driven by the core value of excellence, the curriculum offered is industry focused and ensures that the graduates stay ahead of the curve. FIIB works with IBM, a global technology and innovations leader to keep its faculty and contents up-to-date. The partnership especially focuses on delivering cutting-edge analytics skills for data backed decision making.

The program was tailored towards the requirements of both full-time students as well as working professionals. The blended learning environment offers minimal disruption to the work-life balance of professionals. The tools used to handle large amounts of data are advancing more rapidly than any other technology today. With better tools, comes a better understanding of the resultant information and patterns, all of which are evolving extremely fast. To answer various business questions, data is subjected to rigorous modeling and insight extraction.

The first batch of PGCP BI-DA that successfully graduated with us learned data manipulation by IBM Cognos, tools like R, MySQL, and VBA. There’s a notion that Data Analysis is mostly quantitative which is just a myth around it. In Fact, most of the decision making requires skills like visualizing and critical thinking. That is why they studied courses like Visual storytelling and Demystifying analytics to name a few.

When asked who need to pursue this course, Mr. Prashant Verma, who teaches Analytics at FIIB replied “Everyone who makes decisions in organizations, whether at a lower level or at the higher level needs to have the understanding of Business Intelligence. We can no longer take decisions based on our gut. Let’s take a day to day example where you look at Google maps before you leave to offices, we make choices of when to start, and which routes to avoid on the basis of inarguable data, that’s how much data has changed our lives.  There’s much more emphasis on using analytics in the way we work as well compared to just a few years ago. Regardless of the profile you work for, you need to be aware of the changes that are happening around you and if you aren’t prepared for them, it’s high time you start now.”

True enough, the first cohort came from versatile profiles ranging from language experts to data entry. FIIB is proud of them and congratulates them heartily for their accomplishment.

Like every end calls for a new beginning, with the graduation of the first batch, we also welcomed the second batch for the Post-Graduate Certification Program in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. They bring with them experience, enthusiasm, and most importantly desire to learn.

Here are the companies they represent: