A new journey

A graduation (B.Tech.) followed by MBA, a dream that I had been seeing for so long, came into being a few days back. The dream was always the same, but the purpose kept on changing as I grew up. It all started with a desire to get a handsome package, which could fetch me a big bungalow and a couple of luxurious cars. To achieve all of that, I had to first crack CAT. Saying this however was much easier than done.
Nevertheless, my desire of doing an MBA got a new dimension added to it – the desire to get back to the golden college days.I am sure I am not very different from many of those who aspire to crack CAT. By this time, many of them had started missing the “fun” part of their lives. Now, let me leap forward a bit and take you to the day I stepped into a B-School – the first day – the long awaited moment.The entire evening and the night prior to it passed by talking to seniors.
There were so many fun-cum-learning activities, I would like to take you through some of the tasks which helped me know myself and my colleagues better and that was the “ICE BREAKING SESSION”. It was full of fun.There was masterchief competition, and an outdoor activity “Paint ball”. It was a new experience that I shall always remember and cherish.