A Trainer’s Perspective on Lockdown: Neither Your Student Experience Nor Your Career Development is on hold!

Colleges are not closed, only college buildings are locked. Teachers are not resting at home, they’re working harder and smarter from home. Even, students are not on Netflix chilling and killing their time, instead they are exploring different ways to upgrade their skills while interning remotely

As much as it is true that the pandemic outbreak has disrupted traditional teaching, it’s impact on students’ career preparedness is also not hidden from anyone. Since the broadcast of the pandemic news, many organizations have decided to maintain the social distance not just otherwise but also from the new hires. Also a good proportion of the recruiters who expect to hire are indicating a clear preference for onboarding only those graduates who are well-versed with the remote work culture and are handy with the future technology. 

In such a scenario it has indeed become a challenge to predict the long-term impact of the pandemic on students’ long-term career plans and ensure that they get all the required supplements to strengthen their career potential. 

However, FIIB has always strived to prepare leaders-managers of tomorrow who are not just job-ready but are career-ready. So, even during these remote operations and self-isolated times, it is inculcating in its student’s minds the need to combine their ‘Never Stop Learning’ attitude with the development of their personality in all its dimensions to stay long-term career success ready. And in doing so, FIIB’s Learning & Development Department has come up with a new concept to showcase its student’s employability skills, personality traits, and willingness to take up the challenges of the world of work. 

Right after providing virtual internships to the entire 25th Batch FIIB Racers, we shifted our focus to create a meaningful contingency plan to effectively represent and showcase our students’ skill sets and career goals while also giving a glimpse of their personality, business acumen and enthusiasm to enter the corporate world. After lots of brainstorming and exchanging of ideas over zoom calls, we came up with “FIIB E-Portfolios” which will feature all the 180 students in a unique audio-visual self-presentation format. We feel that our recruiters will find this format to be more efficient and meaningful in finding the right talent from FIIB.” –Ms. Tarunpreet Kaur, Trainer & Manager-Learning & Development Cell, FIIB.

4 Trainers and 180 Students

Honestly, the whole process of creating E-portfolios wasn’t as easy as it seemed at the idea stage. But knowing that we’ve got only a few weeks to train students in a way that brings them closer to their dream career and fulfill our promise of making them long-term career success ready, we buckled ourselves up and started with a work plan. Initially, we divided the whole process in two parts: 1) Curating scripts that defined the skills, strengths, and past experiences of students well, and 2) Shooting videos where they showcase their abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional paper resume

Enthusiasm and can-do attitude

What actually helped turn an action plan discussed over zoom calls into an opportunity to create a meaningful difference in our student preparedness for  future success is the “we’re all ready!” spirit of our 25th Batch Racers. From discussing their experiences and learnings with trainers to getting feedback on their recorded videos, students have worked very hard and passionately amid all the challenges of remote working and creating self-made videos, to ensure that their career development is not something that this pandemic can put on hold.