A Visit from Mr Rishi Srivastava: The Homecoming of a Beloved Alumnus

Over the years we had the chance to meet with many of our alumni and are enthused by their desire to be connected deeply and meaningfully with each other and with the Institute. Their commitment to FIIB is unwavering, and their partnership is essential as FIIB grows its presence around the globe. Our Alumni has achieved so much in last quarter century and it’s a jolt of pride every time they return to the institute.

Mr. Rishi Srivastava, Branch Manager, Rohlig India Pvt. Ltd and eminent alumni of FIIB from the batch of 2001-03 paid a visit to us on 7th July 2018. It is always an overwhelming feeling on the homecoming of any special family member. Mr. Srivastava spoke to students of the batch if 2018-20 to impart some words of wisdom he has gained through his years at FIIB and beyond. The students interacted with Mr Srivastava with great vigor and enthusiasm asking him about his time at the institute, his career choice, and his success mantra.

After his session with the students, Mr. Rishi had a heart to heart chat with us about topics ranging from nostalgia to career advice to his juniors. Take a look at how the conversation took shape.

Q: How would you describe your journey at FIIB and beyond?

A: I came of FIIB with a different vision and i understood at the moment that this is the only institute for the International business for me. I selected my career at International Trade and that helped me out because at the moment no institute or universities were providing certifications which helped me to learn about export/import, customs of India, case studies which helped me get into a forwarding company so starting from a very junior level from a very small forwarding company, now I am heading a forwarding company now running a show of 135 people, who are working with me

Q: How does it feel coming back to your alma mater and interacting with the fresh faces of FIIB?

A: *Smiling* It feels fantastic, actually. The raw enthusiasm of the students reminded me of the time I entered this institute with hopes and dreams of setting a successful career for myself. It reminded of the journey so far and beyond. I think, we come back to our alma mater for this reason. We see ourselves reflected in them. That’s when I feel as their senior and alumnus if I can help the students sketch out their corporate journeys, I would have done my part in giving back to the institute which has given me so much.

Q: What can the students expect when they step out of college?

A: A lot of stuff has changed over the time, internet and social media has enabled us to keep tabs over global issues, research is just a click away, you can get acquainted with information from all corners of the world in a matter of seconds, at the same time the demands of the Business world have changed dramatically. Compared to just a few years ago, logistics and supply chain needs have shifted phenomenally. We expect lightning fast service; one day or one hour deliveries and the fact that it’s become a habit for most of us to even order groceries and medicines online speaks how rapidly technology disrupts several sectors. I think it puts enormous responsibility over these young managers to keep tabs on global challenges and figure out innovative solutions for the new problems that arise everyday.

Q: What is the success mantra you would like to share with your successors of FIIB?

A: I understand, MBA pursuing students slightly lack their focus. I mean to say that whatever industry you want to select, just select it this time, you focus  should be on those major and minor senioritis in the curriculum if you really want to go International trade, finance, marketing, operations, elective, study whatever that comes in front of you, when you study it, you will definitely give a benchmark. You must target your companies where you really want to go. Study about those companies and things will automatically fall in place.

Q: What is the attitude that would help a management student climb up the corporate ladders?

A: I would say, a manager should be smart, confident, and persuasive. There are often times when one needs to take quick decisions that last long. My suggestion is to be always prepared. Keep up a positive approach towards every obstacle you face. Soon, it becomes a habit. Dress smart, smile, and carry a confident aura. Trust me, there’s nothing a charming smile and a powerful handshake can’t do when it comes to management. Stick to the basics: Know your roles, take full accountability, deliver your best always. Be proactive. This attitude builds over time and I think if the students inculcate these habits early on, it would be very easy to tackle the corporate environment.

Q: What is your message to the students who are soon going to graduate from the institute?

A: For passing out batch – don’t hop too much, stay with a company for at least 3 years at the start. It is definitely going to pay. Choose your industry where you want to work whether it is banking, export-import, airline or any other vertical. A lot of things might change but hard work still remains as a biggest strength to those who know how to use it.

For the freshers – just read & study as much as you can. Definitely, theoretical knowledge plays an important role, because you are learning from the people who’ve been there and done that before you. It sets a platform for you think new, think better, and think bigger.

Lastly, I wish luck to both of them to do their best and etch their names in the booming, blazing corporate world.

It was indeed a pleasure listening to his invaluable inputs and we would like to thank Mr Rishi Srivastava for taking out a few extra minutes to talk to us. FIIB is proud of him and we wish him all the success for his future endeavours on the road to excellence.

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Watch how the conversation with Mr. Rishi Srivastava unfurls below.