Academic and Cultural events at FIIB: Carving the Way for Professional and Social Accomplishments

The world often seems like an oyster when the limitations of your academic life are confined inside the walls of any educational institute. While the world demands explorers and adventurers in business professionals, the academic structure restricted to the classroom can turn them into frogs in the well. FIIB as an institute has made sure that the students receive all-round exposure and experience with versatile events to assess their managerial skills and learn from most seasoned campaigners of the industry.   

With 13 signature events addressing various streams of management, knowledge and cultural fest and social causes, FIIB aims to be a primary contributor to the progress of businesses and society. To be an institute of academic and social relevance requires a great deal of effort to establish yourself as a brand whose work calendar strategically comprises of activities organized to make gradual development in these areas. Here is the list of events that FIIB has queued in line for the academic year 2018-19

SANKALP (28th – 30th August 2018 (Tuesday – Thursday) & 26th- 27th September 2018 (Wednesday & Thursday ))

Every year, Sankalp proves to be a one of its kind learning experience aimed at inducing interest in management grads through real-life experiences that bring out the best of their managerial abilities and strengths. Through the three-day event, MBA students interact with experienced professionals from the industry and sit through a variety of sessions and competitions to make them ‘career ready’.

This year Sankalp is being organized in two phases. Phase one will be for the students of the first year, where the students of the first year will the part of the ‘employability session’ for the first time which will take place in the month of August. In the later half of Septembe,r the second phase of Sankalp will be held for the students ofthe second year who will participate in the this exhaustive session for the second time.   

TEDxFIIB (25th August)

TEDx is a franchise which was started with the aim to give independent organisers to a chance to express themselves through TED like events in their community. The mission of Tedx is ‘Ideas worth spreading’ and where else can be a diamond mine worth of ideas be found except for FIIB. TEDxFIIB is being held on the 25th August, 2015 with the theme of ‘The Empowered Self’. As a Business school with 23 years of closely working with the youth, shaping their future, we noticed that the feelings of mediocrity, lack of purpose, and futility of lifelong effort are the barriers which stifle them from reaching their full potential.

Be prepared to be awestruck at TEDxFIIB on August 25th, 2018 where  inspirational talks & stories of Mr. Subir Malik, Mr. Vipul Ujjwal, Ms. Susan Vernon, Mr. Kunal Kapoor, Mr. Chetan Mahajan, Ms. Jyotsna Shourie, Ms. Sonal Sehgal, Mr. Prashant Tandon, Mr. Mohit Dubey, Ms Preeti Mann will awaken your thoughts and spark up your neurons like never before. Coupled with this, enjoy the soulful performances by vibrant entertainers have vowed to be a treat to your ears and feast to your eyes.

Mark your calendar to attend TEDxFIIB 2018

National HR conclave (1st September 2018 )

Every year on a scheduled date in the month of August-September, FIIB organises National Human Resource Conclave. The conclave is attended by a wide range of professionals and speakers from various sectors of the industry. The conclave is held to discuss the rudimentary and modern practices in the field of Human Resources.  

This year the HR conclave is being held on 1st September with the theme of  ‘Tech trends in HR-opportunities and Threats’. It will be an event where the students will be able to learn from the industry experts about their views on the technical advancements and start preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.

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Katástasi is a Greek word meaning ‘situation’. In the world of business , we come across situations that present us with myriad variety of dilemmas, issues and problems. Decision-making under various constraints and limitations is the prime challenge for a manager or entrepreneur. A description of such critical business or related situations in the form of gripping story is a ‘Management Case.’ Such cases, when used as a learning tool, bring out the personality of the student and build decision making and leadership skills. FIIB organises the annual case writing competition on real internships for students from all over the country who can participate in the program and win gorgeous prizes and a chance to get their case study published in a book.

Do not forget to attend the Katastasi 2018.  Mark your calendar


At FIIB, we consider sports an integral part of the growth of an MBA student and hence every year, the Sports Committee of the college organises two major events when everyone comes out of the classroom and enjoys a weekend of sports. Ranbhoomi is the annual sports event with a variety of indoor and outdoor sports including Poker, Chess, Carom, Badminton and others for the MBA graduates to compete in. Similar events happen during the cultural fest ‘Samavesh’ but an all round tournament of indoor and outdoor sports is a different feat to attend.

Ranbhoomi 2017 was held on 22nd December and 29thDecember respectively, where a total number of seven teams participated in the exciting cricketing event. Three teams each from the junior and senior section of the Institute and a team comprising of the Faculty and Staff members were the contestants in the annual cricket championship. The Cricket Series was one good way to showcase the sporting spirit and friendly essence of the FIIB family members.

Mark your calendar to be at Ranbhoomi 2018

OPEX Conclave (30th November 2018)

FIIB Sigma (student) club which aims to provide opportunities for those interested to increase their knowledge about operations, IB and ISM function, organizes the FIIB Operational Excellence Conclave (OPEX). These sessions aim to understand the sustainable operational initiatives that companies are undertaking to keep abreast of competition.

The session generally commences with the address from keynote speaker and then followed by panel discussion and address from plenary speakers. OPEX is a conclave which is a treat to watch and a great learning experience for those who would like to understand the extent of operations in any business.

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International Conference (18th – 19th December 2018)

The international conference fosters discussions among the academicians, management practitioners, research scholars, and policy-makers across the globe on building a global economy that is driven by sustainable development and fueled by innovation. This forum also facilitates them to present their ideas and research findings related to the theme of the conference. Our past Management conferences have featured delegates from France, Singapore, USA and several other countries.

The selected conference papers are published in Conference Proceedings (Abstracts) and selected full papers in an Edited Book (ISBN) published by Bloomsbury Publications. Best Conference Paper Award is conferred to the authors of an overall best paper presented at the conference and Best Paper Awards to the three best papers are presented at the conference.

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Finance Conclave

Finance is one of the most important sectors on which the economy of a country rests. To meet the requirements in this sector it is important that the changing trends in economy and finance sectors, which includes banking, investments, funds and stock exchange are efficiently accessed and regulated. The finance conclave brings an opportunity for the students at FIIB to learn more about the current trends and be wary of the life altering decisions in the field of finance.

The conclave is attended by speakers from various financial sectors who have strong industry experience and superior knowledge. The inaugural address is made by the keynote speaker followed by a panel discussion and question answer round with the audience. The conclave concludes with the summary received from the plenary speakers.  


Samavesh, as the literal meaning goes is a meeting which has also been constantly used in Hindi literature as the convergence of rivers into the ocean. FIIB hosts an inter-college fest every year wherein students from several B-schools, institutes and colleges across Delhi participate in over 20 competitive activities to prove their mettle. Samavesh- the college fest aims to provide a platform to the management graduates to plan and organize a large-scale event and put their management knowledge to practice.

Samavesh 2018 concluded with great pomp as more than 450 students from over 45 colleges participated in the event. The event comprised of 20 sub events which were judge by a mix of internal and 12 external judges. Do not miss the occasion to join us in Samavesh 2019. Mark your calendar in advance.  


As one of the leading institutes for business management, FIIB wanted to make sure that we are making a substantial contribution to the emerging powerhouse idea of entrepreneurship, to the business world and the country at large. Meraki is a platform which has been constantly giving opportunities to young entrepreneurs of India to display their abilities to create and run successful businesses, for last six years.

MERAKI (2018) received 219 Registrations, 117 Executive Summaries and 86 B Plans from over 80 colleges across 20 cities within the country, including the likes of IIT Delhi, FMS Delhi, Shri Ram college of Commerce, IIM Shillong and IIM Raipur. MERAKI’S Top 12 Finalists in 2018 included a wide array of business plans based on machine learning social media platforms , e-commerce based start ups, Food & Nutrition technology, energy saving , agriculture technology as well as several social entrepreneurship based ventures. Winner trophies were awarded to the top three teams along with the top prize of Rs 1,50,0000.

Do not miss a chance to attend Meraki 2019

Sustainability Summit

Every year on the 21st of February, FIIB celebrates its Founder’s Day in the honour of the Institute’s founder Mr. RK Shrivastava. The Summit aims to bring together the worlds of academia, social sector and corporate sector to deliberate upon certain very critical issues that affect our everyday lives. Speakers from different organisations, both for-profit & not-for-profit, reflect and debate upon various factors that could put a halt to the destruction of our planet and eventually aim to come up with few solutions that may leave it in a better shape for the future generations.

The theme of the summit this year was “The Choice of Sustainability – Is it the Game of a few ?” The theme has been referred to as ‘distinctive and relevant to today’s business and management choices’ by the speakers who addressed the conference. The Keynote speaker Mr. Ajay Relan, Founder and Ex- Managing Partner at CX Partners; shared his exemplary insights on investment logic for sustainability through his own investing experience, and captivating case studies.

Please do join us on the next version of the Summit by marking your calendar here