Accomplished Graduate to Pursue Career In Financial Sales

Rishi Motwani‘24 (Jaipur), has accepted the offer from Home First Finance Company India Pvt. Ltd., which according to him fulfils his yearning desire of having a career in financial sales. He feels immensely proud to share a badge of ‘soon-to-be a Relationship Manager’ with his friends and family.  

Amongst the most wholehearted future leader-manager of the FIIB’s 24th PGDM batch, Rishi knows how to balance his defeats with a positive mindset and handle the team project conflicts with a cool and collaborative approach. His attentive presence during class lectures has earned him a CGPA of 7.5 in both courses of the third trimester: Business Development & Negotiation and Financial Statement Analysis. 

Initiating a conversation with someone was quite a big deal for me,” he said. “I still remember the days of my orientation at FIIB. While everyone else was trying to make new friends and have fun, I pretended my best keeping myself busy with the IT department. This place has changed me a lot in the last two years. Today, I count networking and initiating conversation as my biggest strengths.” Rishi recalls presenting his Social Internship Project- Care for Air in front of masses attending the FIIB’s Sustainability Summit 2019 as an opportunity to build his confidence. He is the only student of his batch, who got featured alongside some of the prominent faces of the green sector.

Rishi has opted for Finance as his major and Marketing as his minor specializations. Being equally active inside and outside the classroom, he has secured second position in the sports activities of Samavesh 2019, volunteered for Finance Conclave 2019, worked closely for three months with the Crefite Management Consultants, and traveled to Dubai under the FIIB’s Global Immersion Program. 

“This place has changed me a lot in the last two years. Now, I count networking and initiating conversation as my biggest strengths,” says Rishi Motwani, Second-year student at FIIB

Among his many inspiring experiences at FIIB, Rishi finds his membership with Finance Club, his mentoring sessions, and his time at Global Immersion program, memorable. “Traveling to UAE taught me: If you start with yourself, then you can make a big change,” he said. “The trip was indeed a moving experience that added much-needed social values to my individual self and helped me understand the roles of various cultures in building a complex society.” 

Rishi accepts that his mornings at FIIB usually start with the reading headlines of newspapers in the library. In leisure, he likes to be with himself on the fourth floor of FIIB contemplating over his past and present. He is thankful to the FIIB faculty members, particularly to Prof. Kirti Sharma, who has helped him in taking effective decisions extending appropriate wisdom to him.