Aditi Masters Stock Market Trading at the FSE Club

Warren Buffet, American business magnate and investor says, “I buy from Pessimists and I sell to Optimists”. It is his own version and view of the stock market.

But as a management student, I would like to define stock market or share market as an aggregation of buyers and sellers of stocks, who claim ownership of businesses; this may include securities listed on a public stock exchange as well as those traded privately. An Example of the latter would be shares of private companies which are sold to investors through equity crowdfunding platforms. Stock exchanges list shares of common equity as well as other security types, e.g. corporate bonds and convertible bonds.

A thorough study of the Stock Market is challenging, as it needs an in-depth knowledge of financial systems and institutions. The scenario of share markets in India has been booming, with people wanting to earn profits out of consistent speculation. However, to actually reap profits from the complexities of this market is not a cake walk, as it is one of the most vulnerable sectors of the global economy.

To assist the students in this regard, FIIB, our college, has a discrete club- Fortune Stock Exchange (FSE) Club, which helps us to gain core knowledge about the stock market and its current trends. The club organizes regular stock mind sessions by traders in the stock market. It also arranges guest lectures by eminent professionals/experts from the Indian stock market. This initiative has helped me gain critical insights about the Indian stock market.

The most educational experience has been a virtual trading session organized in association with ICICI bank. They provided a separate account to each student and allotted a fixed amount of virtual money for facilitating the purchase and sale of shares of different companies virtually. So basically, I did trading through virtual money but it felt as if I am dealing with real money. This whole process gave me an understanding of what all I have to keep in mind for trading in the real world stock market. Three people who bagged the highest profits from virtual trading got selected for further virtual trading on National Platform. I wish I could have been in top 3. Irrespective, the learnings I got from this will help me a great deal in future. Indian stock market is now growing and there are many job opportunities available for people who want to be in this sector.

The FSE Club, FIIB has opened up so many opportunities in the stock market trading for us. We can not only apply for trading job opportunities but also decode the current stock market trends for investing in a profitable stock.

  • Student entry by Aditi Agarwal