Advancing The Practice of Management Through Knowledge Sharing

Be it educational sector or corporate world, almost every industry is dealing with a unique set of challenges, complexities and trends. While the spectrum of change in market dynamics is only getting broadened day-by-day, it is becoming a mandate for every organization to embrace continuous learning practices and bridge up the major skills gap within time. Maybe that’s the reason, every individual should take the driver’s seat in stretching their growth curve and create new curves.

In order to pace up with their vision of providing a forward-looking workplace culture, most organizations have already started breaking down the silos of employee reskilling/ advancements that keep knowledge, mindsets and creative thinking locked up within and between organizational walls.

Faculty, who play a major role in creating growth for students also need to upgrade their learning continuously so that they stay relevant to the changing education market dynamics. This thought is what drives the ‘train-the-trainer’ concept at FIIB. Today we bring to you the story of Dr. Miklesh Yadav, faculty at FIIB who is ensuring this philosophy of finding and moving up the next curve to drive and sustain growth and spreading it to the wider academician community. 

In a recent interview with him, it came out that he’s a passionate researcher and strives to share his knowledge with the world. He also talked about different ways in which organizations can set up their own effective training programs and ensure that their employees are getting ahead with the right skills. Let’s see what different activities, he as a faculty, is doing to make sure everyone keeps updating themselves without entertaining the fear of getting left behind in the knowledge game.

Motivating Train the Trainer Culture

Believing knowledge to be the most powerful tool, Dr. Miklesh took on the role of a trainer to pass on the notion of sharing his knowledge with the larger community – fellow professors, academicians, and researchers. Being a part of the faculty community, he strongly believes that Faculty Development Program (FDP) is more like a prerequisite for the Faculty to enable their students with all the updated skills that will help them move up the right career path. 

Any organization can embrace the flow of a successful executive development program by demonstrating two attitudes: 1) By encouraging their stakeholders to give employees the confidence that learning at the workplace is normal and, 2) By exhibiting a scenario of the importance of training to employees so that they can bring in the imperative learning mindset. Having these two attitudes within the core team of the organization is one of the key elements that differentiate successful development programs from the rest. In Dr. Miklesh’s words, “FIIB appreciates both the attitudes in its organizational culture which helped me grab the chance to organize an FDP every month on the latest analytical tools.” He has conducted 40+ workshop days till now ranging from cross-sectional data analysis in R studio to time series analysis in R studio. 

Creating a Legacy of Knowledge-base

Apart from researching, learning continuously and conducting Faculty Development Programs at FIIB, he also works actively towards making his knowledge free and accessible to everyone. To make most of his free time, he posts videos on the tools and techniques of research, analytics, and R studio on his YouTube channel. With a knowledge-bank of 77 videos on his channel, he sees YouTube as an effective knowledge-sharing platform for everyone who wants to re-skill themselves to stay relevant to the flow of updation. Currently, he has a follower base of 1.2k on his YouTube channel which he believes will reach out to many new learners in the future. 

In line with FIIB’s core vision, Dr. Miklesh has his own version to be an ardent proponent of the pull learning model that makes every individual feel driven to seek the right set of skills instead of feeling forced to attend training programs. Evidently, all the FDPs conducted till now by Dr. Miklesh are super hit with the participants from various reputed Institutes as they love the hands-on and practical learning approach he imparts.