Ah! That Conference Inviting you? Make the best out of a research conference

Confused about attending that big conference next week? Research Conferences are a big opportunity to not only present your work to the larger research community but also to network with peers and collaborate. You can present your work and get feedback to improvise from experts in your research area. Another benefit of attending a conference is a chance to get your research published. However, it can be a tough task to decide which conference to choose from. Here is a primer on conferences:

Choose well 

In the initial period of your PhD conferences can seduce you to distraction. The trick is to not attend too many conferences. So just trim down to the important conferences so that are of your interest area. Again, look at your finances before signing up for a conference as most of them are paid.

Conference Organizer 

A well-reputed organizer, for instance, an IIM or IIT means a good opportunity to meet experts and show your work to a well-informed audience.  Keep in mind the sponsorship of the Conference and its history. This looks great on that CV! 

FIIB offers research scholars an opportunity to present their work at the International Management Conference, an annual Conference organized by FIIB in association with global partners. Attended by researchers and academicians from all over the world, the Conference has tie-ups with reputed journals like FIIB Business Review, International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management,  Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies and publishing partners like Taylor and Francis, and Bloomsbury.

Publication opportunity

Publication of research papers into a Scopus Indexed or UGC Listed Journal has now become a mandatory criterion for PhD. Scholars as laid out by UGC. An excellent way to do this is to participate in a conference which provides publication opportunities in reputed journals which are well-indexed. That way you not only get your paper presented but also get it published. Beware, conference organizers charge extra for publication.

Workshops are an added bonus

Workshops are a great place to hone up your skills on that research tool you are using in your study. Not only do you learn new techniques and ways to apply them, if it comes bundled with a conference you end up saving money on a separate workshop. Look out for the resource person.

Look out for comments

Not just to network, conferences provide an opportunity for a budding research scholar to present their works to the larger research community. This not only helps them in their research but also helps them in getting out of their echo chamber. So look out for panellists and session chairs

Additional tip: Sign up for websites that list the upcoming conferences around you or join groups on Facebook or Linkedin for call for papers and upcoming conferences.