Alumni Relations: What keeps them coming back?

Alumni base is an extending family which keeps expanding with each year, provided the institute makes exceptional efforts to keep in touch and regularly make efforts to bridge gaps. Good alumni relations are not just a vanity factor in establishing the overall image of an academic institute, in fact they work in far important ways than just keeping an emotional touch with the students.

Management colleges probably benefit the most from such relations as there can be no better brand ambassador for an institute than its successful and well established alumni. In fact potential students look for the alumni section the most to see what kind of placement does the college offer and how well engaged is its alumni group.

Invitations for events, conferences, seminars and guest lecture do well in establishing a better network with the alumni however, a few less time and commitment demanding measures can also be adopted. For example engaging the alumni though social media can really work wonders. An active Facebook page, twitter account and a credible and up to date LinkedIn account and endorsements work in building a strong image of the brand. And some of the similar platforms can also help in bridging the gaps between the fresher students and their seniors and alumni, and give a good exposure. Mentoring by alumni groups can also bring a lot of benefits to the new students which can be done through Live Projects and Corporate Internship Programs and regular interactions.

Our Alumni

At FIIB we have a global and robust alumni network with 1920 students graduating from FIIB in past 22 years. Apart from alumni-oriented events, guest lectures, help with GD&PI, industry connects and conferences, and Cultural & Sports Events our alumni are also formally supporting us through an Alumni Advisory Board to help the institute fulfill the mission of the Alumni Association. Which comprises of a Chairperson – Executive Director, FIIB, Chapter Heads (President and Vice President) of the Regional Association Chapters, Batch Emissaries Special Appointees FIIB Members (Alumni Relations Officer, CMC Faculty Chair).

Last year we held two major alumni events: An Alumni Meet and Awards Night: Samanvay 2016, in December 2016, celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of its alumni since its foundation. The event received more than 650 alumni registrations and over 400 alumni attended it. In August 2016, 1st International Alumni Chapter Meet was held to connect with FIIB Alumni working in very senior level positions in Dubai.