Alumnus Turned Recruiter for FIIB: A Bond That Pronounces ‘Constant’

An educational institute gets considerable reasons to be proud of its current student batch and of its alumni. It sometimes gets to see students who were never enthusiastic to attend classes on time becoming the top-notch domain experts of their respective specializations in the corporate register. The students who were frequently scolded by their professors are now redefining the worldview in their workplace through their professional expertise. Time does fly and brings in numerous favourable changes in an individual. These are such changes that are always noted with appreciation both by the institute as well as by the parents.

FIIB has been fortunate enough to behold the progressive transformation of students from being talented individuals to being supremely successful corporate personalities. There is another aspect for which FIIB feels both fortunate and supported in its mission of 100% placement is because of the alumni. Yes, that is correct. Somewhere in between running to the Career Management Center for placements and coming back to the campus as recruiters for providing placements to the students, FIIBians have progressed far along their professional path.

One prime example of an alumnus cum recruiter is Mr. Santosh Kumarfrom Nalsoft. He is an alumnus of 2009 batch. He has been a great student and was noticeably serious about his studies since the beginning of time. He took up International Business as his specialization and made sure to meet all deadlines for assignments and presentations. Eventually with the flow of time, he started working with Nalsoft. There, the then Nalsoft recruiter was hiring B.Tech students to meet the organizational requirements to reach the ultimate business goals. Unfortunately, those students did not match up to the organizational expectations. This glaring fact made Mr. Santosh Kumar realize that MBA students can better shoulder the challenging and volatile responsibilities of Nalsoft.

Now, let us have a slice of the conversation with Mr.Santosh Kumar and know more about what happened next…..

So, Mr.Santosh, what steps did you take to reconnect back with your B-school? Well, there were no specific steps that I had to take to reconnect with my very own B-school. It was my campus. I simply walked in there one day and reached the FIIB placement cell and expressed about my current organizational scenario to the respective individuals. Eventually, I found students who were interested in the job role that I was providing them in Nalsoft.

Did you choose other B-schools other than FIIB to meet your organizational purpose?

Yes, I did scan other B-schools other than FIIB. But, that does not cancel out the reality that FIIB was on the top of my list. To favour the reality and the requirement of the organization, I actually saw potential in some FIIB students who were befitting the requirements of Nalsoft.

How excited are you to come back to the campus to hire students in the future as well?

I am looking forward to hire FIIBians. I have discussed the areas of improvements with the CMC in order to jet set into the future Nalsoft endeavour with the FIIBians without any hiccups.

Any suggestions or areas of improvement for students?

Be it for the FIIBians or for the students from other B-schools, I notice one thing that is common in all. They ‘generally’ try to reflect on what they studied inside the four walls of the classroom in the corporate landscape. This might cause some difficulties. This is because the corporate world is volatile, harsh and requires several stronger, practical and logical versions of the student’s current intelligence level to stand up taller to the expectations of the organization. Hence I took the decision to guide the FIIB students so that their skills and potential could shine better.