Analytics – A Crucial Skill for MBA Graduates

The competitiveness in business is often associated with right decisions at the right time which rides on ‘right information’. Managers no longer can afford to call shots based on their gut feeling and feel secure if the decision isn’t right, they will have the luxury of time to maneuver it back to the right path. With the help of current technologies, the organizations are sitting on all kind of possible data and scalable business intelligence tools.

Organizations are facing the challenge of effectively implementing the data utilization in their decisions due to the lack of human resources who can work with current technologies, business intelligence tools and, to some extent matured artificial intelligence.   Skilled human resources in business intelligence and business analytics are requisite to unleash productivity in processes and accuracy in their KPI. Organizations with able leadership in the area of Analytics are paving the way for others to follow their path to achieve success. The infographic by Denave in his article ‘Anatomy of Analytics’ published in AIM gives a peek view of the steadily increasing demand of analytics-versed leaders in the future.

FIIB without any hype works very closely with industry to understand their requirements of analytics-ready talent in all functional domain. FIIB involves industry in its curriculum creation to offer not only the specialized and focused courses in analytics but also the analytics components in every course. The design of every course is in a way that guides students to become ‘no hype and ready to deliver’ managers.