Are Humans just a Resource?

Workforce is known as the most important and integral part of any organization. Can we imagine an organization without people? the answer is no. People make the organization unique, they are the architects of any firm. This workforce is handled by a division in the organization i.e. The Human Resources.
The HR is considered as a supporting activity in the functioning of firm it is responsible for recruitment, training , development , compensation and many other activities. The HR professionals always had argued about them being in the front line rather than just being supportive, and i also agree with this point, but the question arises have they really made themselves front line?
Another question that pops up is, Are humans really a resource? Humans are people with different sentiments and emotions, they can give everything to the organization can we even call them a resource? Can we compare them with resources such as land, machines etc?
The humans are people they are the inseparable essence of any organization and HR division should define this in there minds.

When I tried to look deep into this division I found that HR lacks one ingredient and that is they only consider resources not Humans. I must say that Human Resources is needed to be Re- Humanized in some sense so that they can understand the complexity of the situation and act on severe issues as soon as possible.

Sometimes the prestigious human resources invites a huge trouble in the nature of workmen unrest. When I tried to understand the workforce conflicts many questions popped up in my mind.

  • Why do people retaliate?
  • Is this done deliberately by workforce?
  • Why would anyone be violent for no reasons?
These questions were answered in one line when I studied the various unrest in the history. The conclusion that came was the major unrest were the result of lack of coordination between management and workforce.
When I went through Maruti Unrest I found the few causes which were really shocking and nonhuman, the treatment which was being provided to the workers was unseen by the so called human resources department.
  • The workers were being slapped for any mistake, the supervisors who slapped were also given with promotions.
  • Cockroaches and dead flies were found in the food of workstation.
  • The tea was without tea leaves and sugar.
  • The heavy doses were given to the workers even on minor complaints so as to avoid any disruption in work.
  • One day wage cut of Rs. 1500, two days Rs. 2200 and three days cut was around 7000 to 8000.
  • Moreover they were forced to sign an undertaking that in case of any problem, workers cannot raise any objections against management.
I wonder how the Human Resources department of Maruti called it even HR.
The companies runs behind the savings of small costs and invite big troubles with them. The Maruti unrest costs the company with :-
  • Operations were stopped for a month.
  • Loss estimated to be over Rs. 1500 Crore.
  • Loss of country’s resources.
  • Loss of goodwill.
These are just the bullet points. The loss will be way more than it can be calculated. Was the cost that could have indulged in workforce satisfaction was more than this aftermath.
The Maruti case can turn as a learning for any organization. The HR department needs to maintain a relationship with the workers. The workforce of any company is the essence of it, no one can underestimate people and treat them as a resource.
The organizations must realize that every person is needed to be treated equally, the same punishment should be given to the supervisor that might hit any worker that would have been given to the worker if he had done so.
Why create disparity? why not treat everyone equal? why not give a status to the workforce?
Workers give beautiful products that we sell or buy, and treating them inhumanly will certainly raise questions on the HR department of any organizations.
The companies should realize that if spending Rs. 100 saves Rs. 1 lakh then this is a wise decision.
Humans are needed to be treated as people rather than resources, The HR department of companies should learn a lesson from Maruti case and sensitize themselves because no one does violence for no reasons.