Arghya believes that “Passion and profession should be the two sides of the same coin for greater success.”

Money is very materialistic and does not really motivate one beyond a certain point. There must be something to thrive on, which when recognized by one, will never be just a job but will become a passionate perusal for the person.! Let us discover more pearls of wisdom being offered by Arghya.

His journey with FIIB 

“When I joined FIIB in 2001, I already had a year’s work experience. I was on the lookout for a reputed MBA institute so that I could gain more in terms of skills and knowledge for my future endeavours. During the time when I was searching for an institute, I actually could not move out of my hometown, Calcutta, due to some reason. Still I got admission in FIIB only because of Professor Pandya. He used to visit Calcutta for interviewing the best of students for FIIB admissions. Due to this I could appear for my group discussions and personal interviews without moving out of the city. After moving to FIIB I developed a keen interest in International Business. My campus was in Bijwasan and I participated in a lot of seminars be it within or beyond my campus. After classes I used to move out of the campus and network with a variety of people. Also, my faculty helped me a lot in connecting with different sets of people. The more I interacted with them, the more I understood and developed my perspective about the corporate world. 

I remember, professor Rohit used to teach us Market Research and during that time I realised that Marketing is my space and I wanted to be there only. Market Research really intrigued me. I was also pretty interested in Consumer Behaviour as well which was taught to us by Professor Veena. 

Then one fine day, I participated in a focused group discussion being conducted for Business Week probably. A bunch of people who commissioned this study, heard me live on radio and eventually invited me over for an interview which I cracked. That was my first job after MBA at Alchemist Brand Consultancy.”

Significant learning after entering the corporate world:

“There is no shortcut to success. We have to work towards our goal on a regular basis and you have to love what you do. In case you do not love what you do, then you have to figure out what you love. You can slog at some job year after year for some reason but if you miss out on passion then you will not grow. Passion is very important. Passion only comes from within and can never be picked from the outside. If you stay focused on your achievement then spending even 12 hrs a day on what you like will not exhaust you at all.

Second, you need to be a balanced person. The corporate world, especially Pepsico, taught me this. You must develop a rapport with people. To be a part of a network is crucial. Do not commit yourself too much and neither be too aloof. Don’t be a part of any lobby and walk your own path as with time several people will move to different jobs, and then you will be completely on your own. So stay focused on what you were hired for in the first place” 

Ideas that he would like to share with the passing batch and current bath of FIIB students 

“This is for the batch which is going to pass out soon. Difficult times for you all indeed. You all are facing challenges and there are not enough jobs in the market currently. Even if there are some, they are not likely to be highly paying. Since jobs are few, think beyond a job and try to understand what you want to do in life.  Be patient and develop yourself during this moment/phase. MBA is a good academic milestone but as a student for life, you must never stop learning. Whatever you do, keep on learning. If you are doing a job, you have to treat it as if it is your own business and if it is your own business, then start looking for ways to sustain it better” 

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