Attending a Guest Lecture: Career Enhancement

At FIIB we regularly have guest lectures by industry leaders, corporate heads, social-sector reformers and of course entrepreneurs. And some of them are FIIB alumni too. On Thursday, 19th Jan’17, we had another guest lecture, and it was taken up by alumni of 2002-04 batch Ms. Shweta Chandra, AVP, Yes Bank. The main motive of the session was ‘Career Enhancement’.  She gave us an idea about what we as future managers are expected to do in an organization. The three basic things that we have to keep in our mind are honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct, having said that corporate environment in today’s scenario has a zero tolerance policy for unethical conduct.

Shweta Chandra guest Lecture.

Ms. Chandra further told us about the importance of teamwork, coordination, sincerity, punctuality and meeting the deadlines. These are the bare minimums required to be followed in order to grow in any organization. She also familiarized us with the concept of work-life balance and rating priorities in our life as building a career serves the greater purpose than having leisure time in form of holidays etc.

We were told as to what we have to follow in order to manage resources from being a resource. It will be a step by step process. First, we join an organization as a team player, but, with maturity, focus and commitment we can climb the leadership position ladder in a short period of time. Ms. Chandra shared her example how she didn’t take even a single holiday for the first year of her first job in ICICI Bank and got promoted.

She emphasized on the selling aspect as well. It is important as selling is required everywhere be it Finance, HR, Marketing etc. Selling is not restricted to external customers but internal customers also. It helps to develop interpersonal skills and also help influence others that may benefit the organization. Regarding our career opportunities, she advised that we should not limit our options by targeting a particular job profile rather we should keep an open mind and then make the decisions accordingly. She told us that networking is one major tool that should be used by us as much as possible. And most importantly, to follow a career in which one is passionate about which will make us happy in what we are doing and it will not be just a job.

Overall, it was a nice experience as we were able to meet with someone with great industry exposure which will help for us shape our career path in a way that is essential for an ideal growth and success in the industry and the job market.

Arjav Jain, 2016-2018