Attending a life changing conference

Every new day brings a new possibility in life. The real question is, “Are we really ready to take it?” Accept it or leave it but we have to adapt to it. I had the good fortune to attend a conference, thanks to FIIB which proved to be a life changing moment for me. And hence today, I am writing about my experience of attending the Shift Conference.

The momentum of the event was set by Mr. Robert Galiansky. The ‘shift’ means moving from your stagnant routine to achieve something different in your life. It is for everyone who believes in himself. Mr. Robert was able to connect his passion to the crowd while introducing every speaker.

1st Speaker:

Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal talked about his shift in his life, which has made him what he is today. He is the Joint Managing Director of Hero MotoCorp, Indian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer. He valued people to be his biggest asset. In his words there is nothing more important resource in the business than people. Value your people because if you value your people your productivity of the organization will increase. He emphasized on the open mindedness of the management. There is a need for the management to understand the problem faced by the people of the organization with an open mind. To succeed in life he believes in love what you do, not like what you do.

2nd Speaker:
“Do not quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life like a champion”.  ……. Muhammad Ali. Mr. Asif Sheikh talked like a real fighter about the harsh reality of the society and manual scavenging. The plight of poor women from untouchable community in India is really disturbing. They have to clean the dry toilets every day to fulfil their basic needs. They are not only looked down upon by the society, but also by their family because of their profession. It’s a shame that though the government brought a law in 1993 to abolish manual scavenging, it still prevails. Due to Mr. Sheikh’s effort out of 12 lakhs women, his NGO has able to free 15000 women. He shared a story about the prevailing caste system in India.

Story goes: Once a Dalit person gave a roti to a dog. Unluckily for him the Dog belong to a upper caste person. He accused the Dalit of making his Dog untouchable.
Moral of the story is that even a dog can belong to an upper class, but human being cannot. His effort has brought joy to many and speech made the desired shift in the mind of the audience to condemn the prevailing caste system.

3rd Speaker:

When a community school was getting closed in his vicinity, instead of waiting like the others Mr. Allan David closed his eyes and introspected himself about what was needed to be done. He left his family business to improve the life of others. He gave his message in very simple words; do not wait for change to occur. Instead you should be the one to bring the change. Teaching has been a part of his life ever since.

4th Speaker:

Power of music is to spread joy. Next speaker was Mr. Dhruv Viswanath. He is an Acoustic percussive guitarist. He performed his own composition which was something which can only felt from heart. Excellent way of communicating with the audience with his guitar, he enjoyed himself on stage with the audience.

5th Speaker:

Mr. Kartik Sawhney has showed the world that not only can a physically disable person be the consumer, but also he can be the producer. His disability to see the world did not become hindrance in his path. He got   96 % in class XII board Exams in Science stream and became the first visually impaired to achieve this feat in India. His story of getting engineering education tells a great deal about insensitivity of our society. He was rejected to appear in IIT-JEE for three years, however in March’2013 he was awarded a full funded scholarship from Stanford, USA. His belief in himself made the crowd jump to its feet for a standing ovation. The event came to an end but not before addressing its agenda of shift. It’s important to shift from doing something we are not enjoying to something we will enjoy.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed attending the conference and returned with new empowerment

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