Attending an HR Conference in FICCI, New Delhi

“A student is an unfinished product!” and it the right education and training that can help a student reach perfection. I recently attended an HR conference at FICCI, New Delhi along with our faculty members and other students. Apart from interacting with the top leaders of the industry and HR professionals we learnt a great deal of things by attending the conference about talent acquisition, workforce management, employee engagement, and the challenges of hiring the large unskilled but eager to learn population. Moreover, what I learnt as a management student is, along with regular studies, we need to work on our networking and industry connections as well.

The speakers shared interesting and eye opening examples of the challenges of present day hiring drives. For example, Wipro recently interviewed 1.5 lakh candidates to hire only 15000.

We gained a few insights like:

  • Out of 3300 Engineering colleges of India only 17% students are employable
  • 75% Schools have less than 200 students and there is a vacancy for 77,000 professors in the Engineering Colleges
  • 2% of GDP spent on Education sector now increasing to 3%
  • 35-40% Jobs will cease to exist by 2030

We learned that the employability of a student does not depend on degrees rather on the skill set. Industries should open gates for all students to make them more employable and generate the required skill set. For example; there is a shortage of employable people in all European Countries, learning European Languages will also help. Learning how to learn is very important. It is an undeniable fact that Corporate and Students cannot live without each other for a mutual growth and exposure to talent and nourishment, hence the Corporate and Government should collaborate to make necessary changes in the Education system to promote students’ interaction with the industry.

The speakers also touched upon the challenge of attrition and job change trends as most of the people quit jobs owing to the fact that their Job Description and work responsibilities didn’t match.

And the organizations can really improve their Employee Engagement through 3 C’s-

  • Comfortability
  • Competency
  • Commitment

We had an enriching experience attending the conference, hence I suggest that all students interested in HR practices must attend and participate in such conferences and events.

-Student entry by Shiva Verma , First Year (2016- 2018)

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