Attending an impressive Shift Conference

I would like to share my thoughts about 4 speakers who really impressed me in the Shift Series Conference I attended recently aong with fellow FIIB-ians at Habitat Center-

Sunil Kant Munjal (JMD of Hero Moto Corp)

He spoke about the connection between his family value system and that embedded within his company. He had a religious upbringing and his parents were refugees at the time of partition. The company believes in being fair and building long term relationships with people. The company management upheld its integrity even in the toughest of times and he emphasised that the way one responds to change is what makes them stand out among others.

Ashif Shaikh (Social Activist)

He explained his role in the campaign for eradication of the inhuman practice of manual scavenging and empowerment of Dalits. He urged everyone to do what it takes in improving the situation of manual scavengers. He explained that it was primarily a caste issue that people are doing such work which is below human dignity. He shared some of his experiences working as a social activist in which the non-Dalits treated Dalits as untouchables and socially boycotted them.

Dhruv Visvanath (Percussive acoustic guitarist, singer and songwriter)

He connects different events in his life with music and sounds. He even modulated the different sounds of traffic in to a rhythmic musical tone. His interest, besides music, lies in executing artistic projects on sustainability. He sang a song named “Amongst the Stars”. Prior to it, he quoted – In for the moon, you miss and you land among the stars. Everyone should have a proper life balance in the sense that we should strike the chord between work and other activities.

Fawzia Koofi (Afghan Politician and women’s rights activist)

Born into a polygamous family of seven women, she was first rejected by her parents because of her sex. From her childhood, she had lived in a society which did not believe in educating the girl child. She always had the desire to study and used to travel long distances to pursue her dream. She resiliently defied all the odds to become the deputy speaker of Afghan parliament.

It was truly a day well spent

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