Avoiding common mistakes during Group Discussions

Good communication skills are as important as a good educational qualification. You may be excellent at your work and possess all other necessary skills to perform well in your job and the role around it. However, communication skills give you an edge over others, as often good orators and presenters are considered as people good intellect and thought process too. Employers also associate good communication skills with better employability skills.

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Most of you may be at the early stage of your careers or are aspiring management students and professionals, hence it is crucial for you to give the importance of communication skills in the roles you aspire to take up in your jobs. A dress rehearsal or run through to map this could be the participation in Group Discussion and Personal Interviews during admissions and recruitments drives, and keeping a few points in mind could prove to be really helpful. One can take care of the following things during the GDPI:

Introduce yourself well and pay attention when others introduce themselves, this will give you an idea about what social background they come from and their thought processes too. Be yourself but don’t overdo that part. You should certainly be at ease while you participate in the GDs avoiding any tension in your body or mind, however, one shouldn’t confuse it with being too casual, or careless about maintaining a decorum and avoiding and unparliamentary language of verbiage. At all occasions keep it mind that you intend to get into an environment of professionalism through these discussions.

Make yourself heard but don’t shout to gain everyone’s attention. Admission teams and employers usually don’t miss out on candidates who speak clearly and boldly keep their views forward. Cutting others short and disrespecting their views would only show you in a negative light, and may lead to your non-selection. Also, avoid taking discussions personally, as you would also be judged on your ability to handle opposition and criticism.

Don’t haste and take sufficient time to form your answers and ask the moderators or company representatives to repeat the questions if you haven’t understood. Avoid speaking without thinking or weighing your answers and of course, make sure that you stick to the topic and not deviate from it. For example, if the given topic is ‘demonetization’ the avoid talking about comparing BJP with Congress or AAP or any other party. Stick to the topic and mold your responses around it, by using simple language that all participants can understand. People with clear and simple communication are usually the first choice of employers.

Last but not the least, make sure you finish your responses in due time and let others also speak and put their views forward. Also, try to bring the discussion to a valid and relevant conclusion for all to understand and something that everyone can take note or inspiration from.

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