Away From Home: Mantena Pujitha (Batch 2016- 2018)

My knowledge of Hindi was limited to the Bollywood movies and a few peppy numbers of Ranbir Kapoor, which I realized only when I came to Delhi for my PGDM with FIIB early this year. I am originally from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, and this is the first time I am so away from home to pursue my Post Graduation that too in Delhi. Definitely, it is completely a new experience coming to a state up north. Initially it was not a smooth journey for me because language was a big barrier and I was quite self-restrained and would only have formal conversations with people around me, including my classmates and teachers at FIIB, but as the days went by I learnt to put behind all my reservations and started making friendlier relationships with the students at college which also helped me in polishing my Hindi speaking skills.In fact it became a fun routine for me to speak only in Hindi outside the class, and my classmates too offered help enthusiastically.

FIIB PGDM program

Apart from good friends and learning, FIIB has given me ample opportunities where I could showcase my skills. For example, recently, I was elected as the junior co-head of Jaagriti club which undertakes social initiatives on behalf of the institution and runs many social help and responsibility programs. Which gave me a solid platform to converse with delegates from the corporates and NGOs which turned out to be a holistic experience for me. Recently during the 2nd International Management Conference, organized by FIIB, I was given the responsibility of editing research scholar papers from all over the world, this activity particularly helped me find the scope to learn the methodology of publishing a research paper. Looking back and comparing myself from what I used to feel about education and Delhi has definitely changed in a big way. I would say altogether it is an amazing experience studying at FIIB. I look forward to an even more exciting journey in the next one year here.