Balancing the See-Saw of Sales And Marketing To Accelerate Growth Through My Corporate Internship

Akchhat Agarwal, 2020 student of MBA-Marketing, FIIB

“Akkchat is result-oriented and is a good communicator. He was great at doing the tasks which my other trained subordinates do. Compared to interns from other institutes, I had the best experience with FIIB and I feel happy about the inputs they give the students.”

Mr. Ashutosh Garg, Assistant Manager, Amul India

One conversation with Akchhat Agarwal and you will know his Sales acumen. He came to FIIB to fulfil his predetermined goal to make a career in Sales & Marketing. Connecting his childhood dreams with adulthood commitments, he says “I am a good negotiator, I like meeting new people, I also knew that one could achieve greater heights with ground-level experience and that’s why I wanted to choose a profile where I could gain good experience in B2B Sales.” 

The Desired Internship Lane

Going into the MBA program at FIIB, “I was familiar that this is my moment to solve the puzzle of B2B sales domain and unleash how the whole Business-out and Marketing-in approaches work in the real corporate world.” While the first nine months of the MBA program offered some great learnings, the time to dive deep into the ocean of experiential learning “knocked at my door the day I got an email from Placement Cell about an internship opportunity at AMUL India.” 

At that particular moment, he says, “I patted myself on my back for the decision I took for my dreams. I filled the internship form as soon as I received the notification and prepared well for my GD and Interview Round.” Akchhat always wanted to travel the path of his dreams, irrespective of the challenges he might face in between, and it was his curiosity to learn every inch of the B2B sales domain that helped him grab the desired corporate internship opportunity. 

The Internship Experience

You must count your days whether you’re spending them to get closer to your childhood dreams. Although, it was “quite hard for me to believe that my application got selected by GCMMF Ltd. (commonly known as Amul),” but now is the moment to take hold of time and make every day worth reliving my dream. “On the first day, we had a briefing session and from the next day onwards we were asked to visit the given market area with the assigned salesperson.” Where the first 15 days went well in learning the basics like Amul products, existing stores, distributing channels etc., the sixteenth day proved to be a real treasure trove for his corporate internship.

On the sixteenth day of his internship, he got to know that the salesperson with whom he was working on the field left the company, and that was the time when “I knew that the real learning of my corporate internship has taken a bigger leap from that instant because I was responsible for bringing all the order from the market and a small mistake would lead me in danger.” The remaining two-and-half months went mostly in “liaising with new and existing retailers, convincing them to start or enhance their intake from the company, and fetching new orders to fill more pages of my diary.” 

The Final & Most-Important Count

After the three months, it was time to say goodbye to the corporate internship and collect the appreciation notes. Before collecting the same, “I wanted to have a quick recap on my work so I looked into my diary and felt good to see the long-list of retailer names turned into potential customers for Amul.” His hard work at Amul finally reaped out the desired fruits for Akchhat when the General Manager of Amul wrote a note of appreciation on official Amul WhatsApp group saying that “Akchhat Agarwal is doing an excellent job in the field!” 

When Akchhat’s corporate mentor, who works as an Assistant Manager at Amul, compared his progress with the previous year’s data he too was impressed. “I was shocked to see the expansion and also came to know that I added the maximum retailers among all the interns,” said Akcchhat, proving that there’s no substitute for persistence.