“Be good, righteous and honest and then nothing is impossible!“ believes Ruchita.

“I follow a set of simple principles and beliefs, which govern my professional as well as personal life” says Mrs. Ruchita. Let us discover more about it. 

We asked her “How was your journey with FIIB?“ and she said

“I joined FIIB in 1996 when it was only a year old. We were the second batch. So, there is a sense of having grown up with the institute. The thing about the relationship between an alum and alma mater is that you not only nourish each other, but also shine in one another’s reflected glory. It is remarkable what FIIB has achieved over the years. It fills me with enormous pride that FIIB has provided a launchpad to so many youngsters, who have further gone out and shown their outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and demonstrated their competitiveness in the corporate world.”

Next we asked her to share the most significant lesson that she learnt so far about the corporate world.  

“I would like to quote from my favourite poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling: “If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too”. I have come to believe that no one just no one can stop you from achieving what you wish. You are the only one who can stand between your goal and yourself. So, never stop believing in yourself.” 

Her suggestions for her juniors/ current FIIB students in order to make them a better professional? 

“I am aware that each individual has to finally chart out their own professional journey, however, I would like to share the three core mantras that I personally hold dear: Firstly, remember that learning is a continuous process. Your next phase of education will begin the moment you step out into the work environment. Be receptive. Also, continue to upskill to stay relevant to your employer and to the industry. Secondly, there is no alternate or short cut to hard work. Put in your best each time. And thirdly, stay true to your principles and values when you pursue your career goals. Ultimately, they will come to define you.” If just like Mrs.Ruchita you too have a story to share then please connect at alumni@fiib.edu.in