Be Involved and Be Evolved – The Power of extra-curricular activities in Management Programs

An educational system isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life. At FIIB, we understand that the overall development of a student can only be achieved through academic learning as well as extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. To support that, we have a unique student employability skill enhancement program called B-Involved.


Under this program, students are allocated ‘Employability Points’ for taking part in extracurricular activities and these can be ‘cashed-in’ for rewards which include internships, project placements, work experience, training and vouchers. B-Involved encourages students to gain skills and experiences that set them apart and makes them ready for the life they are about to step after their education. Being Involved does not mean the student has to always participate in colossal projects. It could just be a small initiative taken by them or they could be volunteering for a part of a project/activity. Each experience helps students demonstrate creativity and passion that adds to their all round development.


Some of the prominent clubs like Udaan (Entrepreneurship club), Brand Rover (Marketing club), and Sigma (Operations Club) nurture the students to understand their core subjects in a fun way while the Cultural club, literature club, and drama club often act as a medium of entertainment for students. “This year 100% of the students are involved and they view these college years as a positive experience and feel they are a vital part of the institute. Extracurricular involvement is a key tool to personal development; the students are not only are in it for entertainment and enjoyment purposes, but most importantly, to gain and improve skills which otherwise cannot be learnt through just academic learning.”, said Prof. Kirti Sharma speaking about how B-involved strives to build a “whole-student”


This academic year B-Involved concluded its activity calendar wherein 2 students, Afreen Singh and Bhoomika Taranekar achieved Gold level after clocking more than 200 points.

We have asked them about their experience. Here’s how the conversation turned out:


Q: How does it feel being the first time GOLD winners of B-Involved?


Afreen: The feeling was very overwhelming and I was absolutely elated to be the Gold winner. Frankly,  I didn’t expected the golden slab as I was only concentrating on building my skills and making friends during the activities I have participated.


Bhoomika: When we were first told about the B-Involved Program, I was really excited to explore what the clubs can do for my professional development. Prof. Kirti Sharma said we would be awarded a Gold pin if by the end of this year, we could get 200 points. I always liked being challenged and I set the target of being involved in all the activities. That way, I was able to have fun and also improve my team building and communication skills. So, when I was awarded the Gold pin, I felt accomplished and extremely happy.


Q: You have really worked hard to score 200 points, how do you juggle education and extracurricular activities?


A: Well, I feel that it is always about managing your time efficiently and planning your day properly. My first focus was always academics, but soon I realized that these activities are equally important. So, after attending the regular classes, I made sure to participate in club activities. Soon it became a habit and all the activities fell in place.


B: It was not simple in the beginning but the incredible learning I got from participating in the clubs, and the mere satisfaction that my time is utilized in the best possible way kept me going on. The secret is to divide your time equally for academics and extracurriculars. Often participating in the clubs helped me grasp the concepts of the subjects well. So, even if it was tiring at times, it is definitely worth it.


Q: Tell us what are the activities that interest you?

A: I like to entertain people. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when my hard work is rewarded by cheering from the audience. That is why I participate in singing, dancing, and drama.  


B: At FIIB, there is an activity for every one.  I am a member of Sigma Club – A club dedicated to teach operations management in an interactive and hands-on way and I volunteer for different events that take place like ‘Samavesh’ (The annual cultural fest) and ‘Meraki’ (B-plan competition at FIIB). Participating in these activities helped me learn multi-tasking, enhanced my communication skills, and make connections with new people. Through these experiential  opportunities I get a taste of real world challenges and how to solve them.


Q: You have mentioned some positive effects these activities have on your management skills, can you explain further?


A: These activities bring the best out of me as they boost my confidence level and morale; They taught me not be scared of the stage, rather grab the opportunity as a blessing. Thanks to all the involvement I had in these activities, I now do not hesitate to communicate with people. I think I have improved my presentation skills quite a bit too.


B: I remember an incident when I was incharge of decorating the whole campus for Samavesh. I had to manage a team of students and delegate responsibilities, it was a hefty task and there were conflicts on several decisions. Being the team leader, I had to take key decisions and resolve conflicts. I noticed that my negotiation skills and judgement skills have improved. The faculty who are associated with the clubs act as mentors and guide us along the way. I thank Prof. Arpan particularly for always being supportive and giving me clear idea on how to tackle sticky situations.


Q: How did joining these clubs enhance your learning?


A: Being a part of the cultural club enhances my presentation skills. I have made most of my friends taking part in the regular activities conducted by these clubs. These act like my stress-busters. Apart from teaching me several soft skills, they also make me feel energized to look forward to all the classroom learning so that I can apply those concepts here. This is the reason I motivate others to take part in process too.


B: I am a part of Sigma club and Brand Rover club. These clubs compel us to be updated about the current affairs of Marketing and operations. we participate in several quizzes which are very informative. They challenge our wit and motivate us to probe into what’s happening in the corporate world and how it is related to what we learn. I am specializing in Marketing and operations and these clubs help me a lot in understanding the classroom concepts in an interesting manner. In fact when I was interviewing for my Corporate Internship with shopclues, these experiences gave me a strong background to talk about my commitment and inquisitive nature which were crucial in bagging the opportunity.

Q: What do you think kept you motivated for staying involved?


A: Knowing that through my singing and dancing, I can entertain people and those loud cheers are for me, makes me dizzy with happiness. That itself is rewarding enough. I wanted to have this happiness throughout my college life, hence the reason to stay involved.


B: I participate in every activity that happens at the campus, I am known as the ‘B-Involved’ girl by my friends and faculty. It makes me feel proud and happy. I believe that the highest reward for hard work is not what you get for it but what you become by it. I have evolved into a better person both academically and socially. Once in a session with the Executive Director, Ms. Radhika Shrivastava, out of hundreds of people she interacted with, she recognized me by my name. These little yet humbling moments keep me motivated.


Q: Soon a fresh batch of students are joining FIIB, what would be your advice to those who want to follow your footsteps ?


A: My simple advice to them is “Be curious, there will always be an opportunity lurking around and you might find it in the least expected places. Also remember to have fun while you learn.”


B: I would ask them to identify what their flaws are, and join those clubs and activities which would help overcome them. I would say, “Sometimes you might feel it’s difficult and you would be tempted to give up, that is when you need to double your efforts. Quoting my favourite saying, if you change the way you look at the things, it will change the things you look at. “


These are the students of FIIB who not only excel in academics, but are also on the front end leading the B-Involved program. All in all, having good grades can add a sash on your graduation gown and fetches you great knowledge. Although it is a great achievement in itself, having work experience through the different activities, meeting and interacting with new people and developing social skills, along with having a valuable work ethic, is much more important in the long run.


Through 10 clubs that cater to co-curricular and extracurricular activities, numerous events, workshops, and seminars that happen round the year, FIIB provides an exemplary individual focused and career oriented education that helps students evolve into successful professionals and industry leaders.


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