Become a Better Distance Learner to Make The Most Out of Online Learning

To prepare yourself for unseen future challenges and ensure continuity of your learning, you need to constantly reinvent yourself and master the hack of handling distance learning that’ll allow you to continue your education from home.” – Akshay Dogra, Batch 2020 – 22

Just like any other college student, entering my MBA education, even in a virtual mode, is quite exciting for me. My first day experience of an online Orientation Programme itself added new meaning to the start of my higher education journey at FIIB. I had so many emotions running through me and was all excited.

Honestly, just a couple of weeks of my foundation classes in the virtual mode have already made me utilize the multiple online communication channels such as e-mail, online chat and video conferencing to connect with my batchmates and lecturers. It really amazes me how smoothly I am able to  continue my education even in a pandemic-stricken environment. The only slip point for me was when my computer crashed. Other than that my experience with online classes has been a rewarding and wonderful  learning experience.

However, one important thing that I’ve learnt about online learning from my experience so far is that to be a successful distance learner you have to be self-disciplined and be able to work well on your own. Following a time-table to ensure a timely presence in all the lectures and take active participation in all the planned activities requires you to be self-motivated and self-driven.

The fact that I don’t need to physically go to the institute everyday and that I can take part in my classes from the comfort of my home has helped me have a better grip on my time and efforts and somewhere allowed me to become a better learner.

#RealFact – It’s not just education systems that need to evolve according to the changing situations, students also need to adapt their learning agility effectively to become better learners.