Behind every successful performance lies months of practice – In conversation with student performers of TEDxFIIB

The radiance of FIIB community drew to its peaks during the first TEDxFIIB in August 2018. This zestful event featured not only the 9 empowering speakers, it also showcased 3 fiery performances by FIIB’s very own remarkably talented students which is why an extra dose of excitement and entertainment was on the menu for TEDxFIIB audience. The Vibe was a musical performance in the lead voices of Arunesh Agashe, Manish Chattani, and Rajaganapathy Sethuraman with Ashutosh Swarnkar on strings and with Tanmay Saha on the bass. They put up an enthralling act of 4 upbeat and melodious songs which kept the audience tapping for more.  Jhankar was a Kathak Solo Performance by Harshit Kaur which was an act of beauty and precision. The final performance of The Old School BoysArchit Sharma and Mrinal Rawat rocked the stage with their hip-hop steps. So, what was it like standing on a dream stage and creating ripples of joy and excitement with their performances? Let us ask them and find out.

Q: What was it like performing at TEDxFIIB?

The Vibe: Two words. Dreamy and Wonderful. We were excited, nervous, yet so happy that it was happening. We were extra careful to make sure every single detail of our act comes up well on stage. It was a proud moment for all of us representing FIIB and performing in front of a world-renowned musician. We’re glad that it went smoothly, and we couldn’t ask for a better opportunity. Music, we’ve always loved but this act taught us management as well.


Harshit- I have performed on many stages, but performing at a TEDx event is different than others. My focus was to put together an act that will absolutely wow the audience. As mentioned, there were celebrities sitting in the audience, it’s tough to both impress and entertains them. As I started dancing, I let all of vanish into thin air, I was enjoying myself and therefore everyone else was. I really can’t thank FIIB and Dr. Sangeeta Chopra (Faculty at FIIB, and Organizer of TEDxFIIB) enough, I feel empowered after giving my best.

Old School Boys: Oh, we have no words. Still overwhelmed from the event’s response. We loved every moment of it. All we had in my mind was that it can’t go wrong. But it was all good. We are absolutely elated.

Q: What motivated you to perform at TEDxFIIB?

V: The theme for TEDxFIIB is The Empowered ‘Self’. What is more empowering than discovering your passion and be bold enough to embrace it. The moment we heard about the event, we were excited to find more, we wanted to be a part of it and finally, we were. The biggest motivation lies in how FIIB always challenges us to do our best. One big testimony is the formation of this band. In the beginning, we teamed up for the event, but working together, we’ve decided to stay as a band.

J: I think my motivation was that I get to perform in front of Ms. Jyotsna Shourie, globally acclaimed Danseuse, Choreographer, and Dance Teacher. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity; this big a stage and this big a learning experience both lured me in.

O: We wanted to push beyond our limits, we participate in various versatile events at FIIB, but sharing the same stage with people who made impact invokes a certain sense of self-empowerment. Moreover, people came here to listen to their brilliant stories, but in the meanwhile, if we can also make them smile, laugh, and applaud, it’s an achievement for us.

Q: Can you describe your journey from auditions to performance?

V: We were all individual students who were auditioning, we all did well, but there was something missing, that’s when we thought why don’t we work together to put up a full act, we had our differences, we had our similarities and we had to practice and rehearse for long hours to get all of them right. Picking up the songs that reflect the theme and weaving a story around was another challenge. Everyone had a strong point, so we really leveraged that for the final act.  Every time we wanted the practice rooms open till late nights, or we wanted to rehearse on stage 2 days before, FIIB has always encouraged us. The continuous guidance by Dr. Sangeeta Chopra (Faculty and Organizer of TEDxFIIB) was an added advantage.

J: After 2 rounds of auditions, when I got to know I’ll get to perform, I started planning right away. I wanted to portray an empowered self through my dance performance. I made sure every detail to be perfect as my favorite quote goes – “if we chase perfection, we catch excellence” I have seen it become true and there I was in my dancing attire being praised by the best of the best.

O: It is incredible. I was very shy initially, I dance because I become someone else on that stage, forgetting inhibitions. FIIB provided that stage for me literally and figuratively. Between managing classes and rehearsals, it was a bit stressful but when I danced on that stage, it all made sense. What can I say, hard work really pays off. I am thankful because TEDx made me push my limits.

Q: Name one key take away from this experience?

All – Empowerment is within ourselves, we need to find that. If we are fearless in the pursuit of what sets our souls on fire, great things happen on the way.