Beyond sustainability#fiibclubs




Growing materiality of the burgeoning population, has led to the rising pressures on the existing scarce resources & overlooking the very concept of sustainability. It is a high time now, that people, become sensitized towards the most important yet a neglected cause of Sustainability. As, it is said that a new world is born from the womb of the apocalypse, in the same way the concept of sustainability stems from the  present scenario of damaging, mutilating & devouring of the limited resources available in the reserves of nature. Sustainability is not just a mere idea, it is a philosophy which needs to be practiced in a continuum, to enrich the lives of all.

The business organizations must assess the size of the carbon footprints they are leaving on the planet to be able to keep a tab on the generation of pollution in the environment. When business leaders make decisions that recognize both financial and sustainability issues, and the relationships between them, they can position their businesses to effectively manage operations and set strategies for the long term benefit. Innovative ideas to implement sustainable practices are required to be furnished, so as to ensure the well-being of all the direct & indirect stakeholders of the organization. This in turn would help in achieving the triple bottom line & hence will indicate the empathetic stance taken by the organization towards the 3Ps (People, Planet and Profit).