Big things often have small beginnings

Management students are known for coming up with business plans and income generating ideas but that usually happens after graduation, here a small but interesting story of four FIIB students who have shown early signs of entrepreneurship. Sagar Rajpal (22) resident of Kota (Rajasthan), Mugdha Gupta (22) resident of Gorakhpur (U.P.), Kiranjot Kaur (21) resident of Bareilly (U.P.) and Ishaan Dhingra (24) resident of Gurugram are currently perusing PGDM from Fortune Institute of International Business, and collectively they have come up with their food delivery service called IKMS Foodpal, catering to students living away from home, particularly in PGs and hostels and even the faculty and staff members of their own college.

For many students moving away from home isn’t an easy job and it becomes more difficult when you miss mom’s food! Foodpal the brainchild of Sagar Rajpal, located at Vasant Vihar, New Delhi was the outcome of daily problems that he and his friends were facing ever since they moved to Delhi. The tasteless food served by tiffin wallas or prepared by the cooks at his PG gave him nightmares and adding to his misery were long college hours that left him with hardly any energy to cook for himself. The only solution was to either eat out or order food from outside which was heavy in the pocket let alone the harsh side effects on health.

The group of four decided to give this idea a concrete platform and began working on it.

IKMS Foodpal as their FB page says stands for- Ishaan, Kiran, Mugdha and Sagar Foodpal, they give out daily menu through WhatsApp and Facebook and take orders from the vicinity of their college. Each member heads one department and works in cooperation to achieve their goal of providing tasty and healthy yet affordable home like meals to students.

At Foodpal, Sagar takes care of all the Purchases whereas Kiran looks after funds and everything related to day to day cash inflows and outflows and finally Ishaan and Mugdha together take care of the final product by supervising the chef and making sure that the taste and hygiene of the food is maintained at every level. After an intensive, potential market study the team works on their respective areas, searching and inquiring about the best sources. From procuring vegetables, spices to packing material and delivery everything is planned and worked upon in detail.

IKMS Foodpal has 4 core members, two cooks and a huge support from their families, friends, co-students, and FIIB faculty and staff members. They do have plans to expand their business in future, however, for now, their target is to serve every individual in their immediate circle, who longs for tasty and homemade food at a city unknown and far away from home.