Blended Learning and Blended Teaching: The New Normal of the Education World

2020 so far has indeed been a revolutionary year in the world of education. A year where higher education entities are going deeper into the teach-from-home model to ensure uninterruptible learning for its students amid pandemic crisis. And, of course a year that has also opened new doors of learning for educators themselves who are keenly adapting some of the basics of teaching to get through this pandemic. 

Being a higher-educational institution, FIIB is also preparing for the New Normal world that demands blended curriculums and pedagogies to deliver blended learning. While a lot of people are focusing more on the tactics of online teaching, we at FIIB, on the other hand, put all our efforts on online learning – for our teachers as well as students. FIIB has been able to successfully incorporate blended learning into its curriculum that promotes active, student-centered, experiential learning. 

In the New Normal Education World, the allure of technology-based learning environments has pushed many institutions to go beyond their traditional approaches and invest their resources to incorporate technology into their classrooms. In doing so, however, FIIB has taken a more balanced approach to reflect on the need-of-hour i.e. blended learning,  to strategically look at how the available tech-resources can be of used effectively to fulfill the promises made to each of its stakeholder groups. 

As it is said that one should keep a determined eye on the purpose, even when the wind is blowing in the opposite direction. FIIB has been doing whatever it takes – from opting for technology-based learning solutions to teaching in a blended format – to fulfill its purpose that students continue to learn.