Blood donation

No matter who we are, no matter what little we are capable of, we can always do something to help others.

Blood donation

Recently, FIIB’s Jaagriti Club had organized the annual blood donation camp in collaboration with Lions Club, and I too, donated a unit of blood, however, I would like to share that this was the 12th time I donated blood in last 3 years. I am also associated with the 4 leading organizations who work for the similar cause and helps people with medical emergencies. Needless to say that it feels great to be a part of such a noble cause, even if it is donating one unit at regular intervals.

Though I took inspiration of donating blood from a popular Blood Donation Campaign on TV stating ”karke dekho, achha lagta hai!”, and of course from my friends and family members, I also feel sad about the fact that not many people know about the process and how with barely any hassle we can change and save someone’s life. I happened to talk to a few friends about the benefits of donating blood, but found them completely afraid of it, as they have harbored a lot of false fears and apprehensions about this process.

Blood Donation.

I understand people’s fear of about donating blood however, keeping a few things in mind can really take the tension off the process. You will not become weaker by donating blood, rather the process can help keep you out of the risk of catching diseases related to heart and liver, and it also gives you a better blood flow and great iron level in your body. Make sure you donate blood to a recognized blood bank or NGO, and always ask for a fresh needle and a certificate too. This association in return will help us too during a similar medical emergency.

During our management classes, we often talk about sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and how a true leader can never emerge in isolation from the society and the people. We cannot ignore the little things we can do within our immediate circle, for people, for nature and the environment. I think, if we truly believe in adopting sustainable measures for a bigger cause, it has to start from us. Each individual can contribute towards the betterment of the society, and these practices can really help polish our leadership skills rather than just sitting in a classroom and flipping through the slides of a fancy power-point presentation.

Student Entry – Aman Buddhraja